What Else the Zapruder film shows

In the previous post I talked about how I became aware that Jackie shot JFK and that the Zapruder film clearly shows her doing it.  In this post I want to go beyond Jackie to discuss what else I see in the Zapruder film and various conclusions about the assassination I have reached from watching it.

Every person inside the Limousine except for JFK knew about the assassination in advance

This is one of the first conclusions I reached from watching the Zapruder film after determining that Jackie was the assassin.  Its simple logic that for Jackie to have been the assassin then it is inevitable that everyone inside the Limousine knew about the assassination in advance and so that nobody was surprised by it or reacted to it in any way because they all expected it to happen.  Here is a list of these people inside the Limousine who knew about the assassination before it happened.  All of these people are co-conspirators.

U.S. Secret Service Agent William Greer (the driver of the Limousine)

U.S. Secret Service Agent Roy H. Kellerman:

Texas Governor John F. Connally:

Wife of John Connally, Nellie Connally:

Jackie Kennedy (the assassin)

An immobilizing Toxin was delivered to JFK\’s throat

What the U.S. Government wants the American public to believe is that the wound to JFK\’s throat was one of Lee Harvey Oswald\’s bullets which entered the back of JFK\’s neck and exited out the front, but the truth is far different and they know it.  In reality a small toxin coated dart or flanchette was fired into the front of JFK\’s throat for the purpose of immobilizing JFK and making him helpless to the head shot that was to be delivered by the assassin (Jackie).  In order for JFK to be easily assassinated by Jackie without him being able to resist he had to be immobilized first and that was the entire purpose of the throat shot.

The CIA is an expert at creating unconventional weapons.  For example, the CIA has created a weapon that induces a heart attack in the target and another weapon that spreads virulent fast acting cancer inside the target so that death is delayed.  The CIA also creates weapons disguised as harmless items such as fountain pens and umbrellas.  Pictured below is a figure of a CIA created weapon disguised to look like an umbrella that can fire tiny darts (AKA flanchettes) into a victim at high speed.  These darts can be coated with any toxin or biological agent to quickly deliver the agent to a target surreptitiously.  

The source of the above diagram is contained in the following link, but before you read it the link contains a mixture of accurate information and disinformation which you need to be aware of.  The accurate information in this link is that which discusses the Umbrella weapon system and how it was a prelude to the assassination of JFK.  The disinformation in this link is that Daley Plaza was a \”Turkey shoot\”, meaning multiple assassins firing into the Limo from outside it.  This is 100% disinformation.  Despite what the public has been led to believe there were no snipers outside the Limo firing into it, Oswald or anyone else.  There was only one assassin of JFK, and she was sitting right beside him inside the Limo.  Keep this in mind as you look at the information in the following link and ignore the disinformation. 
Note that this umbrella weapon is designed so it can be accurately aimed at a target with high accuracy.  

This Umbrella weapon is visible in Frames 206 to 239 of the Zapruder film.  Here it is in Frame 221, just as the Limo is coming out from behind the Stemmons Freeway sign:

By the time of this frame, the Umbrella weapon has already fired its dart into JFK\’s throat and we see Jackie staring over at her husband as she reacts to it.  As you can see in the above frame, the umbrella was just in front of the Stemmons freeway sign and very close to the Limousine as it passed by that point.  I estimate it was from six to ten feet away from JFK at the closest point, which is when it fired its dart.  If you watch the Zapruder film closely as I have you will see the umbrella slowly spin as the Limo passes by, showing that it is targeting JFK as he passes by.  The man holding the umbrella is a CIA agent sometimes referred to as the Umbrella Man.  
In the business of assassinations, the CIA scoured the entire world for fast acting toxins that would quickly kill a person but in this case the CIA did not want to kill JFK with the dart but to immobilize him and make him helpless and they found or simulated a toxin that would do just that and also be very fast acting.  What the CIA wanted was to immobilize JFK as quickly as possible and then once he was fully immobilized kill him while he was helpless to resist.  This was the main plan of the assassination, which consisted of two stepsOne shot with a toxin coated dart to quickly immobilize and then a second shot with a projectile through the head at point blank range that would kill JFK while he was helpless to resist.   This was the fool proof method that the Conspirators came up with to kill JFK with no chance that JFK would be able to avoid being killed.  At the conclusion of the second step,his death would be a certainty.  

Direct Involvement of Texas Governor John Connally 

As I intend to show later, everyone inside the Limousine except for JFK was aware of the assassination plot before JFK was murdered but only one of them outside of the assassin (Jackie) had direct involvement in the assassination and that was Texas Governor John Connally.  

