Time to connect some Dots

In a previous post I began to discussing the links between Jews, Freemasonry and Satanism.  Please read that post if you have not already seen it because there is a connection although its not at all obvious.  In the False World there is no connection.  In the False World Satanism is just a joke but in the Real World things are different.  Real World Satanism and False World Satanism are completely different animals and there is a connection in Real World Satanism to many other things such as mind control and child sex slaves. In this post I want to connect a few dots in your mind to expand your awareness of what the Real World is actually about. I don\’t give a fuck about the George Floyd Murder or the Derek Chauvin trial that is the latest thing in the False World.  On this Blog we discuss deeper things than the charades that the deceivers put on for us.  

In that post I said that U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd was a 33rd Degree Freemason and also a Satanist without giving any evidence of him being a Satanist.  So now we are going to start to make some connections so you begin to see how all these things interrelate in the Real World.  

Robert C Byrd owned Mind Controlled Sex Slaves

More to Come 

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  1. If there are Satanists, therefore, Satan is possibly the real God (he is real but not a good God, of course). Since many alleged Satanists are supposed to be Jews. Therefore, the Jews worship Satan.The Talmud God is possibly Satan who pretend to be God to deceive the Jews and the world.The Bible God is possibly the real God (God of justice and good). However, I am still not sure about this after reading some of your post claim Christianity is also a deception and a tool of Jews.Biblical spritual beings such as God or Satan possibly real.


  2. Please do not misconstrue my post. Just because there are people who worship the concept of Satan does not mean that Satan exists in real life any more than that people who worship God means that God exists. In either case, it is people worshiping a Deity in their own minds that they have no actual proof exists. Just as people who worship the concept of a good God can do good things in the name of that God, people who worship the concept of Satan or evil God can do evil things in that name of that God. Do you understand what I am saying? You are making a lot of assumptions in believing Satan is real and that Jews somehow are in favor with Satan. That is not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is that people use their beliefs in an evil deity to justify doing evil. I hope you can understand the difference in people doing evil based on their beliefs and a real Satan who is evil.


  3. In the Talmud their god loves jews (whatever they do) and hates non-jews (whatever they do). That makes their god Satan for us.


  4. What I am saying is that Jews have created their own God that loves only Jews and who has ordained that non Jews are destined to be slaves for Jews. This God entirely benefits Jews and hates non Jews because Jews hate non Jews. You have to realize that Jews created their own God and they also created the God that the Christians believe in, which is the Jewish loving God Jehovah. I hope you are wise enough to realize that the true God would never favor a lying deceitful race as the Jews and would never sanction slavery of others to Jews. The big thing I am trying to tell is to not believe in a real Satan but to see that Jews have created their own God for them and for us but its not the real God.


  5. Now I realized what you say. There is no Satan or God. They are all make-up figures of the Jews. Because if the world is blessed by the most kind-hearted all-loving all-powerful omnipotent God, this world is not this misery, this all-loving all-powerful God will end the evil. And if Satan is real, Hitler would have been died by a stroke before he took over Germany because of Satan's magic killing him, or truthers like you who oppose the Jews will be died instantly or by painful disease because of some divine/demonic godly power.


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