Is this blog relevant?

I ask myself whether this Blog is relevant? It certainly seemed relevant when I created it but it seems like very few are reading and even care about what I say.  It seems like I am wasting my time trying to wake others up to the things I have seen.  It would help me to hear some comments from others who do read it to get some feedback about why I should continue it.  I do care about people and that is the only reason for this blog.  But I need to know if anybody cares besides me.  

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  1. I will continue if for no other reason than to attempt to wake up others to the truth, and the truth is that this world is full of lies and deception. If I can make others aware of at least that much then I am doing some good. Truth is the highest goal that we can strive for and in a lying, deceptive world we have a solemn responsibility to know the truth. We know the truth in many cases by the lies that are told by the Establishment. Uncovering the lies exposes the actual truth. I care far less that people identify Jews as being the ones who are ultimately behind it. That is like an advanced subject. The basic subject that most people in the world need to know but don't is that we are being lied to and deceived about a great many things. That is what the Two Worlds Paradigm is all about. Please fully understand it if you do not already.


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