Pictures from the Real World of a former President

In this post are pictures from the Real World of a former President who has a few more secrets to hide beyond just being a gay Muslim man who is married in a Homosexual Relationship to another man. And see this post about his \”family\”.

Angry Secret Service Agent is Angry:

Look at my legs:

Barry being unfaithful to Michael:


Obama is not the only pedophile President by far.  I have also named Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as pedophiles.  According to Fiona Barnett, Richard Nixon was a pedophile who raped her during a secret plane trip to an Australian military base after his impeachment.  Trump is a pedophile too who has had sex with his own daughter Invaka when she was younger among other young girls. Biden is a pedophile too who can\’t even control himself in public photo ops without sniffing a child\’s hair. In the Real World, pedophile politicians are common and pedophilia is used by the Jews as a blackmail tool to keep their Goyim servants in line. Welcome to the Real World, where corruption is the norm and truth is not allowed.  The more you see it the more you will realize it. 

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  1. I want to jump off from this nightmare. I wish that I wake up from hospital and all this terrible I have ever know is not real but just a dream from my long sleep in the hospital. I have lost all my hope in this world. I hate this world. This is not even a human word, this is hell.


  2. I feel you. I too hate the world. If I have opened your eyes enough for you to make this comment then I have accomplished something. When you see the world as it really is, hate is the only valid response from an honest person who is not part of the corruption. I want to clean up this world but I do not know how to do it. All I can do is to expose it. The only thing that is going to clean up this world is for good people to band together and to go to war against the System. If I can do anything to help spark the anger necessary to do that then this Blog has accomplished its purpose.


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