Why did they stage the Covid 19 PSYOP?

 This is a post that I think really needs to be made here, which is to ask the question why did they stage the Covid 19 PSYOP?

First, it is the very strong opinion of this Blog that Covid 19 is NOT a naturally occurring disease/virus that suddenly came out of nowhere that the world was totally unprepared for and that caused the mass vaccination push that you see happening today.  Although the Government and the MSM want us to believe that, that is not the truth and if you want proof of that you need to look no further than Event 201. If you do not know what Event 201 is by now then you are going to have educate yourself because I am not going to do it here except to say that Event 201 was a simulation of a global Covid 19 like pandemic that took place approximately six months prior to the \”real\” Covid 19 \”pandemic\” that first started in  2019.  If you are so naïve to believe that an outbreak of a global pandemic happens six months after a simulation for the first time in human history then please make your way to www.cnn.com because you clearly don\’t belong here. This Blog is for people who actually think.  It is the very strong opinion of this Blog that Covid 19 is a man-made PSYOP and not a naturally occurring thing.  If you notice, the very same people who were the architects of the Event 201 simulation, especially John Hopkins University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were also by no coincidence very heavily involved in the \”real\” Covid 19 pandemic, which is just another big reveal that it is nothing more than a PSYOP and that they made this happen (whatever \”this\” is) and it is entirely man made.  But I do not want to get too far into that.  If you still believe Covid 19 happened the way the MSM says then please close this Blog and never come back.

I speak about the Covid 19 PSYOP in the past tense as if it was over with but I know its not over with despite the recent CDC announcement that its safe not to wear masks as long as you have been vaccinated.  Wait until fall or winter of 2021 when the next new more deadly round of Covid 19 suddenly appears to see how long that lasts.  I predict that masks will come back and a whole new round of fear driven hysteria at a whole new level to what is being seen now will appear later this year.  And the reason I predict that is because there are still many people who refuse to take the Covid 19 vaccine.  So the response by the Snakes of society is to ramp of the fear and if necessary release a more deadly virus into the wild that causes more deaths.  The people behind this plandemic are going to milk it for everything its worth.  You can bet on that.  So don\’t throw away your face mask just yet, because the \”danger\” is only just beginning.  

But the purpose of this post is to ask the very relevant question:  Why have they done this?  If you read a lot of the other Blogs and web sites talking about Covid 19 being a man made thing that has an evil agenda (and I do read what other people say about it) they are saying that the purpose of the mass vaccination program is massive depopulation of the earth, mostly because this is the long stated goal of the Elite, to reduce the population of the earth from Billions to around 500 million.  The belief among these people is that the vaccine program will either cause massive deaths sometime in the future or that it will cause massive infertility.  Either way could be used for depopulation.  Bill Gates who is so involved in the plandemic has expressed his very strong opinion that Carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced to near zero to stop global warming.  In order for carbon dioxide emissions to go to near zero would require the planet going back to the stone age basically.  It would mean rolling back the Industrial Revolution and bringing the entire planet to a much more primitive state.  It would require a mass reduction of people also so all those useless breathers wouldn\’t be adding their carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. So there is good reason to believe that a mass culling of the world\’s population is the goal of the people who run the world and that the Covid 19 vaccination program is the way that (((they))) plan to make that a reality.

There is another, more sinister explanation that came to me today that also involves massive depopulation of the earth. I said that the Covid 19 pandemic of 2019 to present is basically a PSYOP to convince the public that there was indeed a \”very deadly\” airborne virus that quickly spread all over the world.  That the deadliness of Covid 19 has been hugely overblown is obvious but what is important is that most people believe it.  You can tell that most people believe it by the number of people wearing masks everywhere (at least until the CDC announcement).  The vast majority of people believe what they see on the MSM as Gospel truth and this is the lesson of how easy it is to manipulate and deceive the people of the world about anything.  If the MSM says its real it is real according to most people.  What the actual truth is about it is meaningless.  But the more sinister explanation that came to me is that it is not the vaccine that is intended to depopulate the earth but a future release of a new deadly virus.  What if everything we have seen so far regarding the \”Covid 19 pandemic\” is just setting the stage for a later pandemic that, unlike Covid 19, will be real and will be really deadly?  What if the Covid 19 plandemic is just setting humanity up so that (((they))) can release the real depopulation virus?  If you forget everything that the MSM is saying about Covid 19 and just step back and look at the situation with an open mind, the world is ripe for this.  With the vast majority of humanity completely deceived about the Covid 19 plandemic, it would be SO EASY for them to release a truly deadly virus on the world that would wipe out a large segment of the population and just say that its a new variant of Covid 19.  Who among the gullible deceived general public would question this?  I mean, if they really want to quickly depopulate the earth then this would be the way to do it and not by the vaccine method.  Additionally, why take the risk of people seeing through that the vaccination program caused mass death or mass infertility when there would be no such a risk if a truly deadly biological agent was released upon the world that few if anyone would see through?    What if some of the vaccines that have been administered so far for Covid 19 are merely placebo vaccines that do nothing except to generate money for those behind the vaccination program but that there is a real vaccine being distributed to the \”important people\” (AKA the 1%) to protect them from the coming deadly virus that will be used to rid of the world of all the useless eaters and useless breathers?  I just ask you to consider the possibility of this, which IMO is much more likely than that the Convid 19 vaccines will cause mass death.

