It\'s Not Just Israel

I have noticed that there exists a misinformation or a disinformation campaign to blame Israel for all evil that happens in the world and I want to forcefully dispel that notion to anyone reading this Blog who honestly believes that to be the truth.

Do not take this post to be a defense of Israel because it is not.  It is the very strong opinion of this Blog that Israel is a Jewish abomination on the world that should be dismantled by force and all the land that Israel occupies be returned to the Palestinian people who were there long before these rich Jewish parasites stole their land from them and enslaved the remaining population.  I am 100% opposed to Israel in every way but that is not the purpose of the post.  Israel is the tip of the Jewish iceberg that everyone sees and its very easy for some to blame all the evils of the world on this tiny middle eastern country but that is not the truth.  The truth is that the Jewish Nation is not located in Israel except for a very small percentage of it.  The vast majority, probably 99% of the Jewish Nation is not located in Israel but is distributed all around the globe in probably every country.  What Jews call the Diaspora is the Jewish Nation that has been distributed over the entire earth.  If you want to ask the question, where are the majority of Jews located, the answer is certainly not Israel.  The answer is that Jews are located around the entire earth and that I say is by design, because Jews have a long term plan to control the entire Earth.  

So whenever you hear someone like Christopher Bollen who says Israel did 9-11 then you should dismiss that claim as absurd.  I consider Christopher Bollen to be a disinformation agent who is probably working for Israel while pretending to be against them.  Does Christopher Boillen believe that Israeli agents snuck into the USA and \”did\” 9-11 under the noses of the U.S. Government without the U.S. Government being aware of it?  I have not read his claims enough to really know what he is saying because I do not want to read disinformation and propaganda, but to claim Israel did 9-11 is absurd on its face and you should not believe that.  Whatever you think 9-11 really was, whether that be a real attack or a PSYOP, the U.S. Government was certainly much more involved in it than Israel was.  If you want to look at the Architects of 9-11, then you should be looking at Jews in the USA including Jews in the U.S. Government and NOT Jews in Israel as being behind it. So ignore Christopher Bollen or anyone else who says Israel is the source of everything bad in the world.  I am sure Israel is bad and is involved in many bad things but Jews all over the world are involved in bad things.  If you want to talk about the Jewish Nation, talk about it in the context of a worldwide distributed people, not the nation of Israel in the middle east.  I think that Jews themselves are heavily involved in a disinformation campaign to point all the fingers of blame at Israel so that non Jews do not even look at the Jews elsewhere, such as the Jews in New York City or the Jews in Washington D.C. as being behind anything.  Do not be deceived. 

EDIT TO ADD: I just want to point out that even if Israel was completely wiped off the map, the following would still be true:

The Jewish problem would still exist all over the world.

The Jewish Leadership (which is located outside of Israel) would still exist.

Jews would still control the world.

Removing Israel would change nothing, except to give the Palestinians back their land and their freedom. 

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