Stranger in a Jewish World

Some people may be wondering why this Blog is titled Stranger in a Jewish World.  If it is not already obvious, please allow me to explain why that I chose this title for my Blog.

Let us start with a Jewish World. The world in which we live, in other words Planet Earth, is a Jewish World because Jews and their minions control, either directly or indirectly all of the following:

All the major world governments, including the big one, the U.S. Government.  This also includes the U.K., the Russian Government, the European Governments, China, Japan, India and basically every other major world Government you can think of.  The only governments not under Jewish control IMO are the Iranian government, the Syrian Assad government and possibly the North Korean government.

All the major World Leaders and Politicians, including Presidents, Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, etc.

All Political parties in every country with political parties.  For example, both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the USA.

All of the Main Stream Media (MSM) in every country, including TV, radio, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, the Movie Industry and the Music Industry.

Most of the Internet.  I estimate that at least 85% of the publicly available internet is owned and controlled which is why that YOU should expect to be deceived on the internet even from web sites that purport to be telling the truth.  Be very wary lest you be deceived.

The money/currency system in every country

The Banking/Financial systems in every country.

The economy in every country

The military of every country

All of the major institutions of every kind in every country.  Some significant examples are the U.N., the CIA, MI6, the WHO, the WEF, the CDC, NASA and the CFR. 

World Freemasonry and the Jewish Cult (some refer to it as the Illuminati) hidden inside of Freemasonry.  See this link.

Christianity Worldwide, including the Catholic Church.  If you are a Christian I hate to be the one to tell you that Christianity is completely Jewish infiltrated and serves the Jews and Israel 100%.  For example many Christian evangelists are actively defending Israel\’s brutal attack on Gaza and completely condemn the Palestinians.  These Christian evangelists take the side of Israel completely and preach this message to their flock.  Christianity is being used by the leadership of the Christian Church to defend Israel in whatever it does, no matter how outrageous.  That is WRONG.

By controlling all of the above, Jews control the world even if the majority of non Jews have no idea of this fact because they are brainwashed and conditioned not to know it.

A key characteristic of the Jewish race is that they Lie to and deceive non Jews.  This is a core aspect of Jewish Religion, that it is okay for Jews to lie to, deceive, exploit, use and even murder non Jews because non Jews are not in the same class as Jews according to Jewish Religion.  Jews have profited greatly from lying to and deceiving non Jews. It is a defining character of their race. So it is no surprise to see Lies and Deception are common in a Jewish World and in fact the world as it exists today is full of lies and deceptions that Jews and their minions have turned into \”truth\”.  Some examples of Jewish deception are:

The Covid 19 scamdemic/plandemic

The Apollo moon Landings

The Sandy Hook School Shooting


There are many other examples of deception in the world that can be directly traced back to the Jews but these are the big ones that come to mind.  I hate to quote Adolf Hitler here since invoking his name turns so many non Jews off but Hitler had a term for these Jewish deceptions which he called examples of the Big Lie.  The Big Lie is a lie that is seen as too big to be a lie, even if there are very good reasons for doubting it and so the common man when he hears that any of the above are lies refuses to believe it is a lie simply because there are too many people saying it for it to be a lie.  Jews are the masters of telling the Big Lie.  The purpose of this Blog is mainly about revealing these lies and deceptions that are accepted as truth by the common man and to reveal the Jewish source of the lie.

Finally, I call myself a Stranger in this Jewish World because I have no part in this world except to reveal its true nature to those who do not know it.  I am not a Jew or a minion of a Jew so I am not in any kind of control of this world. I am an outsider who has been completely disenfranchised by the Jewish System.  I was not given a choice of the way this world is.  I was born into a world completely outside of my control and I was brainwashed for many years not to know the way the world really is, as all people are.  Though God\’s grace I have been blessed to be able to see through many of the lies and deception and I believe it is my God given purpose to wake up others to the lies and deceptions I have seen and to connect dots for people that nobody else is doing to my satisfaction.  That is why I created this Blog, to help share the truth about the world as I see it.  I know there are many people like me who are searching for answers in a world filled with lies, deception chaos and confusion.  I am doing my best to spread the truth here as God has revealed it to me, because Truth does matter.  I say that Truth matters more than anything else but so few are telling it.  

I HATE this Jewish World filled with Lies and Deception and I am out to expose it to everyone who will listen to me.

6 thoughts on “Stranger in a Jewish World

  1. Much the same reason why I started calling myself the Northerntruthseeker… I felt that living in the great white north aka Canada and knowing the massive deception that I needed to be a seeker of the real truths about our sick world, and thus 'truthseeker' stuck, but I decided I needed a 'lead in' and for the strangest reason 'North' or 'Northern' came to mind rather than using 'Canadian'..And yes, I have been aware of the 'Jewish problem' for the last 35+ years and it formed a lot of my own radicalism and people calling me a 'conspiracy theorist' for the longest time…. You are doing a splendid job…. Just be careful of the massive disinformation clowns out there and their deception.. Never sway from the real truths.


  2. I have your Blog added to my Recommended sites list because you are on the few people I trust not to a shill or a disinformation agent. There are so few other people I trust besides myself in this world. Its absolutely insidious how this world is so filled with lies and deception and disinformation, so much so that the truth is a rarity when it appears. I am VERY aware of all the disinformation clowns out there and I am doing my best to help others to be aware of it too. I am doing the best I can to spread the truth as I see it and I think that is all that any man or woman can be expected to do.


  3. Is Tucker Carlson of Fox News trustworthy? He said so many incredible things that no one, even Trump or Alex Jones, dare to say.


  4. No Way!!! Fox News is a Jewish owned and controlled opposition site for Conservatives. It is just as bad as CNN, even if it knows how to tell Conservatives what they want to hear. You should not be watching anyone on Fox News because everyone on there is not to be trusted. All Main Stream Media in America is Jewish controlled so truth is not to be found there.


  5. I agree that Tucker Carlson and everyone else on Faux News are controlled opposition for Conservatives and Republicans. All \”truth\” on Faux gets spun to appeal to conservative Republican ears. Faux is just as evil as CNN even if most of its viewers are clueless to that fact.


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