Why I say Jackie Killed JFK

Of all the posts I have made on this Blog since its inception, perhaps the most controversial of all is my post stating that Jackie Kennedy was the real assassin of John F. Kennedy.  Before I created this Blog I was one of the strongest proponents of this on Youtube before Google terminated my Youtube account.  I have taken a tremendous amount of flak for stating this even from other truth seekers and yet my stance on this has not wavered at all.  

I am not attempting to convince anyone who does not already know it that Jackie was the assassin of her husband in the back seat of the Presidential Limousine on November 22, 1963. If you do not see this or know this then this post is unlikely to change your opinion but I don\’t even care at this point.  I do not care what anyone else besides myself sees or does not see in the Zapruder film.  I only care about what I see, and it is on the basis of what I see in the Zapruder film that I state with absolute certainty that Jackie killed JFK.  If you think it is impossible for Jackie to have killed JFK and that I am 100% wrong in stating that she did then that is your choice and I do not care. The purpose of this post is to tell you why I am so certain that Jackie killed JFK and then what you choose to believe after that is up to you.  

I watched the Zapruder film for many years because something about the JFK assassination fascinated me and got my interest, but never once did I see Jackie doing anything in it until later when a particular web site showed me what to look for to be able to see it.  After reading what this web site said and carefully watching the Zapruder film over and over again I was able to see Jackie killing JFK when I had been completely unable to see it before.  At this point there is no doubt in my mind that Jackie killed JFK because I see her do it in the Zapruder film.  I was brainwashed for years not to see it but after great difficulty I can now see it every single time.  I don\’t need to be told by someone else who killed JFK because I can see with my own eyes who killed JFK. 

I will say this.  If I am wrong about Jackie killing JFK then I am wrong about everything.  If I am wrong about Jackie killing JFK then I cannot believe my own eyes and cannot trust my own judgment about anything.  But I do believe my own eyes and I do trust my judgement.  Even if I am the only person in the world to say it (and I am not the only person) I would still say it with absolute conviction.  

There are a lot of people who are fooled by the show.  They have seen everything said and shown about Jackie before and after the assassination and they have read all the other theories about who killed JFK and why that they refuse to even consider the possibility that Jackie was the assassin.  So be it.  I am not fooled by the show.  I believe the Zapruder film to be an accurate record of the JFK assassination, perhaps the only accurate record of the JFK assassination in existence, and the fact that it clearly shows Jackie shooting her husband (at least to me) is undeniable evidence that she was the assassin.  If you look at the Two Worlds Paradigm that I have discussed over and over again on this Blog, the JFK assassination is perhaps the very best example of it.  When you think of a False reality that the great mass of people have been conditioned to believe is real, the JFK assassination is the best example I can think of, even more so than the Apollo Moon Landings deception

I don\’t know that Jackie was a Jew.  I don\’t know that Jackie killed JFK for Israel or that it was because of JFK\’s opposition to Dimona that the assassination happened. I do not know that the CIA was very heavily involved in the assassination. All of that is speculation that can be debated.  But what is not speculation and what cannot be debated is that Jackie killed her husband by firing a weapon at point blank range against his head in the back seat of the Limousine, as shown in the gif image at the top of this post.  To me that is undeniable truth as I define truth. I do not let other people tell me what truth is.  I determine truth for myself. 

In summarizing, If you don\’t believe that Jackie killed JFK then I don\’t care.  Believe whatever you like. But I believe Jackie killed JFK and I will always believe it because I clearly see it.  I keep coming back to this subject here because it confounds me how so many people cannot see something so obvious as what is clearly shown in the Zapruder film.  I cannot explain why so many people cannot see it any more than I can explain why I did not see it for many years.  But I see it now and I will do everything in my power to help other people see it because I very strongly believe it is the truth.  If you disagree then please do not leave a comment below stating that because I do not want to see it. 

4 thoughts on “Why I say Jackie Killed JFK

  1. You say \” This is not to say that all Jews know about it.\” As someone who has dealt with the everyday Jew in his life time, I disagree. As the late William Pierce wrote in on of his many speeches: \”I'm not just referring to upper Jewish power structure; I'm referring to the whole tribe.\” Paraphrased. I have never met a Jew who did not have a holier than thou or superiority complex, or at worst a cocky attitude more so than the other ethnicities walking the planet. The Sayanim are everywhere. They're roaches hiding in the floor boards waiting for you to bring home the first bag of groceries, so they can raid and overcome your refrigerator and cupboards; or simply put take what is not theirs. That explains your typical Jew mindset. Period.


  2. As a non Jew who has not known many Jews personally, when I say that not all Jews know about for example the Jewish Master Plan to rule the entire world, that is my perception. If you think of the Jewish race as a Pyramid with the leadership at the very top of that pyramid, I can see that the top half know about the nefarious Jewish plans for the world and for the goyim but that a lot of Jews in the lower half may not know about it but I could be wrong. That is just the way I see it. And I don't know much about Sayanim but I perceive that there are many more people working to keep the entire world under Jewish control than there appear to be. Its all hidden and under the surface so that non Jews have no clue what is going on. I am trying to understand it better.


  3. What if the Zapruder film was doctored to make it appear plausible that Jackie was the assassin? I'm absolutely no expert on this subject, but why did it take nearly 60 years for anyone to notice Jackie's highly suspect and odd behavior??!


  4. I reject that notion. I believe the Zapruder film to be an accurate depiction of what happened on November 24, 1963. People have been talking about Jackie being the assassin for decades but that has been memory holed. I have done the research to uncover it. I am far from the only person to say this. I did not know about Jackie at all until someone else showed me. I am not the discoverer of Jackie killing JFK but I am a very strong advocate of that because I have seen it with my own eyes in the Zapruder film. I am sorry if you cannot see it or if you refuse to see it. Regardless of what you do or do not see, I see.


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