There is a third possible explanation for the Convid 19 plandemic, which is that it is/was (if I dare to speak about a still ongoing PSYOP in the past tense) a world wide drill to help prepare humanity for the outbreak of a real pandemic.  One of the main sources for believing this to be a possibility is a comment made by the former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a press conference on Covid 19.  During that Press conference, Mike Pompeo used the words \”We\’re trying to get this right\”.  U.S. President Donald Trump was present at the same press conference and he said in response to Pompeo\’s comment: \”I wish you would have told us.\”.  If you have never heard about this press conference or you doubt what I am saying, I invite you to do a search on one those comments by Pompeo or Trump and to go watch the video of that part of the press conference yourself just so you see what they said.  I am no fan of either Donald Trump or Mike Pompeo.  Both men are Zionists who IMO were working more for Jews and Israel than they were serving the American general public during the Trump Administration.  I believe both men to be inherently dishonest and I do not trust them to tell the truth but this is part of the foundation for another explanation for the Covid 19 PSYOP, which is basically as follows: 

The outcome of the Event 201 simulation was if I recall between 60 and 70 million dead worldwide before they got the fictional pandemic under control and this result caused the people who run the world to want to help prepare the world for a real pandemic so there would not be so many deaths.  So they staged the Covid 19 plandemic just to get the wiorld ready for a real pandemic so there would not be so many deaths.  The Covid 19 pandemic is really just a drill to help prepare the world for a real pandemic.

If you read my previous post about Benevolent Deception, then this explanation would be an example of a benevolent deception.  In other words, it would be a deception for the good of humanity.  But there are some real problems with this explanation.  First of all is that I do not believe the people who run the world are benevolent toward humanity, although (((they))) want people to believe they are.  I think the people who run the world are dishonest Snakes who would not give two fucks if 70 million or 700 million or 7 Billion died, as long as they remain in control of the world.  Secondly, this scenario keeps everyone alive and does nothing to reduce the global world population which the Elite and their minions such as Bill Gates are so concerned about.  So I do not buy this explanation but I had to include it here mostly due to the Pompeo/Trump skit during that press conference. 

More to Come

5 thoughts on “Why did they stage the Covid 19 PSYOP?

  1. Please educate yourself about viruses. There will be no global contagious virus caused by a bioweapon. That is disinformation. The only way viruses come from outside the body is by injection into the bloodstream through \”vaccination.\”Viruses are not alive.Viruses do not replicate outside the body.Viruses are produced within the body.Viruses are not contagious.Viruses are biological solvents. They rid the body of toxins.Viruses are good, not evil.Read more at virusesarenotcontagious.com https://virusesarenotcontagious.com/


  2. What do you think is going on in Isreal? Every one has their clot shot and booster and now are on to a second booster. Deaths are skyrocketing and they are forcing a second booster!!! Why would they do this to their own people? I don’t know what to think about this.


    1. First I want to say that I do not trust any alleged news coming from Israel not to be disinformation. Jews and disinformation go hand in hand, so the land of the Jews (Israel) is sure to be spewing disinformation about itself onto the world and I do not trust anything said about Israel from establishment sources as being legitimate. But if what you said is to be believed as the truth then I think that ADE is the cause of those deaths and the vaccines given to the people is the cause of it. The so called vaccines weakened the natural immune response to what is basically a very non lethal virus and made it lethal. This may have been intentional.


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