The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of the Barak Obama Family

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  

Barak Obama was born under the name Barak Obama and he is a straight man who is married to a woman named Michelle Obama (born female as Michelle Robinson) in a heterosexual relationship. They had two children through sex which are pictured above.  This is a normal family just like any other family.

Real World Explanation:

Barak Obama is a gay man, not straight. He is a Muslim, not Christian.  His alleged female wife is in reality another gay man whose real name is Michael LaVaughn Robinson.  These are two gay men who are living in a homosexual relationship.  In this Homosexual relationship, it is Michael who is on top and Barry who is on the bottom.  The two kids shown in the above photograph are not the the children of these two gay men but are the children of completely different parents who are pictured below.  The picture above shows a completely fake family of two gay men holding the hands of children who do not belong to them.  This is extreme perversion that is posing as a normal American family.

The real parents of the \”Obama Children\”:

The two people shown in the above image are Dr. Martin Nesbitt and Anita Blanchard, who are the real parents of the two Obama children.  If you doubt that, which you may, shown below are images of these two people along side the Obama children.  In the case of the older Obama girl, Malia, there is no doubt that she the daughter of Martin Nesbitt.  Just compare their faces to see it.

Meet the Real Parents:

Anita Blanchard is the OBGYN who claims to have delivered both girls but this just a lie to support the illusion that Michelle Obama is a woman with a vagina instead of a man with a penis..  
Please see the following thread:

Is it a man or a woman?  (Hint: it\’s man)

So what goes on here, you might rightfully ask?  Have Barak and Michelle Obama adopted these people\’s kids?  And the answer to that question is No.  Barak and Michelle Obama are in reality two gay men in a homosexual relationship who have no interest in kids other than to promote the illusion that they are a normal family consisting of a man and a wife when in reality they are something FAR different.  It is not that these two gay men care about kids but that those who put these two gay men in the White House (who I contend are high level Jews) paired the two gay men with these kids to promote the illusion of a normal family to give them acceptance.  But kids or not, the reality is that two gay men occupied the White House for eight long years living in a homosexual relationship.  That is what is important to understand here and its also important to understand the reason behind in the Jewish hive mind..  

When the tongue slips the truth comes out. Click image below.

They also know you\’re on top:

Is anyone reading this still in denial that Michelle Obama is a man?  If so then shame on you.

More to Come

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  1. I remember you said US Presidents like Obama was a Freemason which is Judaism which mean he is a Jew or something related to to the Judaism religion. Now you say he is a Muslim. So what is his religious belief? You say that Obama is a Muslim and not a Christian as if Islam is bad and immoral and Christianity is good. But I remember you have said Christianity is a hoax or a tool of Jew and Jesus is a Jew. So out of all three Abrahamic religions, which one is the best, which one is the worst? In my opinion, Christianity was the best but most of the most devout Christian countries are the poorest and most suffering countries in he world (for example, African countries:, with the exception of America is the richest. However, I said America is a fake Christian country, US Presidents always have something relate to Jews, and the elite or the richest in America are mostly Jewish. The worst Abrahamic religion is of course Judaism but they have the higest percentage of successful people in all fields from entertainment to science-technology to business, and they are also the richest.


  2. Yes, Obama (or Barry Soerto) is a Freemason. Although Freemasonry is Jewish at its core, most Freemasons have no idea about that because its Jewish core is hidden from them. Obama is not a Jew but he is a tool of the Jews. I did not imply anywhere that Islam is bad. All I said is that Obama is a Muslim and not a Christian. I am not a Religious person so I make no moral judgments like that. All I am trying to say when I say Obama is a Muslim and not a Christian is that he is dishonest about his Religion just as he is dishonest about his sexuality.


  3. Edit to add: There is nothing that prevents a Muslim from becoming a Freemason. Freemasonry is not a Religion but an organization consisting of members who may be Christian, Muslim, Jew or Atheist. Just because Freemasonry is Jewish at its core has no relationship on the membership of it.


