Benevolent Deception?

This Blog is primarily about Deception. How do I define deception?  

My definition of deception is that a group uses it control of the Main Stream media and the government of a country to make the people of the country believe a lie that in some way benefits the group behind the deception.

The group behind the deception has to benefit in some way from it or else there would be no reason for them to deceive, except for possibly kicks.  As an example of a deception that I can see no reason for committing except for kicks is the re-use of the picture of six year old Jew Michael Vabner AKA \”Noah Pozner\” in an apparent shooting (which may have been real or unreal) in Pakistan.  

It is a rarity when you see deception done for kicks like this, just because (((they))) can do it.  Most deceptions have a benefit for the deceiver, even if the benefit is not apparent. 

This Blog has made note of many Deceptions, including the following:

The Apollo moon landings


The Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Covid 19 Plandemic

In the case of all of these deceptions I have merely stated they were deceptions.  In some cases I have theorized what I believe is the reason behind each deception. There is no text book you can consult to tell you the reason(s) behind a deception.  You have to figure that out on your own from the information available.  But the topic of this post and I think it is a very good one is to ask the following question.

Can the reason(s) behind a deception be Benevolent instead of malevolent?  

Put another way, can the group behind a deception have the best interests of their country or the people of their country when they stage a deception?  Can the group justify staging the deception because they believe it is good for the country somehow?  

Do you understand the question I am asking?  In many of the posts on this Blog, I have assumed an evil motivation behind the deceptions but that might not be the case at all.  It might be that those behind the deceptions think that the people must be deceived for their own good or for the good of the country.  They see the end result of the deception justifies the deceptive means to get there. Understand that?

I want to make clear that it is my stance that deception is never justified under any circumstances.  I believe that lying to the people about anything is evil and that it should never be done, but I am not in a position of power in the government.  If I were I might feel differently about the subject. 

This post is just to get you thinking about the possibility that those behind at least some deceptions might have been thinking that deception is justified if it results in a positive outcome for the country or its people. 

Let me give you an example in the case of the Apollo Moon Landing Deception exactly what I am talking about.

In the late 1960\’s America was tearing itself apart over two things, the Vietnam War and racial unrest. The people of the country needed to be unified around something which made them proud of their country.  This was the era of the space race between the USA and the USSR.  For whatever reason, JFK had pledged America to putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade and so by 1969, which was the last year that JFK\’s mandate could be fulfilled, the USA was faced with the choice of putting a man on the moon.  To do so would mean that the USA would win the space race with the USSR.  It would show that the USA was by far the most technologically advanced country in the world.  It would make the American people and the entire world look to the USA as a leader instead of a violent war like country whose population was on the brink of civil war.  There were many benefits for the USA to put a man on the moon in 1969 but the one little nagging problem the U.S.A. faced is that it was technologically impossible in 1969 (and I submit it is equally impossible now due to the harmful effect of radiation on Astronauts in space).  The USA was not nearly as technologically advanced in 1969 as it pretended to be. It was nowhere near ready to land men on the moon technologically in 1969 even without the fatal radiation problem facing Astronauts.  For the USA to attempt such a landing and fail would make the U.S. Government look horrible.  It would be better not to even attempt it than to attempt it and fail.  A successful mission was a requirement.  So if you are the U.S. Government, how do you guarantee a successful mission and look like a rock star to the American people and the world?  You fake it, with a little help from your Jewish friends who control the USSR and the world media. You can call it a Deal with the Devil because that is what it was. The Jewish aspect of the staged Apollo moon landings must be mentioned here but it is secondary to the motivation behind the deception.  Why did they fake it?  Two reasons.

They required success and the insurmountable problems of attempting to put a man on the moon in 1969 would have guaranteed failure had they really attempted it.

They told themselves that they were doing this for the American people, who believed the USA was number one and expected the USA to go to the moon. They wanted to use this to unify the American people and make them proud of their country and their Government instead of hating it and seeking its overthrow.

Does it matter if it was fake if most people in the USA in 1969 believed it was real?  Real or fake, the end result is the same if the people believe it is real.  As a result of the deception, the American people were proud of their country.  They were proud to be Americans instead of protesting and fighting each other in the street.  There is no doubt that the Apollo fake moon landings had a positive benefit for America and the American people and I might add also for the Nixon Administration that was perfectly willing to go along with the deception.  What did the Jews get out of helping the USA look like a rock star?  That is the question we should be asking. But everyone in the U.S. Government involved in this deception probably thought they were doing something which they needed to do for the good of America.  Can you see that?  Even though they were deceiving many millions of people, they justified it by the positive end results of it. It was seen as patriotic. That is just one example.

I can give a positive benefit of 9-11 in that the USA secured cheap energy resources in the middle east to keep it going for many decades and to guarantee cheap gas prices to the population.  I see this as another Deal with the Devil between International Jews and the U.S. Government that the U.S. got something positive out of for its country in exchange for helping Jews get what they want in return.  

The problem with getting in bed with the Devil is that you can never get out again. You are in the bed with the Devil for Life.  This is the U.S. Government today. It can never escape the bed it has made for itself. If a majority of the American people ever became aware of the fraudulent nature of the U.S. Government then it would fall in a single day. 

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