Christianity is filled with Jewish and Israeli Supremacy

In this post I want to begin to touch on a subject that I have made mention of in previous posts, which is that Christianity is filled with references to Jewish and Israeli Supremacy.  Here are some verses from the Christian Bible to demonstrate this:

“The Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth.” Deut 28:1

Translation:  God will put Jews and Israel above all the other non-Jewish (Gentile) nations of the earth.  This is the will of God.

“You shall rule over many nations, but they shall not rule over you.” –Deut 15:6

Translation:  Jews and Israel will rule over many Gentile nations but Gentiles shall not rule over Jews or Israel.

“The wealth of the nations shall come to you.”–Isaiah 60:5

Translation:  The Wealth of the Gentiles shall come to Jews and Israel.

“For the nation & kingdom that will not serve you shall perish.” -Isaiah 60:12

Translation:  All Gentiles and Gentile Nations that will not be slaves to Jews and Israel shall die.  This is more ominous than the previous verses and is a clear death threat against all who refuse to bow down to Israel and Jews.  

“You shall eat the wealth of the nations.” –Isaiah 61:6

Translation:  All the wealth of the Gentiles will go to Jews and Israel for free.  While the Gentiles have to work for their wealth, the Jews do not have to work because the Gentiles are indirectly working for the Jews.  Everything the Gentiles have is available to the Jews for free.  If you look at what is happening in Israel today, a huge amount of the tax payer money of U.S. citizens gets sent to Israel to subsidize the entire Nation where nobody has to work.  In effect, the Gentiles of the USA provide for the living of every single individual in Israel so the people in Israel do not have to ever work.  The USA is a never ending money purse for Israel and Jews in the USA make damn well sure it stays that way by using a portion of those same tax payer funds to keep all American politicians \”Israel friendly\”.  Any Politician critical of Israel in any way will be forced out of office.  Those American politicians who profess the most love and support for Israel are the ones who are most successful in the corrupt Jew-owned U.S. Government. For example, President Biden is a Zionist and long term supporter of Israel.  The previous President, Donald Trump is a Zionist and a long term supporter of Israel (as was his father before him).  

My purpose in talking about these verses is to show that Christianity is in reality a Religion created by Jews which is about Jews but it is not for Jews.  It is for Goyim.  The Jews themselves do not believe in it.  It is the non Jews that are trained from birth the believe in it.  What I contend is that Christianity is in reality mind control for non Jews to make non Jews look favorably upon Jews and Israel and to look the other way when a known Jew commits a crime and to look the other way when Israel commits another atrocity in Gaza against the Palestinian people forced to live there in virtual slave like conditions in what was once their own country that was stolen from them.  Christianity is also a way to condition non Jews to accept Jewish Supremacy and Israel Supremacy.  Christianity is a form of Jewish control over non Jews.  

I was raised in a Christian background.  I was raised to believe in all this and I know for a fact that Christians view Israel in a very favorable light because of Christianity.  They do not want to hear anything bad about Israel.  They believe that God is for Israel and that Israel can do no wrong for this reason.  That is the power that Christianity has over all people who call themselves Christians.  Do you see the effectiveness of this as a mind control tool for non Jews?  It is very powerful but for those who are stuck inside it they cannot see clearly what is happening.  This is why I had to come completely out of Christianity in order to see the Jewish Question clearly, because Christianity and my beliefs in it clouded all my perceptions and made it impossible to think rationally about it.  Only by coming out of Christianity was I able to see what it really is and what it is really for.  As we all know, Jews LOVE lies and deception and they will use anything, no matter how shameless, in order to lie and deceive to gain an unfair advantage over others.  And this is what they have done with Christianity.  

So Christianity is brainwashing or mind control of non Jews by Jews and for the benefit of Jews.  But the really insidious part of the brainwashing concerns Jesus Christ.  Christians are taught that their very soul and life after death depends upon believing in Jesus Christ and all Christian children are taught to emulate Christ and to be like Christ.  What are the attributes of Christ according to the Christian Bible that Christians are taught to emulate?

Being Meek and Humble.

Being Selfless.

Self Sacrificing.

Be honest with all men.

Owning No Property.

No interest in money or personal wealth.  Give everything you have away to others.

Good intentions toward all men.

If someone smites you on one cheek, turn the other cheek so they can smite that too.  In other words, do not defend yourself in any way from those intent on harming you. Allowing others to do harm to you without resisting including killing you.

Allow others to steal from you.

A complete focus on the after life.  Life on earth is of little importance but the after life is all important.

Those are the attributes of Christ on Earth that all Christians are taught that they are to be Christ like.  Now, supposedly Jesus was a Jew (of course he had to be a Jew) but when you compare the attributes of Christ to the attributes of Jews today you find that they are the very opposite of them.  Here are the attributes of most Jews today:


Self important.



Lying and cheating and stealing from others is okay as long as you can get away with it, especially lying and cheating and stealing from non Jews.

Very concerned with making money and personal wealth.  Acquire as much for yourself as you can and fuck everyone else, especially non Jews.

Doing no work and allowing others to do work for them.  Taking the work of others for free.

Owning all property.  Owning everything.

Having evil intentions toward non Jews.

If a non Jew does any harm to a non Jew he deserves Death.

