What was the death of JonBenet Ramsey really about?

Here is my answer to that question in a single sentence:

It was an incident that was not intended to happen that threatened to expose a hidden world that most people are supposed to know nothing about.  

I have discussed the Two Worlds Paradigm extensively on this Blog and this case is a very telling demonstration of it.  There is a False world or false reality that the general public is supposed to believe in and the public is not supposed to even suspect that there could be anything beyond this.  In other words, its supposed to be inconceivable to the general public that there could be anything else which describes world events other than the world they have been conditioned to believe in.  The death of JonBenet Ramsey threatened to expose a secret real world to the public that the public is never supposed to see or even suspect.  Consider it an anomaly that was never intended but when viewed properly it does expose a hidden real world to public scrutiny and that is what all of my posts about the JonBenet Ramsey death have been about.  In this post I want to step back and summarize what I have learned about the secret real world from a careful examination of this case.  

What I am about to describe is a hidden subculture that exists in our society that most people know nothing about because its existence has been completely hidden from most.  I don\’t know the best way to address this but please bear with me while I do my best to describe this hidden subculture.

It involves Satanism.  It is a Satanic cult on a world wide level that has many branches.  Each branch is autonomous but is also part of the whole.  Some of the branches are in Europe and there is also an American branch. Some people may refer to this Satanic cult as the Illuminati but I prefer not to use that term since it has many connotations.  In this document I will refer to it simply as the cult

Secrecy is extremely important to the cult since its involved in a lot of very illegal activities and its exposure or the exposure of its members could lead to the destruction of the entire cult.  Secrecy is more important than anything else to them because without secrecy they cannot exist in society.  The first rule of the cult is that you never talk about the cult with outsiders.  

The cult is made up of families, where the entire family including the kids are cult members.  When the kids of that family grow up then they become members of other cult families.  Male children of cult families grow up to start their own cult families.  It is arranged for female members of cult families to become married to male members of other cult families. These are not normal marriages based upon love and romance but specially arranged marriages between cult raised children so that they will form a family that will continue the cult traditions and practices.  The Freemason organizations called Rainbow Girls and Job\’s Daughters are behind the arranged marriages of females from one cult family to males from another cult family so that they form an entirely new cult family. It is the cult that is the most important thing in these families so the cult practices get passed down from one generation to another.  Its all about perpetuating the existence of the cult from one generation to another.

The Ramsey family as an example of a cult family:

I contend that the Ramsey family was not a normal family but one of these cult families that I described in the previous paragraph and that the following is true about it:

All four Ramsey\’s including the kids were members of the cult.

Patsy Ramsey\’s original family since she was a child (the Paugh family) was also a cult family.

John Ramsey\’s family since he was a child was also a cult family.  As a son from a previous cult family, John Ramsey started his own cult family.

Patsy Paugh\’s relationship and later marriage to John Ramsey was arranged through the Freemason Rainbow Girls and Job\’s Daughters organizations.  It was not a normal marriage based on love but about carrying on the traditions of the cult.

Once John and Patsy Ramsey had kids, then their kids were used in cult activities.
Cult Families have a much closer relationship to each other than normal non cult families.  While this close relationship is often hidden to protect the security of the cult and to keep outsiders from knowing about it, these families which may be totally unrelated by blood are all part of the same network because they are members of the same cult.  For example, many seemingly unrelated families in a town like Boulder CO may have a secret alliance and all work together in secret to achieve a cult goal or to protect the secrecy of the cult when that secrecy has been threatened.  Even cult families that live in different states can be associated with each other through the cult, so they can work with each other and help each other.  The cult is a network of such families working together to accomplish cult goals.

Incest is rampant within these cult families, much more so than in normal non cult families.  Within the cult, incest between family members is the norm, just like pedophilia is the norm.  It is the incest within the family that leads to the pedophilia outside of the family. 

In this secret subculture, child sexual abuse is common place but its not called abuse there. Its the norm.  Pedophilia is the norm. Many pedophiles in that culture abuse children on a regular basis for pleasure. Pedophilia may be disguised as cult \”religious\” rituals, i.e. SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)  Children are also used as blackmail tools to entice and entrap men outside the cult in order to control them.  

To maintain secrecy, the cult often uses the young children of cult members to be used for abuse of pedophile cult members.  The reason for this is because it is easiest to control these children and to ensure that they never disclose any activities with other cult members.  It is the cult member parents of the children who ensure that the child not only does what the other cult members want but also never discloses anything.  This arrangement is best for maintaining secrecy of pedophile activities within the cult.  Pedophile activity starts with incest within the family of the child from a young age.  Usually the father abuses the daughter which is training the daughter for activities with cult members outside the family.  The mother may abuse the son.  Then other relatives abuse the child, such as Uncles, Aunts and grandparents.  All of this conditions the child for abuse.  Later the abuse of the child expands to cult members outside of the child\’s family but everyone who abuses the child is a cult member.  Everything happens within the cult as much as possible to maintain the all important secrecy.  What happens inside the cult stays within the cult and never goes outside of it.

Males and females are treated differently in the cult culture.  It is usually the male who is the dominant one and makes the decisions within the family.  Females in the cult are usually in a supportive role and are expected to follow what the male members want. It is very common for female members of the cult to be sexually abused as children first by their fathers and other male relatives of their family and then later by other members of the cult who wanted to use them.  It is much less common for males to be sexually abused but sometimes a male child will be sexually abused by female members of the cult, usually within his own family. For example, a boy in a cult family may be abused by his mother and his aunt(s) and his grandmother(s).

Mothers of children in these cult families who were once sexually abused by other cult members when they were children train their daughters as they were previously trained. For example, a cult mother knows her daughter is being sexually abused by her husband, other family members and people outside the cult.  The cult mother is expected to keep silent about the abuse and to never reveal it to anyone outside the cult.  The cult mother is expected to train her daughter to keep silent about the abuse and to never disclose it to anyone outside the cult.  The cult mother is expected to assist her husband, other male relatives in the family and cult members outside the family to abuse her daughter.  That is the role that she is expected to fulfill within the cult family. 

Patsy Ramsey as an example of a cult mother:

I contend that Patsy Ramsey was a cult mother, and that the following is true about her:

She came from a cult family where she experienced child sexual abuse at the hands of her father (Donald Paugh) and other male relatives and very possible other cult members outside her immediate family.

She was fully aware that her daughter was being abused by her father (John Ramsey), by other members of the family and by other cult members outside the family.  She allowed this abuse and kept silent about it because she had been conditioned to do so.  She assisted her husband and other male relatives and other cult members in abusing her daughter because that was what she was expected to do in the cult culture.  

She helped train her daughter never to disclose the sexual abuse to anyone outside the cult.

Patsy Ramsey never said anything at all about the cult even after her daughter who she did love very much was killed during a cult activity.  She never betrayed the cult.  She protected the cult and the true killer of her daughter (who she knew) to her death, just as she had been trained to do.  

More to Come

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