Big Brother is Watching Me and I am Watching Big Brother – Part 2

See this post I made previously about Google Big Brother watching me and me watching them back.  In that post I discussed Google censorship of my Blog concerning the Sandy Hook School FAKE shooting.  Two different posts of mine concerning Sandy Hook have been censored from this blog.  The first post was deleted from the server without me being given any notification at all.  The second post was unpublished from this Blog without my consent and without me having a way to publish it without censoring my own post, which of course I refuse to do.  So I created a third post about Sandy Hook in defiance of the Google censors.  Here is that post:

As I mentioned before I like to see who is looking at my Blog, which I can check from statistics kept by Google.  I check this ever so often and when I checked it recently I discovered an unusual IP address access that caught my attention.

So Google Corporation, which is the owner of the Blogging platform I am using, makes a single access to this Blog.  Now, I don\’t know what page was accessed but intuition tells me it was the new Sandy Hook Hoax page I made after my two previous Blog entries were fucked with.  Why would Google be so interested in this page?  Because someone is reporting it to them and requesting it be removed.  Someone sent a link to one of my Blog pages to them and this access is Google checking it out. 

Not too long before this I saw that someone did a Bing search on \”Noah Pozner\” and the above Sandy Hook link came up in the search results and the person making the search accessed my Blog page via that search.  Is it possible that the same person who accessed my Blog page from a Bing search of \”Noah Pozner\” later reported my page to Google to get it removed and if so who could that possibly be?

More to Come

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