An experience I want to share

 So yesterday I was going through the vicsim  information on,  where they list 9-11 victims who they believe are not real people but merely photoshopped creations.  I\’ve been fascinated with that subject since I became aware of it and last night I was revisiting it, just to reaffirm it\’s truthfulness. But what I found instead was the opposite.  I was looking at a long list of people who says are vicsims. They showed photographs of all these people, one photograph showed the person with other family or friends and another photograph, obviously the same picture but photoshopped, showed the person alone. Because the pictures had been photoshopped to remove the family or friends, was using this as evidence that the person was not real, i.e. that they were simulated.  And I realized that the only reason for the photoshopping was to show the person by themselves so they could be shown in a memorial picture.  It\’s perfectly natural and understandable why a photograph would be photoshopped to remove other people and only show the deceased but to this was slam dunk evidence that these were vicsims.  Suddenly my entire explanation of 9-11 being a PSYOP was thrown into question. If there were real people inside the buildings when they collapsed then it is no longer a PSYOP because a psyop is staged and has no real victims, or that is how I define a PSYOP.  Suddenly I was questioning everything about 9-11 that I had previously assumed was true.  I even questioned if the official 9-11 story could be true.  I know there are a million things wrong with the official 9-11 story but the question I have is whether people really died during it or people did not die during it.  It\’s very important to know the truth about this.  I need to go back and reexamine it.  I hope you appreciate me being honest with you to express my own personal doubts about this.

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