Jew World Order

I have added the web site to my recommended sites list but I want to say up front that I do not agree with everything this web site says.  Do not take my addition of this web site to my recommended site list to be an endorsement of everything this site says because I have serious differences with some things this web site says.  But I believe there is enough truth on this web site especially truth about the evil Jewish influence on the world and about Jewish deceptions that I believe it needs to be a link from my Blog.  I recommend that readers of this Blog look at that web site and separate the wheat from the chaff.  Extract what truth you can from it and discard the rest.  That is what I do with every web site I see on the internet.  I separate truth from falsehood and you should too.  


After I made the above post, I read something on that made me completely change my view of this site.  This is NOT an honest site.  This is a controlled opposition site much like and should NOT be trusted.  I have removed this site from my recommended site list and I do not advise anyone to visit it.  This is a controlled opposition site that says some truth but spreads a lot of lies also.  Do not trust it.  I admit that I made a mistake in saying this site was legitimate but I am correcting that mistake with this comment.  Its easy to be deceived when a web site appears to be telling the truth but a dishonest web site cannot help but to reveal its basic dishonesty as this one did.  

4 thoughts on “Jew World Order

  1. The \”secret government\” or \”deep state\” is TALMUDIC SATANIC KABBALAH JEWS, which are most jews. If they go to a synagogue, they are Talmudic jews. They laugh at the simple misdirection's and names they call themselves and people jump all over it. They create their own enemy, build them up and then tear them down and everyone gets fixated on bullshit and lies.They even put truth in movies and laugh it off as comedy. They tell you the truth all the time, and piss themselves laughing because you don't get it.Keep your eye on the ball.


  2. Adolf Hitler Was Not A Rothschild Nor A Controlled AgentSome ill-informed, and not very well read people, will suggest Hitler was a Controlled Agent, or even that he was jewish or a Rothschild… some type of Controlled Opposition – saying that Adolf Hitler wasn’t genuinely fighting against the New World Order and the jewish banking cartels. Honestly, these people have either not done the relevant research or are incapable of critical thinking – and many of these people in the alternative media who say these things are disinfo agents – Controlled Opposition Zionist shills


  3. Some of us get it, especially after being burned badly enough by the Jewish deceiver qanon and the Jewish President Donald J. Trump. I trust nothing from the alt right, which has been completely discredited by anyone with even partial wisdom. I am the eternal cynic now who trusts nobody because everybody I trusted turned out to be a liar and deceiver. I trust myself and nobody else and I expect to be lied to by others. Even this supposedly anti Jewish web site promotes Jewish deception. You cannot trust anyone else not to be a liar in a world like this. Sad truth.


  4. I am aware of all the different sides trying to paint Hitler and Germany during WW2 in a certain light and as I have said there is so much disinformation out there that I do not know what the truth is so I avoid taking a side. Until I know for a fact what the truth is then I am not going to discuss Hitler and Nazi Germany on my Blog. There are plenty of other things I discuss that I do know about without wading into this controversial area. I read and heard things from Hitler about the Jewish menace that I agree with but also I have heard so many bad things about Hitler and Germany that I do not want to endorse Hitler so I stay silent about it. I hope you can respect that I do that. But I am not taking the side of those who say Hitler was a Zionist or was controlled by Zionists. Nope, I do not say that either. I just do not know enough about it to take a stand either way.


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