The Key to understanding the True Location of the JonBenet Ramsey murder

As an independent investigator of the JonBenet Ramsey murder and what really happened, one of the big mysteries to me has always been the location of the murder.  I have been all over the board in terms where the murder took place including:

The relatively small home allegedly owned by Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White in Boulder, CO in 1996.

A mansion owned by Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White in Boulder CO that has been hidden from the public.

A mansion owned by Fleet White Sr. in Boulder CO that has been hidden from the public.

On the grounds of St. John\’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, CO.

An unknown location either in or in the vicinity of (within driving distance of) Boulder CO.

Although I am one hundred percent certain it did not occur inside the Ramsey home as we are expected to believe, I have never been satisfied that I know where it took place.  The answer to the question of where JonBenet Ramsey met her untimely death at age six has always eluded me.  Here is an earlier post of mine where I discuss my uncertainty about the location of her death:

In this post I want to reexamine the question of where did JonBenet Ramsey really die, the answer to which will lead to other answers about this still mysterious murder.  

What I have concluded in my research is that there has been a massive cover up of the truth in this case to hide both the true perpetrators of the murder and the also to hide the true circumstances that led to the murder.  Changing the location where the murder took place to the Ramsey home and staging a false crime scene there is a major component of the cover up.  In a massive cover up involving a lot of people such as this, there is always a huge amount of disinformation both to support a false cover story and also to hide the circumstances of what really happened.  Disinformation agents abound to tell the public what those behind the cover up want the public to believe. What this means is that most of the people who have provided information about this case cannot be trusted.  Even if their story sounds very convincing, they cannot be trusted not to be someone purposely providing disinformation to support a lie and to conceal the truth.  Please understand this before I continue.  

First of all, we don\’t know where the four Ramsey\’s were on Christmas day, 1996.  What the official story wants us to believe is that they were all at a Christmas Party at the relatively small home of Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White.  I used to have a picture of Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla walking in front of that home which I can no longer seem to find but it was not a large home by any means. It was not a mansion. It was not even as large as the Ramsey home in Boulder in 1996.  It was just a mid sized ranch style home.  What we are led to believe is that Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla lived in this (small) home and that they held a Christmas party there for friends and family.  We are led to believe that this the location where the four Ramsey\’s were on Christmas day 1996 but I contend that this is not the truth.  I contend that Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla and the four Ramsey\’s were together that day but in a completely different location that has been concealed from the public as part of the above mentioned cover up.  

During the extensive questioning of Burke Ramsey he mentioned something that I have always found extremely odd and that did not fit with any of the other supposed \”facts\” about this case, which is that on the day of the Christmas Party he had been shocked by an electric fence.  Most people who look at the JBR murder today don\’t know anything about this.  Burke saying this has been conveniently memory holed, if you know what term means, but he definitely did say it and after looking at everything I know about the case, this is a big key to understanding the location of the murder.  Allow me to explain.

Unlike the many people who came forward to tell lies, I believe that Burke Ramsey told the truth when he said he was shocked by an electric fence and this information got out, although it was never given any importance in the official investigation.  But it is supremely important if one wants to understand the truth.  Why would an electric fence be used and where would it be used?

An electric fence is used for security purposes. An electric fence would surround a secure area for the purpose of either keeping people inside the area or for keeping outsiders from going into the secure area.   

For example, a military base might be surrounded by an electric fence to keep outsiders out.  Another example is a secure compound where an electric fence is used to keep outsiders out. An electric fence could be used to maintain secrecy about activities happening inside the secure area that outsiders were forbidden to see.  As I was contemplating this I made a connection to information provided by a person who calls themselves an escapee from a Satanic cult who calls herself Svali.  I remember reading in the information provided by Svali that the Satanic cult she described used secret areas surrounded by electric fences to keep outsiders from knowing cult activities that went on inside the secure areas.  I am now going to find that reference and reproduce here so you can see just what I am talking about and so you will understand why I made the connection to this case.  

If you have never heard of Svali before, here is a good link to a PDF file that talks about her and the information she said was true about the cult she was part of before she left it.

If you have been following my other posts about the JonBenet Ramsey murder such as this one, you know that I identify members of a Satanic cult as being behind this murder. It is my belief that the cult that Nancy Krebs described and the cult that Svali is describing in the above document are one and the same.

Below are various excerpts from the above document that I want to use to illustrate a link between the so called Illuminati and the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

The Illuminati have groups in every major city of the United States.  Major U.S. cities include Los Angeles, CA and Denver, CO,  which is less than an hour\’s driving time from Boulder, CO even taking the slow route.  Click on the below image.

