More Pictures from the Real World

Please see the first post, Pictures from the Real World before looking at this post because it is more of the same.  

Keywords for internet searches: Kidnapping, The Finders, CIA, Afghan child prostitutes, Fake Beatles, Fake Pauls, Boston Bombing PSYOP, Drag Queens forced on kids, Perverting of America, Transgender Kids, Disney, Illuminati, Pope, Reptilians, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Kevin Spacey, Jewish Ritual Murder, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, Jewish Treachery, Jewish Traitors, Franklin Credit Union, VIP child sex parties, Fiona Barnett, Dr. Antony Kidman, Paul Walker alive, Pizzagate.

More to Come

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  1. In the previous post on this topic. You have shown the picture (a scene from a video that you showed before) that people who you suspect them from \”the Establishment\” were walking around a circle to form a shape of the eye in the place of the fake 9/11 psyop, and you said it looks like a ritual, which I agree. A cult-like ritual often is created to worship some kind of deity. Do you think there is a real God who bless the Jew? If they are not blessed, how can they be as successful as they are now, how are they able to created or controlled everything, how can they deceive the world?


  2. I do think think there is a God but I do not think that there is a God who blesses the Jew. I think that the Jews have created their own God who favors them above all others and who condemns non Jews into slavery to Jews. No righteous God would do such a thing. The God I believe in does not favor one race above another especially a race that is treacherous and deceitful like the Jewish. So absolutely not is the answer to your question. Their success is because of their own ambition and because they help each other to become successful. They have worked their way into control of society where they can give the best positions to Jews. It is on their own determination and cunning and planning that has allowed them to do this. Jews have what I call a hive mind which is unlike other people. Most people just want to live their lives but Jews made a plan long ago to control the world and they set about that plan and they have achieved that plan on their own and by using corrupt non Jewish minions to help them. Its not that God is favors them but that they favor themselves and they make sure that they control everyone else through controlling the government and the media and the money and basically everything else. They deceive the world because they are evil and they have conspired to do this over generations. Its not new. Its been going on for perhaps hundreds of years. See this post:


  3. Edit to add: IMO this is what Jesus was talking about when he referred to the Jews as being the Synagogue of Satan and it says that Satan deceives the entire world. You can think of Satan as being an evil God or you can think of Satan as being an organization of evil men who work together to control and deceive the entire world. I prefer to believe it is organization of evil men and not a God at all behind the Jewish empire. The Jewish race is its own God and it created a Jewish God for us non Jews to believe in called Yahweh. That is my take on it. I do not believe the Jews have divinity or the blessing of Divinity. I think they are entirely counterfeit in everything they do.


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