All the Usual Suspects of the Conservative Right

So I was reading an article today where the author was trotting out George Soros as being among the ultimate evil of the conservative right and this made me think of a line from the movie \”Casa Blanca\”.  A crime had been committed and the police inspector told one his lackeys to round up all the usual suspects.  The jaded police inspector did not care about solving the crime, he just wanted to pin it on someone convenient.  How similar that is to what I refer to as the entire Conservative Right movement, who has their own group of usual suspects that they pin blame for all the world\’s evils on.  Below is a partial list of the Usual Suspects of the Conservative Right:

George Soros, who happens to be a Jew but he is apparently the only Bad Jew that the conservative right sees.  It is not his Jewishness that makes him evil but that he is a Liberal and a promotor of Liberal causes.

Democrats, but especially Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and lately Joe and Hunter Biden. 





In article after article from Conservative Right writers you will see these usual suspects demonized again and again, as if blame for all the world\’s problems can be placed upon them.  In doing so, these writers are telling the Conservative Right Flock who to hate. 

There are also some people and groups and countries who are never blamed by the Conservative Right for anything:


The U.S. Government

Jews (except for George Soros)

Republicans, except for certain Rino Republicans such as John McCain and George W. Bush.

Fox News

Donald Trump (the Savior of the World and the rightful President of the USA)

The Conservative Right paints a completely false version of reality in many cases for purely political reasons.  Truth is not their goal but they have agendas for who they promote and demonize.  Many people are caught up in this false version of reality and believe it as fact, especially when they see so many writers and commentators all on the same Conservative Right page. Believing in the Conservative Right version of events is very much like a Religion or Cult. It does not matter what the truth is.  It matters to keep the flock believing the party line.  This is the reason I HATE the Conservative Right as much as I hate the Establishment.  In this Blog you will never see me take the side of the Conservative Right.  I am an enemy of the Conservative Right because it has misled so many people and pulled them away from the Truth.

5 thoughts on “All the Usual Suspects of the Conservative Right

  1. JEWS are cohesive. They apply practiced cleverness and incessant effort toestablish their so called New World Order. They have literally hundredsof so called \”think tanks\” working incessantly on exactly how to fool and manipulate us.We, on the other hand, have no \”think tanks\” at all that are not controlled by JEWS in the first place.It is very clever of the JEWS to give us hope by providing the illusion that their puppetTrump is independent of them and is doing what's right for America… he isn't. Trump's stance on immigration control is too little too late and is mostly theater. His taking credit for a \”robust economy\” is a fraud;we are now many trillions of dollars more in debt under Trump. His \”nationalism\” is a lie. During Trump's administration, so far, he has given ISRAEL everything ISRAELwants including acknowledging Jewrusalem as Israel's capital and moving the USembassy there. He approved untold more billions in aid to Israel that boasts of a standardof living now higher than Japan. He bashes Iran that is the crown-jewel of Israel's Oded Yinon plan to create \”Greater Israel\”….and so on. Bottom line: If Trump was any sort of threat tothe JEW'S agenda, like President Kennedy was,he would be dead already.As long as otherwise savvy Americans pin their hopes on a useful idiot such as theJEW controlled Trump, those Americans will remain agitated, yet complacent, whilebelieving that the savior of America has come at last. Nothing could be furtherfrom the truth. Only when the growing legions of otherwise savvy Americans stoppinning their hope on the latest JEW puppet will anything even begin to change forthe better. It's up to us, not the completely corrupt government, military, academia,churches, media, courts, etc. The America that we thought we once knew is rottento it's very core and only legions of murderously angry and heavily armed citizenswithout central leadership can correct the present predicament. A Krystallnacht on steroids is what is needed and the JEWS know this very welland they are afraid. Censorship and stopgap legislation is rampant.When Americans lose ALL hope in others,then they will know what to do and they will do it themselves


  2. I saw through Trump a long time ago. Its amazing how much my awareness has increased since the 2016 election. I had to learn a hard lesson from a Jewish con man to show me the way the world really is and that there are no real heroes, only hero substitutes who are telling as many lies as anyone else. We live in a bad world and only a naive fool would believe the fairy tales of QAnon. I guess that was me before but no longer.In addition to giving Israel Jerusalem, he also gave them the Golan Heights, which is Syrian territory. I don't know what legal authority Trump has to give Israel someone else's land but he certainly made a show of doing it, with Bibi standing beside him beaming from ear to ear at Israel's good faithful servant, Donald J. Trump. I am in agreement with what you say but I have no idea how that will ever happen in reality because most of the American people, even those who you label as savvy are a million miles from where they need to be. They watch Fox News to tell them the truth, which is just another Jewish MSM channel that is geared for Republican conservatives. Most of the American people are clueless about the truth and reaching them appears to be an impossible task. As I have said on this Blog, awakening has to come from within. You cannot teach someone the truth. All you can do is to help guide their own inner awakening about the way things really are. That is what I attempt to do with this Blog but I think in many cases I am just preaching to the choir.If there only an honest leadership that was completely free of Jewish influence to direct the anger of many Americans to status quo into a tool for constructive change then that would be definately be a step in the right direction. But where are these honest leaders free of Jewish influence? They are nowhere to be found and the Jews make Damn well sure of that. If any honest, Jew aware leader does appear, the Jews will quickly crucify him in their media. In the meantime they will give us more Jew owned Hero substitutes like Trump and QAnon to keep American conservatives pacified and ineffective while Jews run the show without opposition. I have said on this Blog that is my firm belief that there is no political solution to this problem. We are far beyond a political solution now. Revolution is the only solution.


  3. Putin is ex-KGB agent. His goverment glorifies Soviet times and Stalin himself. Rich oligharcs are mostly Jews. Russia is a good place for Jews.I saw a video where he said that the first Soviet goverment was 85% Jewish. So he knows.


  4. You are probably 100% correct about Putin. I notice he never attempts to expose any Zionist PSYOPS. He never goes against Israel. He lets Syria get raped by Jews with only token resistance. He is a tool. Almost all world leaders are Zionist tools or they would not be allowed to be world leaders by the Jewish Snake.


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