Is this where the world is heading?

Sweden: Vaccine Passport Will ‘Probably Be Required’ For Shopping, Eating Out, Travel, Meeting Loved Ones

Is this where the world is heading?  I certainly hope not but it would not surprise me to discover that this push for proof of vaccination before you can even live your life will become mandated law in many countries because this was the plan all along.  As I have said many times, Covid 19 is just the means to an end to forced vaccinations.  Its the vaccinations that are important to the Establishment.  They do not have to forcibly inject people at the point of a gun to get everyone vaccinated.  All they have to do is to pass laws that make it effectively impossible for people to live their lives unless they have been vaccinated.  For example I foresee it will soon be impossible to get a Driver\’s License without proof of vaccination in the USA.  If this happens, what it means is that everyone who refuses to take the vaccine will no longer be able to drive a car.  Imagine that.  I think this is coming.  Welcome to the New World Order, where your freedom of choice is just an illusion in your own mind.  Sorry, Goyim.  Either take our needle (at your expense) or you cannot drive a car.  Its for your own safety, you know.  Once that gets established then other freedoms you took for granted will become dependent upon you being vaccinated.  No vaccination and your rights and freedoms get taken away one by one until you submit.  You get the picture?

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