There are 18 cities across the US which are considered major \”power centers\” for Illuminati power and/or influence. These include Ann Arbor, Michigan and Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia.  The father of John Ramsey (James Dudley Ramsey) held an important position in Michigan where he was head of the aeronautics commission for the entire State.  James Ramsey held that position during the infamous North Fox Island child abuse/pornography network of the 1970\’s where it is alleged by many people including myself that Ramsey at the very least gave cover to what was happening on North Fox Island.  I allege that a Satanic cult was behind North Fox Island and that James Dudley Ramsey was a part of this same cult which is the reason he covered for it.  I and others have referred to this as a \”pedophile ring\” but I say that it is really a Satanic cult.  The pedophile ring and the Satanic cult are one and the same.   Its more accurate to call it a Satanic cult since its activities go far beyond pedophilia to corruption of every imaginable kind.  Note that John and Patsy Ramsey owned a home in Charlevoix, MI which is actually very close to North Fox Island.  

Los Angeles, California is where Fleet White Sr. was a well known personality who owned a Los Angeles based oil company named Fleet Oil Company.  Fleet White Sr. was involved in child sexual abuse for decades in the Los Angeles area from the 1960\’s onward according to Nancy Krebs.  

And then there is Atlanta, GA, which is also has a JBR murder connection.  John and Patsy Ramsey owned a home there.  John and Patsy Ramsey were married in Atlanta.  

One thing that I would like to emphasize is the fact that the Illuminati today are generational.  There are members who are born into the group.

Pornography:  The Illuminati are linked in many cities with pornography/prostitution/child prostitution/ and white slavery sales.  I contend that JonBenet Ramsey was being used for both child pornography and child prostitution but only to other members of the cult who could be trusted to keep everything in secret.  I contend that a large volume of child pornography concerning JonBenet Ramsey exists today in private collections including the video of her death.  The reasons behind using beautiful children such as JonBenet in such activities are many including making money and power and influence by offering her \”services\” as a gift to other people in exchange for favorable decisions affecting her father.  For example, I contend that the real reason that John Ramsey\’s company, Access Graphics, became so successful is because he was using his daughter as leverage to get ahead financially by allowing other powerful members of the cult to abuse her in exchange for helping Access Graphics succeed.

I am jumping way ahead of myself here but I want to describe an insight that came to me pretty strongly for the first time ever as I was thinking about this. Its like a lot of seemingly unrelated dots connected themselves in my mind for the first time and I understood this, like an epiphany.   And the insight I had is that the death of JonBenet Ramsey did not take place in Boulder, CO at all but instead it took place in Denver, CO which is less than hour\’s drive from Boulder.  I will explain the reasons behind this but for now consider it a working hypothesis that the murder happened either in Denver or the surrounding area of Denver.  The hypothesis is that the Ramsey\’s were invited/instructed to go to a secret location in or around Denver on Christmas day.  On Christmas morning they drove from Boulder, CO to this location which took them less than an hour to get there.  The Christmas day party happened at this location.  Later that night, JonBenet Ramsey met her death in this very same unknown location. 

Shirley Krebs, who is the younger sister of Nancy Krebs, lived in Arvada, CO which is very close to Denver Colorado where Shirley was employed in December of 1996.  As you can see from the following map, the drive between Denver CO and Arvada CO is a mere twenty minutes.

Shirley has a daughter who was aged five and who was living with her in Arvada, CO in December of 1996. Gwen Krebs, who is the mother of both Nancy Krebs and Shirley Krebs, flew from Southern California where she lived to Arvada, Colorado in 1996 shortly before Christmas day for the purpose of bringing her five year old granddaughter to the same location where JonBenet Ramsey died.  This girl whose name is still unknown was a witness to the death of JonBenet Ramsey when it occurred in this undisclosed location. 

I made the assumption before that Gwen and her granddaughter traveled to Fleet White Jr.\’s house in Boulder but I do not believe this now.  What I think now is that the location where Gwen brought her granddaughter and where John and Patsy Ramsey brought JonBenet was in or around Denver.  And this leads to another very pertinent question which the astute follower of this saga must ask.  Was the sex party held on December 25, 1996 in this undisclosed location the first time this five year old girl had been sexually abused or had she been abused previously?  And the answer I come up with is that this was certainly not the first time the girl had been sexually abused.  She had been abused perhaps many times from a younger age and by the time of this party (December 1996) she knew exactly what was going to happen at this party since she had experienced it before.  What she did not know and what she did not expect is that another child being sexually abused at this party was going to die.  But the real point I am trying to make is that this girl had been sexually abused before, possibly in this same location or in different locations in the Denver region where she and her mother lived. She very likely was being prostituted by her mother to other members of the Cult just as Shirley and Nancy had been prostituted by their mother (Gwen) to other members of the Cult when they were around that same age.  The location where the girl was abused on the night of December 25, 1996 could have been a place where she had been abused previously or this could have been the very first time she was there.  

More to Come

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