9-11-2001 and the significance of that date to Jews

In the previous post I gave a link to a Jewish document from 2015 that was an indictment from the Jewish Sanhedrin against various individuals and organizations that were considered at that time to be enemies of Israel.  Here is another link to this document for your reference.


I read through that document looking for anything that I considered significant and noteworthy to me. The document is specifically concerned with Israel and those individuals and groups that the Sanhedrin sees as defying Israel and the Jewish God Yahweh\’s will.  I care little about what the Jews want or believe so I was not interested in that but when I came to the bottom of this document I did find something of interest to me.  It is found on page 9 of the document in the following paragraph, emphasis mine:

You are hereby summoned, collectively and individually to answer to these accusations. The commencement of the trial will take place on Mount Zion, on the 25th of Elul 5775 (which this year corresponds to September 9th), the anniversary of the creation of the world. There, you will be allowed to speak in your own defense.

As I have said on this Blog multiple times including in this post, it is my contention that the event that happened in the USA on 9-11-2001 was not a terrorist attack at all but a PSYOP that had been planned for many years in advance.  All the real evidence points to this but what has not been clear at all to me is why this date was chosen for the PSYOP.  Was this just some random date that they chose or is there some hidden significance to why this date was chosen and not some other date?  I have never known anything about the possible significance of this date because I have been kept completely ignorant about it.  I have suspected this date was chosen for a reason but I have never had a clue what that reason might be.  So when I saw the text in blue above my mind immediately went to 9-11-2001.  Can you see why?

According to Jewish Tradition, the 25th of Elul is the day the world was created.  See the following link.


From the above link:

The creation of the world corresponds to the Hebrew date of the 25th of Elul. It says in Leshon Hakhamin that the 25th of Elul must be sanctified by us (Jews).

The specific date on the non Jewish calendar that this very important date falls on varies from year to year.  In 2015 it corresponded to September 9th.  So I as a non Jew who is very interested in why this date was chosen am very interested in knowing what date this was in 2001.  It is my very strong suspicion that there is a relationship between the Jewish creation of the world date and 9-11-2001.  So that is what I will be investigating here.  Because if it is found that there is a relationship then it shows the Jewish hidden hand behind 9-11 that many many people already say is the case.  This would be just one more piece of very strong evidence to prove that the Jews are behind 9-11.  

As it turns out, the 25th of Elul corresponds to September 13th, 2001 which is two days after the event known as 9-11.  Could it be that the Jews purposely chose a date two days prior to the anniversary of the creation of the world (as they see it)?  Click the image below. 

So 9-11-2001 falls on the 23rd of Elul. I am curious if there is any significance about this date according to Jewish tradition.  If the 25th of elul marks the creation of the world, is there some Jewish significance to the 23rd of Elul, which would be two days prior to the creation of the world?  Or if this is not the case, then did 9-11-2001 signify the destruction of the old Gentile world order (before the NWO) and 9-13-2001 (two days afterward) signify the start of the Jewish world (the New World Order)? Always the curious researcher, this was my next inquiry.  

More to Come 

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