The Conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy

This post is a continuation of my previous post so I strongly recommend that you read that post before reading this one.  That post lays a foundation for this post.  

In the summer of 1963 there existed a Conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy as POTUS and to replace him with LBJ.  The members of this Conspiracy were many and the reasons behind the Conspiracy were many.
1) Israel wanted JFK out of the U.S. Presidency because JFK was determined not to allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons which Israel considered necessary for its nation security.  So Israel wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS because LBJ was a Zionist who would allow Israel to do whatever it wanted in terms of its nuclear program.
2) The Central Intelligence agency wanted JFK out of the U.S. Presidency because JFK was determined to neuter the power of the CIA at a minimum and if necessary to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces. JFK was very much of an enemy of the CIA and a clear threat to the CIA\’s future.  So the CIA wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS because LBJ was corrupt and would cooperate with the CIA instead of working against it.  LBJ was a team player with the CIA while JFK was not.
3) Organized Crime in the U.S. wanted JFK out of the U.S. Presidency because JFK\’s brother, Robert F. Kennedy was an opponent of organized crime and as Attorney General of the U.S. was going after organized crime more than any other Administration had.  Robert F. Kennedy was intent on cleaning up organized crime in the U.S.  So organized crime wanted JFK out so that Robert Kennedy would no longer be Attorney General and the heat would be off of them.  LBJ was corrupt and would cooperate with organized crime while the Kennedy Brothers would not.
4)  Right wing hard line Conservatives in the U.S. who saw JFK as soft on communism.  These people were very upset at JFK because he had failed to back the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba leading to its failure and so that communist forces were right on America\’s door step.  They blamed JFK for the failure to get rid of the communists.  While JFK wanted peace, these people wanted war to deal with Cuba and Vietnam and other places.  They wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS who they saw as someone willing to go to war to defeat communism.
5) The Military Industrial Complex wanted JFK out who they saw as an anti war President.  Anti War Presidents, while being good for humanity are very bad for the military industrial complex that gets its money and power from war.  The military industrial complex saw great opportunities for a new war in Vietnam but it also saw that JFK was determined not to pursue military conflict in Vietnam.  So the military industrial complex wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS because in LBJ they saw a President who would use America\’s war machine which would be very good for both the U.S. military and the defense contractors supplying it.
6) The Jewish Bankers saw JFK as a big threat to their money making monopoly.  JFK as POTUS was issuing U.S. currency outside of the control of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.  This was seen as a huge threat to the Jewish Banking cartel which wanted total control for itself.  So the Jewish Bankers wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS.  LBJ was a Zionist who would cooperate with whatever the Jewish Bankers wanted.  LBJ would stop the U.S. currency that was outside of Federal Reserve control to ensure that it had no competition for total control of the U.S. monetary system and economy.
7)  And then of course there was LBJ himself who was a very ambitious Politician who wanted to be President all along but lacked the popular support to do so.  LBJ despised JFK and wanted to be President.  LBJ was totally onboard when the other Conspirators approached him and told him of their plans to assassinate JFK.  All LBJ had to do was to play along and he would get the Presidency he desired.  The only stipulation is that he would play ball with the Conspirators once he became President and do what they wanted and not do what they did not want.  In other words, LBJ would be a corrupt  puppet President and not a true Democratic President working for the good of humanity like JFK.  

