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Sometimes I find web sites with a profound message that I very much agree with. The following link is one such site.  It exposes in a very detailed way how that most supposed truthers and truther web sites are actually wolves in sheep\’s clothing whose only purpose is to deceive and mislead anyone who does not accept the establishment version of events.  It\’s long but I hope you will take the time to read it. One thing it does is to expose such web sites as Stormfront.com as actually being a Zionist run web site which is the very same thing I have implied many times.  The big take away is that you cannot trust most people and most web sites to be honest, regardless of how they portray themselves. You should ALWAYS assume that the person or site is dishonest until you make the determination yourself that the person is not really a snake.  The sad truth is that most of the internet is bullshit and most people on it are bullshitters.  Never trust. Always question.  Always think for yourself.  It\’s so easy to be deceived in this environment. Deceivers are everywhere.  Read the info in this link:


In addition there are many fantastic links on that page exposing that Zionists are the master deceivers of the internet.  I really recommend that readers of this blog spend all the time they need to absorb this invaluable information. If you want to be red pilled about the internet, this is it.  Knowing this information will increase your awareness that the Jewish snakes are everywhere, trying to deceive everyone they can.  Please understand this.

Edit to Add: one of the main things I want you to understand in the above link is the car thief analogy which gives many great examples of how Jews and their minions manipulate and control the internet to deceive many people.  If you understand that then you see much about the internet and you know not to trust most of what you see as authentic and sincere.  The internet is like a minefield of disinformation and it\’s your job not to be deceived.

I see the creator of this web site as an honest, Jew aware person. That does not mean I agree with everything he says.  A person can be honest but wrong and I believe he is wrong about some significant things that I want to point out.

The first thing I disagree with is that 9-11 was a real attack in which thousands of people died, millions of dollars of property was destroyed etc. 9-11 was a PSYOP. Although the media told us thousands of people died, that is not the truth. And the towers were aging asbestos filled behemoths that were intentionally brought down by controlled demolition. The creator of that web site has not seen the truth about 9-11 yet, or at least had not seen it in 2005 when the site was created.  9-11 was a Jewish PSYOP and that is what I want the readers of this blog to clearly understand. If you still see 9-11 as a real attack in which thousands of people died, then you are not red-pilled about 9-11.

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