The Case of Fleet White Sr.

In a previous post I discussed the cases of two corrupt minions of the secret World Establishment (Nicolas Sarkozy and Jeffrey Epstein) who were not protected from going to jail when their corrupt activities came to the attention of the general public.  There is a similarity to both of these cases:

1)  Both men were loyal willing minions of the secret world establishment.

2)  Both men were corrupt and it was this corruption that made them minions of the secret world establishment in the first place.  The secret world establishment itself is all about corruption so it seeks out corrupt individuals to be minions of it.

3)  The corrupt activities of these individuals came to the attention of the general public and caused an anger in the general public and a demand that these individuals be punished to satisfy justice.  

4)  It was the public\’s demand for punishment that led to the prosecution of these individuals and not because of justice.  In other words, these men were prosecuted to please the mob and to maintain the illusion that society itself is not corrupt and that those in power care about justice (when in reality that is not the case).

5)  The secret world establishment did not protect either of these individuals because they were minions who had served their main purpose already and were not of great value to the establishment.  The Establishment could afford to lose them and had no real reason to protect them.   As long as the prosecution focused on the corruption of the individuals and did not attempt to go beyond them then the Establishment does not care. 

Fleet White Sr. was another corrupt individual whose criminal behavior came to the attention of the public in December 1996 who was protected by the Establishment and not allowed to be prosecuted for his behavior, unlike Sarkozy and Epstein.  Why was Fleet White treated differently by the Establishment?  For two reasons.

Reason one.  Fleet White Sr. was not just a minion of the hidden Establishment but a powerful member of it.  While a minion can be discarded, a power player like Fleet White Sr. cannot be discarded because he is seen as important.

Reason two.  His prosecution could not have been limited to himself as an individual.  The nature of his crimes were such that any investigation into him and his activities would have exposed a lot of other people in the hidden Establishment, which could never be allowed. 

For these reasons the Establishment stepped in to protect Fleet White when he got in trouble in December of 1996 and completely covered up any evidence of his involvement in the death of six year old JonBenet Ramsey.  

Most people have no idea who Fleet White Sr. is but after researching the man extensively here is my assessment of who Fleet White Sr. (now deceased) was:

1.  He was a well known figure in Southern California especially in Los Angeles.  He was so well known that people could just say his name in a newspaper article or in a radio or television broadcast and he would be known from that without having to say who he was.  In other words, he was a person who would be recognized just by saying his name.

2.  He was an ex Hollywood movie star who starred in two different films in 1948.

3.  He was a Satanist and a high ranking member of a world wide Satanic cult (which some people refer to as the Illuminati) that has branches in Southern California and in Denver Colorado.

4.  He was corrupt and evil.  

5.  He was a pedophile who had sexually abused young children from the 1960\’s onward.

6.  He had an enormous appetite for wealth, power, sex, control and fame. 

7.  He was very ambitious.

8.  He was intelligent.

9. He was influential.

10.  He was well connected to other power players both in California and across the U.S.

11.  He had a son who shared the corrupt and evil nature of his father but did not share the intelligence and ambition of his father.  

12.  He owned an influential oil and gas company in Southern California named Fleet Oil Company.

13.  He was known to hang out with celebrities in a social setting, for example with Goldie Hawn and Sting.

14.  He and his wife (Nyla White) were known for throwing big parties with up to 200 guests in attendance.

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