The Two Worlds Paradigm of the Death of Osama Bin Laden by Seal Team 6

The Two Worlds Paradigm

In the False World, the U.S. CIA discovered that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in a protected compound in Pakistan and the great U.S.A. sent its vaunted Seal Team 6 in to assassinate the notorious terrorist to take revenge for the over 3000 deaths caused by this new Hitler.  Seal Team 6 got its man and killed Osama Bin Laden dead and Barak Obama who was President at the time was hailed as a great American hero who was able to do in a short time what his predecessor George W. (\”I\’m the War President\”) Bush wasn\’t able to do in eight years.

This should be linked to the Two Worlds Paradigm post about 9-11 because it directly relates to it In the Real World, 9-11 was a long planned Jewish PSYOP in which very few Americans actually died despite the 24-7 American Main Stream media screaming daily that 3000 Americans had been killed in a devastating terrorist attack on the nation.  But the American people believed the lie of 9-11 and so the natural follow up to that lie was the killing of the terrorist responsible for all those American deaths.  Of course the Government of Pakistan fully cooperated with this PSYOP and allowed one of their compounds to be the location of this fake assassination.  Seal Team 6 either did not go to Pakistan at all or if they did go to stage a fake assassination they certainly did not kill Osama Bin Laden during it, who died long before of kidney problems.  But the problem with telling a lie concerning Seal Team 6 is that not everyone on Seal Team 6 was willing to go along with the lie even though I am sure they were ordered to cooperate.  Somebody talked and told the truth and it got out and then it was open season on Seal Team 6.

Of course the big lie that you are supposed to believe is that it was Al Queda who killed these Seal Team 6 members to avenge the death of their leader but the hard cold truth of the matter is that these men were all killed to silence a whistle blower.  Since it was unknown who exactly that was, they killed everyone who it could have been.  This is the Real World.  Imagine a brutal Mafia running the entire world and you will be pretty close to the truth.

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  1. The Jewish God is terrible. I used to worship him so that I think I can get rich like the Jews. My father, who is a very strong and healthy man with a very good lifestyle, suddenly got seriously ill and vomited constantly, however, finally he was recovered. Then shortly after my father's recovery, my mother got a stroke, she cannot speak and read anymore, and she cannot move her hands although she can walk slowly if she tried. And then she also got another serious illness shortly after the first illness, double illnesses, she was in a very serious condition and the doctors aren't sure that they can save her life or not,she nearly died. Then I have to change my belief to Buddhism so that I can have a good God to pray to. Then she got cut off 1/3 of his intestine, I still pray for her. Then I realize that worship the Jewish God is wrong. The Jews are cursed. They are deceived by Satan! The Jewish God is Satan! That way they worship their God and then their homeland Israel got destroyed and they have to fled everywhere and get despised or hated everywhere they go. All of them are deceived by Satan. After every strange thing and suffering I have gone through since I worship the Jewish God, I concluded that he is Satan and you will get bad results if you worship him (however, I don't know why the Jews today are so rich. Why Satan bless them but not bless me?).


  2. What I have been trying to tell you and others is that there is no Jewish God. Its a deception that Jews use to keep the gentiles under Jewish control and its been very effective. When you threaten someone with Hell for not believing in the Jewish God, it scares people into believing something which they would normally never believe. What I want you to do is to stop thinking about God and Satan and start thinking corrupt men who are behind the evils of the world but disguise what they do to make it appear to be from God or Satan. The reason the world is FUBAR is because of men and not Satan. Just realize that and stop being superstitious.


  3. Jewish success is not due to Satan but because Jews planned long ago to control the world and they worked as race to do it by their own determination. I talked before of the Jewish hive mind, which is the Jewish race in general working toward the same goals and all helping each other to be successful. Its not Satan or God that makes them rich but its because they have strove for generations to make that a reality and have attained it. That is why this Blog is called Stranger in a Jewish World.


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