The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of the Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Two Worlds Paradigm

What (((they))) want you to Believe:

Adam Lanza, the Deranged son of an NRA affiliated gun collecting mother stole some of his mother\’s big assault type weapons, drove to the Elementary school where his mother was a teacher and killed 20 elementary school children including a six year old boy named Noah Pozner, pictured above.  In addition, multiple adults at the school including teachers were killed.

What (((they))) don\’t want you to even suspect:

The Sandy Hook School shooting was a PSYOP. Adam Lanza never existed as a real person but is a fictional identity created specificially for this PSYOP.  No children and no adults were killed in reality.  The school where the shooting allegedly took place was not even a functional school in 2012 but had been closed earlier and was being used for storage.  Noah Pozner is the fake name of a Jewish adult named Michael Vabner who was approximately aged 13 in 2012 and whose childhood pictures were used under the false name of Noah Pozner to create one of the childhood \”victims\” of this PSYOP.  All the other child victims of the PSYOP are similar.  This is the most obvious example of the Two Worlds Paradigm in existence today.  

Speaking of Michael Vabner, they used the same childhood picture of him (above) in a completely different alleged shooting in Pakistan.  

You might ask yourself as I have asked myself, why would they do that?  And the answer I come up with is because they can.  They want us to know and they do not give a fuck if we do know.  They want us to know that they can get away with anything no matter how obvious the lie and there is nothing we can do about it.  Welcome to the Jew World Order, where the truth is anything we Goddamn well tell you it is.  

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