Know Thy Enemy

If you have been paying attention to what the Main Stream Media is saying lately then you know that they are parroting the CDC announcement that it is safe not to wear a mask as long as you have been vaccinated by one of the Covid 19 vaccines.  So its all safe to get back to normal as long as you are in compliance with the Establishment \”vaccines for everyone\” agenda.  If not, then the Establishment is going to make it very tough on you to get back to normal, but that is not the focus of this post.  The focus of this post is that those behind the Covid 19 plandemic/scamdemic have not accomplished what they set out to do with this PSYOP.  This is why that even though the lying MSM is saying that basically the danger is over with and its safe to go back to normal as long as you have taken one of their vaccines, you should not believe that.  What I tell you now and the future will prove me correct is that there will be further \”waves\” or worse outbreaks of Covid 19 or Covid 19-like variants in the future that will be used to force the hold outs to accept the Establishment vaccine.  I say this because I know my enemy.

You cannot believe that Covid 19 is a naturally occurring disease/virus that mankind has gotten under control with their vaccine program.  That is what (((they))) want you to believe but it is not the truth and you should not believe it.  What you should believe is that Covid 19, whether a real virus or a media driven fear hysteria is a man made thing that has a nefarious agenda.  Your enemy and my enemy is a dishonest Snake.  There is no truth in them.  They will lie and deceive with their last dying breath because that is who they are. Knowing your enemy means knowing this truth about them:  that they will lie and deceive and never tell the truth because that is their character.   

So while the Jewish Main Stream Media and the CDC are basically telling everyone that \”the danger\” is over with, don\’t you believe them.  They created the concept that there was danger in order to force their vaccination program on the entire world and they are not finished with it.  So expect more \”danger\” and fear stoking from CNN and the CDC and Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and all the others who have been involved in pushing the masks and the vaccines on the world.  Expect new waves of Covid 19 to appear probably this winter.  If I were a betting man, I would wager that this winter there will be a new wave of a Covid 19 variant in the USA and elsewhere that causes a new round of demands for everyone to be vaccinated and oh, you may have to go back to wearing a mask everywhere because there are some Conspiracy Theorists who refuse to take the vaccine.  You should really hate those Conspiracy theorists who are preventing \”Herd Immunity\” and society going back to normal.  

You heard it here first folks.  The Covid 19 scamdemic is not under control.  Its only just begun.  The Snakes behind this PSYOP are going to milk it for everything its worth, and I say this because I know my enemy.  What else would you expect from a lying Jewish Snake?  Oh, and remember to hate China.  Its all China\’s fault.  Of course the USA and Israel are Saints who have nothing to do with anything bad.  Sure that\’s right.  Just ask QAnon.  It\’ll tell you the truth. \”rolls eyes\”.

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