Why the MSM still attacks Trump

I make this post not to defend Trump who I despise but to paint a clear picture of what is the real purpose behind the constant 24-7 media attacks on Trump even though he is no longer President.

The MSM trying to blame Trump for everything is NOT an attack on Trump as it appears to be on the surface but is in reality an attack on Trump\’s base, which for the most part is the Christian White Race.  By demonizing Trump, the MSM is indirectly demonizing the Christian White Race who supports him.  And it is no coincidence that it is the Christian White Race that the Jews hate the most. Because it was the Christian White Race who persecuted the Jews the most in the past and it is the White Race (at least that portion of it that is not blinded by the Israel and Jew worship of the Christian Bible) who has the potential to persecute Jews again once it becomes obvious that Jews are the ones who are pulling the strings on all the bad things happening in the world such as the Convid 19 Bullshit. Jews fear what the White Race could do if it were unified and so Jews do everything they can to hurt and divide and attack and smear the white race. If you watch the MSM its very clear that there is an agenda to paint the White Race in a very negative light and this is the reason.  The MSM also plays up the Black race and tries to incite racial tensions between the White and Black races.  Its happening right now with the Derek Chauvin trial. Its all part of a Jewish agenda. The American MSM is just reading a script given to them by their Jewish masters.

EDIT TO ADD: I want to make clear that it is my strong belief that Trump is a willing part of this scheme.  Trump is a complete pawn for the Jews.  If Trump is not a Jew, he might as well be because his behavior is 100% pro Jewish.  What I am saying is that Trump allows himself to be demonized now just as he has allowed himself to be demonized all during his Presidency.  Trump is a Jewish circus performer who will jump through any hoops for his Jewish masters.  Although a significant portion of the White Race in America apparently still believes in this man\’s integrity, IMO Trump has no integrity at all.  And I say this as someone who was formerly one of his strongest supporters back in 2016.  The man who I took at face value in 2016 I see as a Jewish scumbag in 2021 and for good reason.  Its time for the White Race to wake up and realize this Jewish tool is their greatest enemy pretending to be their greatest friend. Just because Biden/Harris is bad is no excuse for the White Race to circle the wagons around this Jewish tool.  He should be dropped like a rock into the ocean and forgotten about forever.

More to come

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  1. White Race is intelligent and capable enough to organize a resistance or even defeat Jewish world empire, that is the primary reason why jews hate whites.Jews were privileged already during the Middle Ages. It is just strategy that jews present themselves always as victims, when they truly are the aggressors and persecutors.


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