The Mind Blowing Hypocrisy of the U.S. Democratic Party

I have tried real hard not to watch the latest impeachment attempt against Donald Trump by the Democratic Party because I do not care.  As I have said many times, Trump was a terrible President and I have no defense for anything he said or did.  I wish he had never been President.  But that said, I have tuned in to the live television coverage to see what is being said in this reality TV Drama that is supposed to be the U.S. Government at work.  Today I listened to part of the closing argument of one of the Trump Defense Team Lawyers explaining why his client should not be impeached.  I have not really cared which side \”won\” in this battle, but this Defense Lawyer for Trump made a surprisingly powerful case against the Democrats who are attempting to impeach Trump for allegedly inciting a violent riot and insurrection in Washington D.C. on January 6th.  What this Trump Lawyer pointed out very powerfully is that all the leaders of the Democratic Party who are now attempting to impeach Trump for inciting violence and insurrection on January 6th with his words and lack of action to stop what was happening are guilty of far worse during the George Floyd and BLM riots and insurrection in 2020.  All of these Democratic leaders including Joe Biden and Camille Harris encouraged the rioting and insurrection during these events and said it was justice and did nothing to prevent violent insurrection by these protesters and rioters when they assaulted police.  Some police were murdered at point blank range during those events too.  If you want to compare insurrections, the George Floyd and BLM rioting against Police forces across the Nation was FAR MORE of an insurrection than what happened on January 6th and the same Democrats who condemn Trump are guilty of far worse offenses than anything Trump did.  The Lawyer for Trump did an outstanding job IMO pointing out the mind blowing Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party in attempting to impeach Trump for offenses that are less than their own conduct. But there is clearly a double standard at work here, where if you are a Democrat you are held to a different standard of conduct.  If you are Democratic Politician and Blacks start rioting and killing police then you can say whatever you want in support of them without anyone batting an eye. During that 2020 Black rioting, Trump called out the National Guard to defend Washington D.C. which all these Democrats condemned.  But if a Republican Politician is involved and white people rioting, oh we need to have troops in Washington D.C.  The Hypocrisy could not be more clear.  I hate both political parties but I hate the Democratic Party the worst.  I see the Democratic party as being openly communist and if they have their way they will force communism on America.  Either way, America is fucked.

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