Avoid anti-Establishment Liars

We all know that the Establishment represented by the main stream media is a pathological liar telling people what the Snake wants them to believe but there is another kind of liar that is in many ways equally destructive to the truth and that is the anti-establishment Liar.

What is an anti-Establishment Liar?  It is anyone who is telling lies that are anti-Establishment but are nonetheless lies.  The anti-Establishment Liar does not have to know they are lying.  They can simply be repeating Lies that have been told by other anti-Establishment Liars.  In a previous post when I talked about the False Red Pill this is exactly what I meant.  You as a truth seeker must be very careful not to jump on their train simply because what they say sounds good or is what you want you want to hear.  You must always question and never trust just because a person is anti-Establishment.  In looking for the truth, you must go beyond the Herd Mentality of the conservative right. 

Whenever I see a lot of people piling onto something that is clearly anti-Establishment, it raises a red flag to me that I should question this.  Just because a lot of people who appear to be truthers believe something does not make it true.  In fact, if a lot of people believe it then its more likely that its not true.  As a case in point, I give you this example:  Trump really won the election.  Biden stole the election. I have seen that repeated by so many people and spoken with an assumption that is 100% true but it is not true.  Its an anti-Establishment lie that is assumed to be true by a great many people but its not true.  Just because a lot of people on the conservative right fully believe it does not make it true.  That is why you need to question everything you read and hear even if it is from an anti-establishment source.  You need to always be focused on what is the truth and not what sounds good to you or is what you want to hear. 

A Text book example of an anti-Establishment Liar that even a lot of truthers know about is QAnon.  Another is Alex Jones.  These are Shills who may mix in some actual truth with their message just to deceive people but their real purpose is to deceive and they always have an agenda.  These are extreme examples but I had to mention them here because there are still many so-called truthers who believe QAnon and Alex Jones are legitimate.  Whenever you see anyone quoting QAnon or Alex Jones you KNOW that person is either a shill themselves or they do not have the basic wisdom to recognize an obvious shill or pied piper spreading lies everywhere.  Those people who call themselves Trump Supporters today are completely lost in a false reality of anti-Establishment Lies.  Stay as far away from these people as you can if you care about the truth.

Donald Trump is an anti-Establishment Liar.  Lin Wood is an anti-Establishment Liar.  Jim Stone is an an anti-Establishment Liar.  If you listen to an anti-Establishment Liar then you might as well be watching CNN because you are not getting the truth. Be very careful lest you be deceived.

More to come

5 thoughts on “Avoid anti-Establishment Liars

  1. I used to worry for you because you did not post anything for a pretty long time. I often go to your blog but I didn't see any new post so I think you could get a heart attack or died in a car accident….etc…..Glad that you are still alive. Maybe I worried too much, maybe you stopped posting new posts because you have written enough about what you know and you just want to relax.


  2. My PC bit the dust and so I stopped posting for awhile because of that. Another reason is disillusionment that I am doing any good by maintaining this Blog. That is why I created that post asking if this Blog is relevant. I was happy to get two comments letting me know at least some people care about what I say. As long as I feel like am helping others to understand what is going on in the world in some way then I feel the Blog should continue. This Blog is mostly about deception and I that is the most important thing I want others to know, that the world is full of deception and not what it appears to be. It matters much less to me that people know the Jewish source of much of the deception. I just want people to know that the world is dishonest. What is happening right now with the Convid 19 is proof of that in spades for anyone who is remotely paying attention to what is going on. Now that I have a new PC I want to explore deceptions in more detail.


  3. Another thing I want to add is that I am very disillusioned about the state of the world. Its very depressing to me to see the world in such a horrible state. This goes beyond the Convid 19 scam to a general awareness that we live in a very unenlightened world where truth is not valued and everyone on the right and left is lying for their own purposes. You know, that is very sad to see. I created today's post about anti-Establishment liars in response to my awareness that the so called truth movement is many cases nothing more than anti-Establishment lies. There are very few people on the internet I trust to tell the truth. I am always looking for my own truth to explain things instead of jumping onto the bandwagon of what others believe. In doing so, I hope I am doing some good to others who like me want to know the real truth.


  4. I really appreciate you posting a link to that article. As a former QAnon/Trump supporter who came out of my delusions it is very interesting to read that. When I look back to how I became so deceived in 2016 the answer I give is that I wanted to believe in Q/Trump because I was so disillusioned with America under Obama and Hillary that I became susceptible to what I see now as an obvious fraud because it sounded good. At least I came to my senses eventually. I can thank Q/Trump for helping to wake me up to the fact that the world is full of false prophets like them.


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