More about the Trump/QAnon Bullshit Train

 One of the most outrageous lies of QAnon is that Trump was secretly fighting child sex trafficking by the \”Deep State\”.  Although QAnon never defined exactly what the term Deep State meant that it kept throwing around everywhere, we can define the Deep State in the QAnon universe as being the Democratic Party.  While the Republican Party were Patriotic Saints ridding the world of evil like superheroes and doing the work of Jesus, the Democratic Party in contrast was Satanic evil personified who is the cause of everything bad in the world.  And if you don\’t believe that then you are a CNN watching Satanic inspired Liberal.  

So much black and white thinking and politically inspired Bullshit from QAnon that its just amazing to analyze it.  But the really sad thing is that there are still people today who call themselves truth seekers who live in the QAnon universe of the Deep State and the Cabal. Here is an example.  In that universe, Trump is still President of the United States.  In that universe, JFK Jr. never died but he is the real QAnon, and if you doubt the truth of that then you have been deceived by Satan or maybe Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.  What\’s the difference?

But it was the lies of QAnon that Trump was against child sex trafficking while Hillary Clinton was busy face slicing and drinking human blood for Adrenochrome that helped convince enough idiots to vote for Trump.  And don\’t forget pizzagate, which was all smoke and no fire for helping to get Trump elected.  It was the hysteria and Bullshit that helped get a Bullshitter like Trump elected and so of course after he became President he had to still be fighting child sex trafficking.  Remember the thousands of secret indictments that QAnon and Trump supporters kept talking about everywhere as if they were fact?  Well guess what.  There were NEVER any secret indictments.  Not a single one. It was all Bullshit just to keep the faithful on the Trump Train even though every action he did as President showed him to be a Jewish puppet and not an American Patriot.  Trump\’s secret war against child sex trafficking and against the Elite was all Bullshit from Day one but did QAnon or Trump supporters for that matter ever apologize for being wrong?  Hell No.  They just said Trump\’s efforts were temporarily defeated by the Deep State until he gets reelected in 2024 (wink wink wink) and moved on to a new lie.  QAnon is a never ending lie factory for the QAnon/Trump faithful.  It doesn\’t matter if its all Bullshit if the faithful believe it.  You have to have FAITH in QAnon and Trump.  If you don\’t, then it means you watch CNN and you are probably a Democratic or a Liberal or Antifa and possibly even a Satanist.  There is no gray area in the QAnon universe.  You are either with us or against us and if you are against us then \”The Storm\” is coming for you.

Its all Bullshit, folks.  

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