I think it is a crime against Humanity

to give kids the Convid 19 vaccine.  If an adult who has access to all the information chooses to get the vaccine it is one thing but to force this shit on kids who have no idea of the long term effects of this is IMO criminal.  Nobody cares about my opinion apparently, but if I were running the world I would have everyone involved in pushing this on kids in front of tribunals and there would be executions for the offenders.  But unfortunately I am running nothing in this world.  All I can do is to express my horror and outrage at what is being done to push this nightmare on kids.  God help us if humanity has reached this low point.  Can the Mark of the Beast be far behind?

If the following video does not upset you then you are probably emotionally dead already:

As upsetting as it is to watch this, you need to watch it so you can see what brainwashed parents are doing to their own children needlessly.  I am absolutely horrified by this and if you care at all about humanity then you should be too.  Any parent who willfully gives their child a Covid 19 vaccine is guilty of the worst kind of child abuse but they will never be prosecuted in this lying society.  Instead they will be celebrated as a hero for vaccinating their dead or damaged or permanently infertile child.  For the record, I think the mother in the above video ought to be shot.  In the words of Charlton Heston, God Damn her all to Hell. 

Here is a good link from a sister Blog where I saw the above video posted:

THIS Is Absolutely Heartbreaking: Stupid Parents Almost Kill Their Child With The COVID KILL SHOT!

More to Come

4 thoughts on “I think it is a crime against Humanity

  1. I agree she should be shot! The only problem is that child needs his mother. Because of the child she should be put under house arrest with the child, never to be allowed to leave.


  2. I was speaking hypothetically when I said she should be shot. What I mean is that I very strongly condemn her and all such parents who are stupid and gullible enough to do what they are influenced to do by the main stream media that is clearly against the best interest of their children. Any parent who would do what is against the best interests of their child should not be a parent IMO.


  3. I knew you were and I too was speaking hypothetically!! It is an emotional response to a great injustice!!! It is a show of anger!!!


  4. I am extremely angry over what I see happening concerning the injections. This entire planned event (and it is planned) is a crime against Humanity. If there was ever a reason for Humanity to go to war against the Jewish Snake, this is it. But unfortunately it appears to me as if most of humanity is asleep and brainwashed and deceived and unware of what is really going on, and that is another crime against humanity by the Jewish Snake. What the world needs most is to wake up to the reality of what is really going on.


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