NASA is at it again

I really have not been paying any attention to NASA at all since I discovered that it was involved in the FAKE Apollo moon landing missions from 1969-73.  Discovering that put NASA\’s credibility in the toilet for me and I stopped giving a fuck about it.  But not too long ago I saw on the great American Lie Factory known as the Main Stream Media that NASA just achieved another huge milestone and the American Media was helping to bring this proof of American \”greatness\” to the attention of the clueless American mask wearers.  In this MSM spot, I saw a lot of NASA \”engineers\” cheering and patting each other on the back (or is it patting each other on the ass) and I thought to myself, there they go again.  Once a liar always a liar.  This concerned something that NASA apparently did concerning sending a spacecraft to the surface of Mars.  I did not investigate it.  I don\’t give a fuck about this great American Fraud called NASA but I thought to myself when I saw it, Sure you did that.  Fakers never quit faking because its a lot cheaper to fake than to do the real thing and there are no risks to staging a deception but there are plenty of risks with really doing something that is difficult.  But I digress from the purpose of this post.

A new image from the Real World recently came to my attention that concerns NASA\’s great \”achievement\” of landing a craft successfully on the surface of Mars.  Such American \”greatness\” just blows me away.  But here is the image and then I will discuss it below.  Its very interesting to say the least. Please click on the image to view it full screen.

I found this image on Twitter today just by chance and when I saw it I immediately knew what I was looking at.  What this is, dear readers is NASA FAKERY taken on earth that is supposed to be taken on Mars.  Straight up no doubt about it.

You can see that it is inside of a room that is actually not that large physically but the banner on the walls makes it appear to be a huge landscape. The same exact technique was used in many of the FAKE NASA Apollo moon landing images. Remember what the Jew Henry Kissinger said:

The image shown above is the natural conclusion of Henry Kissinger\’s quote.  It does not matter that the NASA Mars landing are filmed inside of a studio on earth.  All that matters is what is perceived to be true, which is that images taken by that camera are actually on Mars..Could there be any better justification for staging deception than that?  It practically invites deception.

But back to the image.  The thing that stands out to me in this image the strongest are the two men walking on the artificial set.  These are JEWISH men.  Just look at them and you can see that.  Which tells me a lot about the location of this studio.  Its not located in the United States.  Its located in Israel. NASA is a just a empty shell taking credit for the Fraud but the Fraud is really Jewish.  And the same applies to the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Hoax which I pointed out in previous posts such as this one. Everything ultimately goes back to the Jews when it comes to deception.  They are the master Deceivers of the world and the U.S. Government is owned by them. Still feel like waving that American flag?

EDIT TO ADD:  It actually made me mad to see that image but it did not surprise me. After everything else I have seen, its just more evidence that what I have been saying is true. This is the Real World.  Its a world of Lies and Deception and the Jew is at the very heart of that world.  This is why I call myself a Stranger in a Jewish World.  

After posting that image, it seems appropriate to post this image also because they go hand in hand:

EDIT TO ADD:  I would be interested in matching the various rock formations seen in that studio with actual images released by NASA as official Mars footage.  I am willing to bet that if a search was done that the exact same rock formations would be seen.  I am not going to go to the trouble of proving that because I do not need to prove it.  Its obvious to anyone what that image is about.  

More to Come maybe if anyone has questions.

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  1. But how can the debunker have the picture that feature secret staged scene inside the studio in Israel? Is that they must have keep this studio a completely secret?


  2. When you say debunker, who do you mean? How can I have the picture of the ISIS beheading in a CIA/Mossad studio? How can I have the picture of Obama getting a blow job from a white five year old girl? Things get leaked from the Real World into the Fake World and once they are there it is impossible to retract them. All they can do is deny or better yet not even address the subject but once the information is leaked, its there forever. Even if the majority of the public have no clue, its still there. What I am telling you is that of course (((they))) want secrecy but things get leaked either by accident or by honest people who want to expose what is really going on. In this case of this image who knows what the truth is. But NASA is dirty as fuck in any case and nothing NASA says can be trusted. If there is any lesson from the Apollo moon landings Hoax it is that. What you are really exposing is that you don't believe what I am saying. Its time for you to either take that red pill or leave here forever if you don't believe me.


  3. There is another factor involved which is the arrogance of the Jew. As an example, I point your attention to the case of Michael Vabner, who is a Jew and whose childhood picture was used in BOTH the Sandy Hook School shooting under the false identity \”Noah Pozner\” and also in the case of a shooting in Pakistan. Concerning the issue of secrecy, if (((they))) had been so concerned about keeping the fact that the Sandy Hook School shooting was fraudulent a secret then tell me why would they have used the same picture in two different shootings? The reason is due to Jewish arrogance. They did that because they could. They want us to know its a fraud and they also want us to know that there is nothing we can do about it because (((they))) run this world behind the scenes. When I said seeing that image made me mad, this is what I was referring to. They don't even care about keeping it a secret anymore because they have successfully gotten away with the lie for some long and the people are so clueless and stupid not to see it that it doesn't really matter if the image gets released. Who is going to notice? Who is going to care? You are really asking the wrong question if you don't understand that this world is Fraudulent and corrupt.


  4. Although I get that you doubt that the picture of Obama is what I said it is and you think there is an innocent explanation for it, I disagree. One big indicator is the look on the U.S. Secret Service agent's face looking toward who I assume is a reporter who took the picture. The agent's face shows warning. If I could give a verbal meaning to it it would be \”What the fuck do you think you're doing?\” It was warning not to take a picture of it. Also is the face of the woman in front of Obama which is indicative of something more than just an innocent thing going on. Remember those White House Reporters standing around watching as George W. Bush kissed the head of that Homosexual prostitute? You have to understand what is really going on. You cannot mistake the Real World for the False World. Innocent things happen in the False World but in the Real World everything under the sun happens and sometimes pictures of it get taken that are leaked to the False World. I am trying to open your eyes bro. You are walking the line with one foot in the False World and one foot in the Real World. Its not real to you yet but just intellectual curiosity. You need to go beyond that and begin to really believe. Let the Two Worlds Paradigm be your guide because it applies to everything big, especially today.


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