Are PCR Tests Secret Vaccines?

I don\’t know the answer to this question but what I do know and what I have demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt on this Blog is that we live in an age of massive lying and deception.  These lies and deceptions are huge and blatant.  In an age of massive lying and deceiving, anything is possible.  It would not surprise me at all to discover that the Establishment is delivering the Covid 19 \”vaccination\”, which in reality is not a cure for Covid 19 at all but is for an entirely different purpose, in the Covid 19 test kits.  Since many people are against getting the vaccines and the Establishment wants them to get it, I would expect the Establishment to use other means to deliver it.  Deceiving the public is perfectly acceptable to the Establishment.

See this link about a video that shows infecting with the Covid 19 Test nasal swab.

More to Come

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