If a non Jew steals from a Jew he deserves Death.

No focus on the after life.  Life on earth is all there is so focus everything on this life and make the very most of it because that is all there is.

This is the way Jews are and what Jews believe in which is the very opposite of the way the supposedly Jewish Jesus was.  So what is really going on here?  It is brainwashing and conditioning of non Jews by Jews and for the benefit of Jews and against the best interest of non Jews.  I will explain more about this in the following paragraphs.

In the Christian Bible Jesus teaches that the Meek will inherit the earth but this is not true.  Of all the races in the world, Jews are the least Meek race of all but the same Bible that says that the Earth is destined to be ruled by Jews and Israel also says that the Meek shall inherit the earth.  What a huge glaring contradiction that is!  Again, this is more brainwashing of non Jews by Jews to make the Goyim believe lies that benefit the Jews.  

In the Christian Bible Jesus teaches that Christians should not judge others but leave all judgement to God.  Now just think about that what that really means.  What it means is that if someone does wrong to you or to others that you should not condemn or judge that person or seek justice against that person for the wrong doing.  Again this is more brainwashing of non Jews by Jews for the advantage of Jews and against the best interest of non Jews.  Jews do harm to non Jews and even other Jews all the time but they do not want to be condemned for what they do, so they tell us not to judge them but to leave that to a Jewish favoring God. For example, if a a Jew cheats a non Jew out of a lot of money, the non Jews is supposed to not Judge the Jew at all but just humbly accept the loss and perhaps pray to the Jewish God Jehovah about it.  Can you not see how that serves Jewish interests and works against non Jews?  

Everything about the Christian Bible is about lowering the defenses of non Jews to Jews and making non Jews non critical of Jews and making non Jews defenseless to whatever Jews do against the Goyim.  Its the perfect mind control tool for making the enemy of Jews (the Goyim) submissive pawns to whatever the Jews want to do.  It took me so long to be in a place where I can objectively look at this to see it for what it is without fear of being condemned for just using my God given mind.  Christianity teaches its followers not to think but just accept whatever is in the Bible on faith without even thinking about it.  Its a perfect tool for creating non thinking, non critical zombies who will just accept whatever happens as God\’s will and this is exactly what the Jews want the Goyim to be, non thinking, non critical slaves to Jews.  Not me!

More to Come

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  1. In Isaiah 60:10, it is written: “Foreigners will rebuild your walls, and their kings will serve you.Though in anger I struck you, in favor I will show you compassion.\”This is exactly what happen today, Israel has wall and America and Western nations transfer wealth to help Israel. \”Their Kings will serve you\”, this is exactly what happen today, American and Western leaders now serve Israel.\”For the nation & kingdom that will not serve you shall perish\”. If any nations (for example, Muslim Middle East nations) who did not serve Israel, they get bombed by America and its allies.


  2. Dude, I have followed a page that claim Satan is the God of Justice, while the Jewish God (Jehovah The God Father or Jesus…etc..) are actually the deceiver, an evil God. This page bash Islam, Christianity and Judaism and praise Satanism, Buddhism and Ancient Hinduism, claim that these religions the \”Aryan religion\”. He claim Buddha and Indian Gods are White Aryan and Buddhists and Hitler all worship Swastika symbol (which is true). They said Satan and Hitler was portray as the evil villain by the Jews. This page also claim that Hitler and the \”Aryan race\” are of the justice side while America and the Jews are of the bad side. I think this Instagram page is absolutely bullshit and this person maybe crazy or he just want to show that he is different from others. However, after read what he said and I do extensively research myself, I feel that he is true. In all ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Atlantis…etc…that the media and the education block people from learning although there are countless solid evidences and proof that these civilization did exist. They all worship THE SNAKE.Pharaoh cane and crown have snake symbol. Buddha have a snake God to protect him when he was meditating and then got awaken. All humans have superpower that make them EQUAL TO GOD, that is a snake inside them, the snake behind their back, that is Kundalini. In the Golden Age of the past (Atlantis, Egypt), this is a spiritual age and people are absolutely happen, this age is ruled by the snake god, aka Satan. Satan = Lucifer mean \”Light bringer\”. You can read some of the main posts from this page for example:


  3. Christian Zionism Degenerates into Complete Idiocy Today’s Christian Zionists do not just fail to discern the Luciferian nature of Judaism; they treat Jews and Israel with veneration bordering on idolatry. Texe Marrs highlights an example caught on film:[F]ive or six young Christians, some eighteen to twenty years of age, attending a national evangelical youth conference were asked, “How many of you love Israel?” All of their hands shot straight up. “How many of you would fight and die for the nation of Israel?,” they were asked. Again, every hand quickly went up. “And if Israel got into a war with the United States, how many would choose to go and fight with Israel against your home country, the United States?” Once again, all (except one) raised their hand, though not with quite so much enthusiasm.


  4. I do not want to go here. My purpose in creating this post is that Christianity is a mind control tool created by Jews to deceive and control non Jews. The Jewish God Jehovah that favors one race and condemns all others to slavery is not God but a creation of Jews. Everything in Christianity works for the benefit of Jews and works against the best interest of non Jews. I am not going to go outside that which is where this comment is going.


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