In trying to understand Jackie\’s assassination of JFK I watched what she did in the Zapruder film very carefully and what I saw and what others have seen and what you will see too if you watch the Zapruder film with eyes wide open is that after JFK has been shot in the throat and before Jackie delivers the fatal head shot she has a very interesting conversation with John Connally inside the Limousine.  JFK had been shot in the throat and at first appeared to be in extreme distress from that throat shot but shortly afterwards JFK became strangely docile, almost zombie like, before Jackie and Connally had their strange conversation.  Its almost surreal watching the Zapruder film at this point.  The President of the United States has clearly been shot in the throat and nobody around him is reacting to it as one would expect.  No one inside the Limousine is reacting to it and no one outside the Limousine (for example, the motorcycle cops very close to the Limo) is reacting to it, even though they have had plenty of time to react to it.  Its as if they are all following a script and they are not reacting to the throat shot because this was all planned and rehearsed in advance.  

Now let\’s focus on what Jackie did after the throat shot. Although the throat shot occurred when the Limo was not visible to Zapruder\’s camera behind the Stemmon\’s freeway sign, the first frame of the Zapruder film after the Limo comes out from behind the sign shows Jackie looking at her husband, showing that Jackie is fully aware at this point that JFK has been shot in the throat.  Below is Frame 221 which shows Jackies staring over at at her husband sitting beside her who has been shot in the throat.  At this point or before in the Z film, Jackie is aware that her husband has been shot and now we can look at what she does afterwards.

Notice that Jackie makes no attempt to aid or assist her husband who is clearly in distress after the throat shot.  Instead she just watches him until JFK becomes strangely docile and passive at some point after the throat shot.

Frame 231: JFK in Distress.  Jackie just watching.

In the above frame also notice that U.S. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill who I will be discussing later is also just watching JFK in distress without making any move to assist or help him. The same applies to who I assume to be another U.S. Secret Service Agent beside him. All of these people were part of the Conspiracy and so none of them reacted to JFK being shot as they should have.  

In Frame 255 we see Jackie put out her white gloved hand to steady her husband to keep him from falling over in the seat while at the same time turning her head away from her husband toward John Connally.  At the same time John Connally is turning his head around to look toward the President and Jackie in the back seat.  

John Connally is talking to Jackie before his head is even fully turned around which is why her attention in focused on him and not on her incapacitated husband where it should be.  I called it a conversation before but in reality it is a one sided conversation, with Connally telling Jackie what to do and Jackie is focused only on Connally and not her husband.  This communication lasted from approximately frame 257 to frame 286, after which Connally starts to turn his head back around in the seat.  What I contend and others who have examined this footage contend is that Connally was making sure that JFK was fully incapacitated from the throat shot and that once he saw JFK was helpless then Connally gave Jackie the go ahead to assassinate JFK.  In other words, Connally was working directly with Jackie and assisting her in assassinating her husband, all this having been planned out in advance. 

I contend that the JFK assassination was a carefully planned and choreographed event with many people playing parts in it who each had a very specific role in the assassination to make it a success.  John Connally\’s role in the assassination was to ensure that JFK was fully incapacitated by the toxin that was delivered in the throat shot (which he had been trained to do by the CIA) and then to give Jackie the go ahead to deliver the killing head shot.  Connally had an additional role which I will discuss later to feign being wounded to give the false impression that bullets were being fired into the Limousine from outside and that he was hit by one.  Jackie\’s role was to wait for the throat shot to incapacitate her husband so he would be unable to resist what she did before she executed him.  She looked to John Connally for guidance and waited for his okay before she proceeded as had been planned and rehearsed in advance.  So John Connally assisted Jackie in assassinating her husband. 

Direct Involvement of U.S. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill

Of all the U.S. Secret Service Agents who should have protected JFK from being assassinated I hold Clint Hill in special contempt.  As I will show, Clint Hill just stood and watched as JFK was first shot in the neck and later as JFK was shot in the head by Jackie.  It was only after Jackie had killed her husband that Clint Hill started running toward the Limousine.
Clint Hill was one of five U.S. Secret Service agents standing up on the vehicle directly behind the Presidential Limousine in the motorcade. Below is Frame 189 before JFK was shot in the throat.  In this image the five U.S. Secret Service Agents are numbered.  Clint Hill is Number 1 wearing the dark suit. Note that this image is just before the Limousine traveled in front of the Stemmons Freeway sign where the Umbrella man is waiting and where JFK will be shot in the throat. Click on the image to see it full size.