  4. From the past until now, you often give your two world paradigm examples of the false world about something which is good, beautiful, just, or positive but in real world it is bad, ugly, evil, or negative. Can you give a example of two world paradigm of a complete which is opposite of all the example you have post: In this false world, something is bad, evil, terrible, negative but in the real world it is actually good, just, great and positive. I suggest you write one postive two world paradigm, for example: the Nazis. In the evil, the Nazis Germany is evil, terrible and ugly but in real world it is actually in the side of good, great and beautiful.


  5. I understand your question and it is valid. The False World is an illusion that hides a real world. The False World is what those who control the world want the general public to believe about some topic. In many cases the False world appears much better than the real world it hides but in some cases the opposite is true. An example of this is the case of Bill Cosby, who has been painted as notorious rapist when in reality all Bill Cosby was trying to do was to acquire ownership of an American MSM company called NBC and the Jews pulled out all their dirty tricks to completely destroy this man. The Jews murdered Bill Cosby's son and did a lot of others against him just so he (a non Jew) would not be able to take control of an American MSM company. That is a great example. I am not touching the topic of Hitler and Germany during WW2 and the Holocaust because there is so much disinformation out there that I myself do not know what the truth is. I don't want to make the mistake of taking a side and to discover its the wrong side so I prefer to stay neutral on these subjects. Can you understand that? While I suspect that Hitler was fighting for his people against Jews and that the Holocaust is a lie there is so much disinformation that I do not know what the truth is.


  6. It is so strange to me that the Jews accept to go through so much pain, suffering and defamation just to achieve their agenda to bring abomination, degenerate and evil to this world. Why would they sacrifice so much? Why would they have to go through so much pain and defamation? Why don't they just live a normal life, a decent life to get love from all people?For example, there is one Jew in the Biden administration who is a transwoman. This is of course to promote LGBT and destroy the conservative nature of humans. This is their agenda, to \”protect LGBT people from discrimination\”, which in fact to promote LGBT and abomination.This woman gets insulted badly by conservative people all over the world, not only Christian but also Muslim and atheist…etc…because humans are naturally conservative about their genders and hate abomination (the hate is maybe justified and natural, it is to protect them from abomination and anti-nature and to reproduce the next generations).Also, DO YOU KNOW THAT TRANSGENDER SURGERY IS PAINFUL AS HELL, HURT AS HELL? The man gets CUT OFF TWO OF HIS LIMBS from his skeleton during a horrific surgery, this is extremely scary, and hurt, and has to go through other horrific surgeries steps as well in order to become a woman as well. Not only that, after the surgery, they have to drink and consume a lot of drug and hormone to change their genders (how their bodies work), it is very tired and stressful. I have traveled to Thailand and saw a transgender show that transgender all over the world come here, and I have learned a lot about the pain of transgender people.Yes, I went to Stormfront (a very racist forum which you don't like because they hate other races while you think all races are equal) and from this site, I learn that there are really a lot of Jews who do transgender surgery just to promote LGBT and abominations. This is hurt, painful, and scary, and the Jews accept that to achieve their agenda.Another the Jews, or Jewish corrupt puppet, who did not kill John. F. Kenedy, yes pretending to be the culprit to achieve their agenda. He is seen as a criminal who killed a respectful president, and a publicly communist-worshiping traitor of his country, this disgrace will be remembered by history books. It is kind of betraying his parents, no parents want their son to be a famous criminal who gets remembered by history. Yes, the guy accepts the defamation in order to achieve the Jews' agenda.Do you think the Jews is cursed/blessed by Satan so that they accept to go through so much pain and defamations, get expelled hundreds of times in history, just to achieve their evil agenda (Satan desire)?


  7. You are making the assumption that I believe in Satan as real entity. I do not. As for what the Jews think and feel, I cannot say because I am not a Jew but I do perceive that the Jews are different from other races in very significant ways. I have talked about the Jewish Hive mind which appears to control the actions and behaviors of Jews world wide. Also the Jewish Religion is full of racism and hatred for other races, clearly saying that the Jewish race is destined to control the world and all other races are destined to be Jewish slaves. That kind of thinking in the Jewish race makes them natural predators of other races who preach tolerance and equality when in reality they are exploiting the other races and saying that Jews are supreme in the world. You must understand that.


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