Pictures from the Real World

If you are knowledgeable about the Two Worlds Paradigm then what you will understand is that there are two worlds or two realities.  One is the false world that those who control the Government and the media (and basically everything else) want the public to believe is the real world and the other is the actual real world that is completely hidden from the general public.  Use the Matrix from the 1999 movie of the same name to understand the concept. 

It is very easy for everyone to know what the government and the MSM wants us to believe.  Everyone knows what that is but what most people don\’t know is the nature of the hidden real world that they have no knowledge of because it has been purposely concealed from them by those who are in control of society.  The false world is just an illusion or a mind control created world based upon lies and deception.  Its not real even if most of the public believes it to be real. The real world is all that really matters and it is what this Blog is really about.  

In the real world, corruption and dishonesty and sexual perversity is the norm.  It is ran by corrupt and dishonest people who hide their behavior behind the illusion of a false world intended to deceive the public..  

Images have been taken from the real world and they have been released to the general public living in the Matrix.  These images from the real world make no sense when viewed in the context of the false world.  They only make sense in the context of the real world.  When the general public sees these images, their minds do not understand them.  Their minds cannot process them because they do not fit with the false reality that the public has been conditioned to believe in. Cognitive Dissonance kicks in hard for those who do try to see.  So the general public when one of these images is shown to them either ignore them because they do not fit with other information that is \”known\” or find some false explanation to explain the images to make them fit into the false world.  

As someone who is intensely interested in the real world and who completely rejects the false world, I always look for these images.  In this post are some images that are from the real world and that make absolutely no sense in the context of the false world.  I am not going to explain the images to you.  That is up to you to figure out.  But these are images that show the world as it is really is for those who have eyes to see it. You have to understand the real world to understand these images in their true context.

Keywords for internet searches: 9-11, Building 7, Crisis Actors, Eye of Horus, FEMA drill, Michael Vabner = Noah Pozner, Robert Maxwell, Jackie Killed JFK, George W. Bush, Barak Obama, Michael LaVaughn Robinson, Presidential Model, Fleet White Jr., Ghislaine Maxwell, MK-ULTRA, Catholic Church, Donald Trump and Ivanka, Jeffrey Epstein, Satanism, Trump Insurrection, Derek Chavin, PSYOP, BLM, ISIS, CIA, North Fox Island, Child Pornography, Freemasons. 

More to Come

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  1. Bro, some of the pictures are photoshopped pictures. For example, the picture Obama and \”the man\” Micheal Obama is a failed photoshoped picture, here is the original picture: can I ask what is the problem with mother Teresa picture? She is the woman that I has huge respect. Is the Church corrupt? How corrupt is the church in America? How corrupt is Mother Teresa?I cannot understand the last picture as well.


  2. There is no doubt in my mind that former first lady \”Michelle Obama\” was not a female at all but was formerly man. Pictures of \”her\” with an Adam's apple and a clear dick bulge have been seen. There is other evidence as well, but the fact is that I am not convinced that the image I posted is photo shopped so I am leaving it. The problem with the Mother Theresa picture is several. First of all the man she is with is Robert Maxwell, who was a very mysterious figure who I and others contend was a Mossad agent. He is the father of the ghislaine maxwell, if you know who she is. What makes this a picture from the real world is that its obvious that Maxwell is Mother Teresa's handler, if you know what a handler is. It means that Mother Teresa was connected to Maxwell and everything he was connected with. When you ask if the Church is corrupt, which Church do you mean? If you mean the Catholic Church the answer is absolutely. I cannot tell you more about Mother Teresa except to say that the fact that she is being handled by someone like Maxwell says a lot about her. If you mean the picture of the stack of bricks, after the George Floyd murder and during the BLM protests that followed, these stacks of bricks were seen in many of the cities where the protests were erupting. There was no explanation for them being there. They were placed by there by someone so that the protesters would pick them up and throw them through glass windows or at police officers of whatever. Someone clearly wanted the public to throw these bricks and they purposely put them out there for that reason. If you see any other image that you think is photo shopped them please point it out to me. I do not want any photo shopped images here.


  3. Bro, but if a man who can transgender/ transsexual to a woman, this transwoman still cannot have pregnancy. They cannot give birth.


  4. Absolutely correct and you are making the assumption that the two kids who are alleged to be their offspring are from them. Certainly in the false world, they are man and woman, husband and wife who had two children through sex but this post is not about the false world. What appears to be true in the false world is not true at all in the real world. If an investigation were to be done, I suspect that those children are not their offspring but come from different parents.


  5. Bro, it is very strange, very strange that so many pastors worldwide tend to be pedophiles. Not just in America but around the world as well. They spend their entire days praying to God and then somehow they turned to become pedophiles. Religious people from Christianity (and maybe Judaism) have at least 1000 times more chance of being pedophiles than other religions, I often read news and then do a lot of research about this topic, I often read that Christian pastors, worldwide, commit pedophilia. I have never seen a single piece of news or rumors that people from other religions such as Buddhist monks being pedophiles. But there is really a lot of Christian pastors who are pedophiles worldwide. Here are some links: you think it is just a coincidence or is there something spiritual about this problem? Or maybe these pastors have no wife so they need children to replace women? But why these pastors are not like some Buddhist monks, they have no wife as well, and sometimes (very rarely), I read the news that Buddhist monks sleep with women or use money from followers to play with women (but not children). That is, but it is very rare, I have never heard of a single Buddhist monk being a pedophile. But pedophilia is pretty common among pastors. I suspect that there is something relevant to \”Jesus\” or \”God\” or \”Jew\” that makes these pastors or Christians attracted to children. What do you think?


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