Texas Republic Senator Ted Cruz is a Lying Hypocritical POS

Ted Cruz originally planned to spend multiple nights in Cancun but flew back early to Texas amid a torrent of criticism

Have you heard the news about Ted Cruz flying to Cancun Mexico while his constituents in Texas are suffering in the worst winter snow storm in decades?  Yes, its true.  While Texans are suffering hugely right now, Texas Republican Senator Cruz was caught on a flight to Cancun Mexico.  And then when he was outed publicly and there was moral outrage over what he did, he quickly returned and offered a lame excuse that his daughters were in Cancun Mexico and he was just trying to be a good father and go down there with them.  How about being a good Senator and representative to all the people in Texas who are suffering and helping them, you lying hypocritical POS.  Let\’s be real honest about Ted Cruz.  He flew to Cancun while his constituents were suffering because he does not give a flying fuck about them.  And the really sad thing about it?  Because he is a Republican he very likely will not be held accountable at all for his behavior by those in Texas who should demand this dirty bastard resign his Senate seat immediately because he is unworthy to hold it.  It does not matter though.  Trump supporters and Republicans will look the other way and NOT hold him accountable simply because of the (R) in front of his name. 

He\’s one of ours and we need him fighting for us against the Democrats so we\’re going to just look the other way when he fucks up.  We\’re going to just look at the fuck ups of Democrats and ignore when one of our own does something for which we would nail a Democrat to the cross for.  

This is what the political system in America has degraded into.  There is no integrity on either side to do the right thing. Its all about partisan politics and no integrity whatsoever. 

Ted Cruz is a scumbag but he is certainly not the only scumbag in the U.S. Senate.  The U.S. Government is full of scumbags like him in both political parties and its called normal. 

EDIT TO ADD:  Shawn Hannity, Fox News commentator, is also a POS for defending Ted Cruz and not holding him accountable at all for his behavior but that is par for the course on Fox News.  Conservative Republicans can do no wrong on Fox News but Democrats can do no right on Fox News.  Its a total alternate reality on Fox News. But on CNN and MSNBC the opposite is true, where Democrats can do no wrong.  While CNN lambasted Cruz for this, if a Democrat would have done the same thing CNN would not have talked about it at all.  That is a huge problem in America.  The reason Republicans and Democrats are so divided is because they live in separate realities based upon which MSM station they watch.  How could there ever be unity among the people?

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