The Seven Noahide Laws

In this post I will discuss the Seven Noahide Laws that Israel and Jews expect all other nations of the world to keep.  In blue below each law is my own personal assessment of it.  This Blog and I as the creator of it is all about Truth and Justice.  It is not about being anti Jewish or anti Semitic.  I say that to make clear that if a Jew or a group of Jews stands for truth and justice then I do not oppose that Jew or group of Jews.  The only Jews I oppose are the ones who promote lies and deception and who promote injustice and who promote Jewish and Israeli Supremacy (which is inherit racism).  With that said, here are the seven Noahide Laws with my commentary.

Law one:  Not to worship idols.  In other words, not to worship anything as God other than Yahweh, the Jewish God.  I do not believe in or accept a Jewish God or a God who favors Jews above all other races and one that condemns all other races to slavery to the Jewish race.  That is one hundred percent in opposition to my concept of a God who created all of humanity and who treats all of humanity the same, including the Jewish race.  What this Noahide Law is really about is for all Nations to accept the Jewish race as being Supreme over all others and to accept Israel as being the supreme nation intended by God to rule the world.  This is what Jews want non Jews to believe certainly but it is not the truth.

Law two:  Not to curse God.  Along with Law one, this law attempts to force non Jews to believe as Jews want them to believe and to enforce behavior on non Jews according to the Jewish Religion.  Jews have no right to tell non Jews what to believe in or what to do in terms of Religion.  It is completely unjust for Israel and Jews to attempt to impose their Religious laws and standards to people and nations who do not share their beliefs.

Law three:  Not to commit murder.  This law does not say not to kill but not to commit murder, which is unlawful killing.  This is a just law but who determines what is murder and what is lawful killing?  It is my very strong opinion that Israel and Jews have committed open murder of many Palestinian residents of Gaza and yet they do not punish their own for such acts.  The Jews are hypocrites when they tell non Jews not to murder and yet they themselves murder non Jews every single day and do not hold themselves accountable for their behavior.  So there is one standard for non Jews and a completely different standard for Jews when it comes to murder.  Jews undermine their own laws by their behavior.

Law four:  Not to commit adultery, bestiality or sexual immorality.  While I completely agree that Bestiality should be absolutely forbidden, adultery and sexual immorality are just someone\’s idea of morality and not a basic law that should be forced upon everyone else.  Who determines what is sexual immorality?  What right does one person have to tell another person how he should live his life?  He has no right to do this.  

Law five.  Not to steal.  I agree with this law but only if it is enforced on everyone equally.  Unfortunately Jews themselves do not believe in this law.  This is a law that Jews expect non Jews to follow but Jews themselves do not follow it.  Jews say it is perfectly fine for Jews to steal from non Jews, and I can give a hundred references that say that if required.  Jews expect for non Jews not to steal from Jews but if a Jew steals from a non Jew it is perfectly fine as long as they get away with it.  Just as in the case with the murder prohibition, Jews are completely hypocritical in the application of this prohibition.  There is one standard for non Jews and a completely different standard for Jews.  Jews undermine their own laws but not practicing them themselves but expecting others to practice them.  

Law six.  Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal.  This is some very archaic law that has no real application today.  Although this may have been a common practice in the past it is certainly not today.  It has no application today.

Law seven.  To establish courts of justice.  While I agree with the concept of creating courts to administer justice, who defines what justice is?  In today\’s Jewish world, justice has been so perverted that it is unrecognizable as justice.  Also truth has been so perverted in today\’s Jewish world that it is truth in name only.  Lies and Deception have replaced truth and justice.  In such a world as Jews have created by their own behavior, Truth and Justice no longer exist.  The words remain but the concepts they stand for have been completely perverted and destroyed, and Jews themselves are largely responsible for this.  Jews are complete Hypocrites who want to enforce Jewish justice and Jewish truth on non Jews who want no part of it.  Jews have no right to enforce their laws and their justice and their truth on non Jews and yet they reserve this right to themselves because they believe it is their God given destiny to control and rule the entire world.  What the seven Noahide laws are really about are enforcing Jewish Supremacy over a non Jewish world and calling it God\’s law.  God has nothing to do with this.  Racist hypocritical Jewish men who conspire to control the entire world have everything to do with this.  

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