Jeffrey Epstein\’s Little Black Book 

Unredacted version of Jeffrey Epstein\’s Little Black Book in searchable PDF format

FYI: Here are some notable names on the list:

Alec Baldwin, Hollywood actor:

Doug Band, Top Political advisor to Bill Clinton:

Ehud Barak, former Israeli Prime Minister  (JEW):

Michael Bloomberg:

Richard Branson:

Jimmy Buffett, Musician:

David Byrne, Musician:

David Cook, Musician:

Alan Dershowitz, Lawyer (JEW):

Ghislaine Maxwell (JEW):

Evelyn De Rothschild (JEW):

Maria Shriver:

Ron Silver, Hollywood actor  (JEW):

David Slade, British Film and Television Director and Actor:

Kevin Spacey, Hollywood actor:

Donald Trump, Disgraced ex U.S. President (JEW):

Ivanka Trump (JEW):

Mike Wallace:

Barbara Walters:

Organizations on the list:

Scotland Yard:

More to Come

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