The False Red Pill

It\’s really painful for me to create posts on my phone but here is a post I feel compelled to make at this point concerning what I call the False Red Pill.  In a previous post I discussed herd mentality, which I define as the way most human beings have been conditioned to think about things.  In that post I said that most humans are so tuned in to the herd mentality that they can see nothing outside of it.  For them, herd mentality is the truth and if someone like me tries to tell them differently then that person is branded as abnormal and someone to be avoided. You should go back and read that post if you don\’t understand what herd mentality means.  In this post I will be discussing a different kind of herd mentality among those who see themselves as awakened.  These people do not accept the establishment lies, which is good, but unfortunately they have simply replaced one lie with another in their thinking and their supposed understanding of the truth. I may be stepping on the toes of some readers of this blog with this post but this needs to be said. I hope you whoever you are will be open minded enough to comprehend what I am saying and that you may transcend your current understanding about a great many topics.  With that said, I will continue.

There is a herd mentality among the supposedly awakened about a great many subjects and most of the anti-establishment writers on the internet are tuned in to it in exactly the same way as the normies are tuned in to the establishment lies.  They assume that they know how things are and they never question their assumptions. To them, there is one \”reality\” and they are all tuned into it.  It\’s very dangerous to believe you are right when you are wrong but these people do that. Sometimes it is the blind leading the blind.  At other times it is self serving deceivers who creep in to take advantage of the public\’s dissatisfaction with the establishment line to replace it with their own line that is just as dishonest as the establishment line.  Are you following me?

Let me give you some examples of the latter. Qanon. Infowars. Trump supporters. Qanon is a liar and a deceiver every bit as bad as the main stream media.  It tells lies that it\’s followers want to hear. Is one lie better than another lie because it sounds pleasing? No.  A lie is a lie.  If it\’s not the truth then it\’s evil but to the qanon true believers it is truth.  It\’s the qanon herd mentality that every qanon follower knows. In many cases it\’s complete bullshit but to the truly faithful it makes no difference.  The same applies to Trump supporters. They all think alike, which is their herd mentality.  The truth no longer matters to them, only their agendas. It\’s very sad but many people on the internet who see themselves as awakened are totally tuned in to the Trump mentality and anyone like me who tries to correct them must be a CNN watching Democratic party liberal.  They have very black and white, us vs. them thinking. Its a very sad thing to see for a truth seeker like me to see so many people who should know better have fallen under the spell of the pied pipers of the conservative right.  I want no part of them anymore than I want the establishment liars. Are you getting me?

Most of the allegedly awake people on the internet are tuned in to this herd mentality like they are all on the same page and anyone who does not think like them is the enemy. Truth has lost its meaning for these people. They have their own brand of truth which is what they discuss among themselves and actual truth if it falls outside of that is meaningless. 

The False Red Pill is the herd mentality of those who see themselves as awakened to the establishment lies but in many cases all they have done is latched themselves to a new set of lies that are every bit as dishonest as the establishment lies even if they are what the person wants to believe. Understand that.  Unfortunately that defines most of the so-called truth movement today.  People like me are interested in the actual truth without an agenda are the rarity is the truth movement.

I said in a previous post on this blog that the truth is like a long road that you continue to walk down all during your life IF you are searching for the truth.  Those who have just started walking down the road think they see it all, only to discover later that what they earlier took to be truth was a false illusion.  I know this for a fact because I have lived it.  I understand the herd mentality of the qanon followers and the Trump supporters because I used to be one of them. I transcended my earlier understanding to a higher understanding. It takes years of connecting dots to do that but I have which is why I created this blog to try to help others connect the dots i have connected.  

To be continued…

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