An Introduction to Smart Dust

In the video presented in the previous post it talks about Smart Dust, which are very small metallic particles that can be absorbed into the body and that can interact with a mobile network such as 5G to put a person on the world wide web.  In that video it makes the claim that these small particles are being inserted into people\’s bodies in the swabs of some or all of the Covid 19 testing kits.  I have not investigated this claim to discover if it is true or not but it would not surprise me at all to discover it is true.  As I have been saying on this Blog for a long time, Covid 19 is just an excuse for the Establishment to insert something into the bodies of as many people as possible for some nefarious purpose.  I have said that the main purpose of this is ID2020 and the ability to put an identifier inside of the body that can be scanned from outside the body that will be tied to digital bank account under the control of the Jewish Banking System.  This is a cashless society that everyone talks about without explaining exactly what it means.  When I wrote those posts saying that all they need is to insert something inside the body to uniquely identify a person that can be easily scanned from outside the body I had no knowledge of smart dust.  In fact I had never heard of it until just recently.  But smart dust would be exactly what is needed to uniquely identify a person that can be easily scanned from outside the body.  When thinking about how this identifier would be scanned I always envisioned sensors being used, where a person would walk through a sensor or where a wand like device would be used to scan a person\’s body to detect the ID.  But smart dust takes the concept of scanning to a whole new level.  5G technology goes through our bodies and can detect this metallic smart dust without us having to walk through any sensor or be scanned.  In fact, scanning could take place just by the person being physically inside a 5G network zone.   Almost all stores are 5G network compliant and more and more stores will become so in the future.  Imagine that you simply walk into a store and immediately you get picked up on the sensor so that you become identified.  That would be the most convenient method for the Jewish Bankers and their cronies.  Walk into a store and get identified.  When you go to the cash register they know how much money you have in your account and it gets automatically debited when you buy items.  IMO this is the future that the Jewish Bankers envision for us all on a global scale   This is the unveiling of the New World Order and its happening right in front of our eyes. 

Again I do not know if these particles are actually being inserted into people\’s nasal cavities during the Covid 19 test but if this is true and it can be proven then this is Dystopia unfolding.  For them to be doing this without people\’s knowledge and consent and using a false pandemic as a cover for it would be pure evil.  But the Jewish Establishment is pure evil and it is based on Lies and Deception so for them to be doing this would be no surprise to me at all.  I would expect them to do this.

This is not the first time I have heard about Smart Dust.  The first time I heard about Smart Dust is from a post on Crazy Days and Crazy Nights where it was reported that Smart Dust is being dropped from airplanes so that people breath it up into their nasal cavities and it gets absorbed into the body that way. 

Again I have not investigated this claim but it would not surprise me at all to discover it is true. Any way that they can get this smart dust into your body is fine with the establishment, just so you get it.  What I envision is that they first planned to put it in the Covid 19 vaccinations.  Then when they saw a lot of people were resisting the vaccinations they put it in the Covid 19 nasal testing swab.  Then when they saw resistance to even testing they started dropping it from planes onto populations so people breath these small particles up their nose.  Maybe they will put them in food.  Maybe they will put them in the drinking water.  Anything they can do to get them into everyone is the goal IMO.  This is all part of a long nefarious plan by the Establishment that will lead to a cashless society eventually if their plans are fulfilled.  The Mark of the Beast does not require your consent to get it.  

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  1. For it to be fully the Mark of the BEAST? It must be person SPECIFIC, not just random markers or sensors dispursed over 1000s of people. EACH injectee must have his OWN number to include all of his unique identifiers of medical, soclal, financial, employment history etc on it in one spot. To track particular person's buying/ economic activity and so on. Profusa's Quantum Dot Array w/ hydrogel seems likely candidate, but it must match to one person or its use to the ROTHSCHILD syndicate is still limited.


  2. All that is necessary to have some identifier that is unique to a person inside the body that can be easily detected from outside the body. We do not know the real purpose of this dust and how it is intended to interact with the body of a human host who has absorbed this dust. Perhaps the dust is intended to interact with the specific DNA signature of a person. The DNA signature of a person is for all intents and purposes unique to that person, so if this dust could somehow permit the DNA signature of the host to be easily detected from outside the body then that would be enough. I do not know the exact purpose or usage of the technology but you can be sure that whoever is behind it is very interested in using it as an identifier. See the ID2020 project. They do not need all that personal info stored inside the body. All they need inside the body is a unique ID that can be easily scanned and matched to a digital information account on the person. All the info you describe would be stored in the digital account in a central location. The only thing required inside the body is a unique ID that can be scanned and matched to this digital account. So this is what I am saying about the Mark of the Beast not requiring consent. If you take something inside your body unknowingly by an injection or by a nasal swab Covid 19 test or by breathing in particles in the air, this could conceivably be enough to track you from now on without your knowledge or consent. IMO that is the plan of the Jewish Bankers. They know that people will never consent to this total loss of privacy and control over their lives so they are doing by a back door means of a pandemic where fearful people are getting vaccinated and tests without knowing the real purpose of it.


  3. Edit to Add: Any such identifier to be useful to the Jewish Bankers would need to be fool proof, i.e. tamper proof so that someone could not figure out the technology being used and create counterfeit IDs. If the dust transmits the DNA signature of the host's cell then that would be for all intents and purposes a fool proof tamper proof way to ID a person using unique biological information that is already inside the body of each person. Normally a blood test is required to get at the DNA to examine it but if this technology can allow the DNA structure to be automatically scanned just by a person being in 5G or 6G network then just imagine the possibilities. Do not underestimate what these tech companies can do with the technologies they have developed. If you look at the patents these tech companies are getting it is very interesting.


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