In terms of a plan to execute the assassination of JFK there were two primary requirements that all members of the Conspiracy shared:
1.)  That the success of the assassination be guaranteed and that there be no chance at all that JFK would survive the assassination attempt.  Put in simple terms, the guaranteed death of JFK so there would be no way for him to continue to be President.
2)  That the assassination be carried out in such a way that none of the Conspirators would be blamed for it.  Put in simple terms, the assassination must be blamed on a patsy who is not one of the Conspirators and who actually knows nothing about the Conspiracy so that even if he is questioned by authorities he cannot name any of the Conspirators as being involved.  The public must blame the patsy 100% for the assassination and nobody must look outside of the patsy as being the culprit.  
Now I am going to explore these two requirements of the assassination plot in more detail to demonstrate why the Conspirators chose the assassination plan that they did instead of a different one.
The first requirement of the assassination plan is guaranteed success and no chance of failure.  This requirement is the biggest reason NOT to use a sniper located outside the Limousine and aiming into the Limousine to kill the President.  With the target located in a moving vehicle there is always the chance that the sniper will miss the target completely and that his missed shot will immediately alert the President so that the President quickly ducks out of sight, making future shots impossible.  So if the sniper misses on the first shot, the assassination attempt is over with.  Likewise if the assassin only wounds the President in the assassination attempt and the President ducks out of sight then the assassination attempt is a failure.  To attempt the assassination and fail would alert the President that he is a target and make future assassination attempts much more difficult if not impossible.  Any usage of one or more snipers has the chance of failure.  With the first shot the President would be immediately alerted and he would quickly duck out of sight.  There would be a high chance of failure using one or more snipers so this was not acceptable to the conspirators who wanted guaranteed death of JFK so that JFK had no possible way to avoid it.  I emphasize those words because they are very important in understanding why they Conspirators chose the plan they did.  As I will show, the plan the Conspirators came up with was fool proof and there was no way that JFK could avoid being killed by it. 
The second requirement of the assassination plan is that a patsy be used so that none of the members of the conspiracy are suspected of being behind the assassination.  It also means to do the assassination in such a way so that no honest investigation is conducted that could reveal the assassination plot and the conspirators behind it.  Of course JFK could have been killed in private but to kill him in private would have been a huge risk to the conspirators.  No matter how they did it, killing the President in private would lead to a massive investigation by multiple authorities who would want to get to the bottom of it.  These investigations would be impossible for the conspirators to control and they would very likely reveal the hidden hand of the conspirators behind it.  Although its not at all intuitive, it was far better for the conspirators to do the assassination in public and then to quickly blame the assassination on a chosen patsy whose guilt would then be \”proven\” beyond any doubt.  Any honest investigation by non corrupt authorities would reveal the conspiracy and the conspirators so this could not be allowed.  If there was an investigation at all it would be just for show to confirm the guilt of the patsy.  It would not be an honest open investigation after the truth. The conspirators and their minions would be in charge of the investigation and its only purpose would be to prove the guilt of the patsy to the American public.  Although I do not want to deviate from the discussion of the JFK assassination here, I just want to point out that the very same thing was done in the case of 9-11.  The 9-11 commission was not an honest investigation into who was really behind 9-11 but a show investigation for the American public to prove the guilt of the Establishment chosen patsy in that case, OBL and Al Queda.  Any attempt to look at anything or anyone other than them was not even permitted to be presented and/or completely ignored.  Likewise in the case of the Timothy McVeigh trial in the Oklahoma City Bombing.  That trial was just a show to prove the guilt of McVeigh and any attempt to look at anyone outside of McVeigh and Nichols was not allowed.  In the case of the JFK assassination, 9-11 and the McVeigh trial these were all just for show to prove the government\’s \”case\” against a chosen patsy and to completely ignore the truth.  In America, truth and justice takes a back seat to political expediency.    
Before I discuss the real assassin and the real assassination plan I want to discuss the false story that the conspiracy planners wanted (and still want) the American public to believe, which is that a lone nut communist named Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK all on his own with no assistance from anyone else and without the knowledge of anyone else by firing rounds from a rifle he owned into the Limousine from the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building. We all know the official story about Lee Harvey Oswald killing Kennedy after hearing it about a million times.  Oswald was a made to order patsy for the conspirators but just who was LHO and how did he get set up to take the blame for the assassination?  This is what I will be discussing next.
When trying to research Lee Harvey Oswald on the internet what you will find is that there is a lot of contradictory information about him. There is a lot of disinformation and propaganda concerning him so that it is difficult to determine what the truth is about him.  But let\’s start with what the U.S. Government wants us to believe about him, which is:
Oswald was in the U.S. military where he took sniper training to become an expert marksman.
While in the U.S. military, Oswald had no involvement at all with U.S. military intelligence.  He was just a soldier and nothing more.
Oswald was a misfit in the U.S. military and was dishonorably discharged.
Oswald was a communist sympathizer.
Oswald hated the USA and was obsessed with the Soviet Union so he defected to the Soviet Union.  His defection had nothing to do with U.S. military intelligence or the Central Intelligence Agency.   Everything Oswald did he did completely on his own and for his own personal reasons. 
Oswald was never employed by the CIA.  He was never an agent of the CIA.  He had no affiliation with the CIA at all.
Oswald purchased the rifle that he later used to assassinate the President from a mail order company.
Oswald posed with this rifle in his back yard and pictures were taken of him holding it.  These pictures were found on film inside a camera inside Oswald\’s home after the assassination. 
Oswald was employed in the Texas School Book Depository.  His employment had nothing to do with the Central Intelligence Agency.  The CIA was not involved in any way in setting Oswald up with this job.
Oswald snuck the rifle he purchased into the Texas School Book Depository.
Oswald shot JFK from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.
After shooting JFK, Oswald shot officer Tippet.
This is the official story concerning Oswald and the JFK assassination.  I now want to pick apart the official story about Oswald to shoot holes in it and to explain who LHO really was and how he became the patsy for the JFK assassination.   
It is my contention that Lee Harvey Oswald was secretly associated with the CIA (a CIA agent) and that in that role the CIA purposely set Oswald up to be the fall guy for the JFK assassination without his knowledge. 

Would the CIA set up and sacrifice one of its own agents to provide cover for an assassination to remove a U.S. President from office which the CIA saw as a great threat to its future existence?  I say in a heart beat.
Following are some key excerpts from that document which support my above contention:

Someone was controlling Oswald\’s movements in a manner that made him appear increasingly pro-Castro and pro-communist in the months preceding the assassination. Someone was also fabricating a leftist image for Oswald.

Oswald us enigmatic partly because he spent so much of his life in the shadowy, compartmentalized world of U.S. intelligence, where deception is more the norm that the exception.
As we shall see, he maintained a facade of leftism created by his politically-charged letters and solo public performances.  In contrast, his associations and contacts were decidedly right-wing and anti-communist.

More to Come

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  1. Who runs the world?That's easy. Jews at the top, Freemasons as second in command.Freemasonry and Christianity are just Judaism for Gentiles. Gentiles who want power and want to behave likes Jews have Freemasonry as their option. They will never be Jewish, and once they have served their purpose then the Jews will kill them. Only Jews contain the Divine Light of God. All non-Jews are dark matter (according to them).There is not a single part of the world that is untouched by Jewish control. This has been thousands of years in the making and this IS the story of humanity.


  2. Freemasonry is just a false front that Jews hide behind. Freemasonry is Jewish at its core and serves the Jewish master plan. See Christianity is also Judaism for Gentiles. I agree with what you say about the Jews. This entire Blog has been dedicated to exposing them, which is why I see this Blog as so important for non Jews to see and know about. This Blog is my attempt to make non Jews fully aware of the Jewish Problem, which is very real.


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