Google Chrome Deceptive Site Message

 So a couple of days ago as I working on updating my Blog I noticed that I was suddenly getting a warning in Google Chrome (which is my standard web browser I have been using) saying that my Blog was a phishing site.  If you have never seen one of these messages come up, they look like this screenshot:

Why this would be suddenly appearing on my Blog was concerning to me, because this would drive viewers away from my Blog.  I could not understand why this would suddenly be happening to my Blog out of the blue unless someone was pulling a dirty trick to try to prevent people from visiting my Blog because of this message.  

I have seen this message appear before on other web sites I have visited and it occurred to me that if someone wanted to prevent people from visiting a truthful web site, it would be very easy to do it by simply adding the site to a phishing list and so anyone trying to use Google Chrome to visit the site would probably not do so out of fear, especially those who do not know what the web site is about.

The warning only appeared for me over a period of about an hour and seemed to go away on its own, but it made me suspicious that perhaps other people are seeing this warning when they visit my web site even though I am not currently seeing it in Chrome.  

If you are using Google Chrome and you see this message appear saying that my Blog ( is a potential phishing site, then please leave a comment below because I want to know about that.  I want to know if the Snakes behind Google (and they are Snakes) are using this method to attempt to prevent people from visiting my Blog.  I would put nothing past them.  Or if it is not Google doing it, then perhaps hackers from Israel who do not like my Blog for obvious reasons have attempted to plant something on my Blog\’s server so that this message comes up.  Either way, I want to know if anyone sees this message come up on my Blog.

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome Deceptive Site Message

  1. I have seen it before on your blog, a few day ago just like you. I tried to go to your blog many times but the message \”deceptive site ahead\” appeared many time to stop me. So I didn't go to your blog for half of a day, and then I went to your blog again and succeed, nothing happen, no warning appear.


  2. Its very odd and it makes me very suspicious that someone was trying to sabotage my blog. Since its not happening for you now then I am okay with that but it concerns me that it happened at all. This happened for a reason and since I know that my Blog is hated by a certain segment of the population because of its content, I am suspicious of sabotage or at least an attempt at sabotage. Hackers from Israel would be the prime suspects for such a thing. I doubt that Google would become involved in doing something that would ruin its reputation, especially since this Blog is hosted on a Google platform. They would be cutting their own throat to start fucking with people's web sites.


  3. Chro-me is the least private browser. Goog-le collects all information what it can get from you. It is more like spy-ware and people are stupid enough to use it.For example Brave browser uses the same Chromium engine, but is much more private.


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