Here is Frame 231 after the Limo has passed in front of the Stemmons Freeway sign and after JFK has been shot in the throat.  Notice in this image that Clint Hill is looking directly at the POTUS who is holding his hands to his throat in clear distress and yet Clint Hill just watches and does nothing, and the reason he does nothing is simple to understand.  Clint Hill is a co-conspirator in the assassination who knows full well that Jackie is about to shoot JFK.  For him to attempt a rescue of the President in distress would interfere with that plan so he does nothing but watch like the snake he is as events unfold toward the assassination. 

Shortly after this point in the Zapruder film, the camera focuses in on JFK and Jackie because Abraham Zapruder also knows that Jackie is about to shoot JFK and his entire purpose is to film that head shot in graphic detail.  So we do not see Clint Hill in the Zapruder film until later but be certain that he is still watching like a snake until a later point, at which he starts running toward the Limousine. I contend that he did not start moving until after Jackie fired the head shot or until the guns from the grassy knoll started going off which were to give cover to Jackie\’s single shot (see the next section). 

Multiple shots fired from the Grassy Knoll concealed Jackie\’s single shot.

A conclusion I have reached is that there were multiple shots fired from the grassy knoll as reported by many witnesses on the scene but these were not snipers firing at JFK as popular opinion suggests.  Instead they were shots to distract the attention of the crowd away from the Limousine and to hide the sound that the weapon Jackie used to kill her husband made as it went off.

As I said in a previous post it was important to the Conspirators to do the assassination in public and to quickly blame it on a chosen patsy in order to avoid investigations which would reveal the Conspirators.  But the problem with doing the assassination in public is two fold:

1)  Someone who is not under the control of the Conspirators might see the assassin killing JFK and report it.

2)  Someone who is not under the control of the Conspirators might hear the sound of the assassin\’s weapon going off inside the Limousine and report it.  

So the assassination plan must take this into account and provide cover for the assassin so nobody in the crowd sees or hears the assassin doing her wet work on the POTUS.  And I contend that this explains the grassy knoll shots that many witnesses reported that day.  

Here is the way I believe they did it.

Two or more people were in position on the grassy knoll and ready to fire loud shots in the air when given the go ahead.  These people were very likely CIA agents.  Their role in the assassination was to distract the attention of the public away from the Limo during the actual assassination.  These agents were in radio communication with other agents who were either in the Presidential motorcade or on the ground around the Limo when it stopped.

The agents in the motorcade or on the ground near the Limo watched to see when Jackie was ready to shoot JFK.  This would coincide with the time that John Connally finished giving Jackie the go ahead and started turning his head back around (Frame 286).  At this time, these agents in or around the motorcade let the agents on the grassy knoll know to start shooting their weapons, scaring the crowd and causing everyone to look toward the sound of the shots and away from the Limo.

It was during this grassy knoll shooting that Jackie delivered her fatal shot, the sound of which was hidden by the sound of the shooting on the grassy knoll.  Only after the head shot had been delivered did the agents with the motorcade let the agents on the grassy knoll know to stop shooting.

Those in the crowd who had heard the shooting from the grassy knoll and then discovered that JFK had been shot would naturally assume that the shot(s) that hit JFK came from the grassy knoll and there would be no suspicion at all that the shot actually came from inside the Limo.  

Again, what this shows is that the JFK assassination was a carefully planned and choreographed event which involved many people working together, each performing a specific role, to make the assassination a success.  


The Zapruder film is full of hidden secret information that only those who have the eyes to see it can see and understand.  Such is the case with the below image, which is Frame 221 of the Zapruder film. Click on this image to see it better.

Frame 221:

This frame is of particular significance because it is the first frame that shows a significant part of the Limousine after JFK has been shot in the throat.  Even though JFK is not visible in this image, you can clearly see Jackie staring over at him in apparent shock indicating that he has already been shot in the throat at this point.  The umbrella weapon that delivered that shot can be seen right in front of the Stemmons freeway sign just as the Limousine passed in front of it.  I have discussed these things in previous posts on this Blog but what I have not noticed until now is all the people standing on the balcony in the background who are watching this.  I have said before that a lot of people knew about the JFK assassination in advance.  I have also said that the location where JFK was shot was carefully chosen and that most if not all of the people there were either in on the assassination or aware of it in advance.  What I am saying is that all those people shown watching the throat shot from the balcony were there to witness the assassination of JFK.  They had been previously told about it and where it was going to happen and they were gathered there to watch it take place.  None of these people are fans of JFK just as the couple seen clapping at the left of the Limousine are not fans of JFK.  These people are clapping because JFK has been shot.  All those around the kill zone are are in support of the assassination.  And do I even have to tell you that the motorcycle cops were in on it also?  Everyone in the kill zone area was aware of the assassination in advance.  A LOT of people knew in advance that this assassination was going to happen.  This is the reality. 

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