Google Censorship of this Blog

This Blogging platform is owned by Google, which is the same company that owns Youtube.  Just as my Youtube account was deleted by Google for violating Jewtube community standards, today I discovered that one of my postings has been unpublished by Google for violating community standards.  So the censorship begins here too.  

The reason I started this Blog in the first place is because all my comments on Youtube were being severely fucked with (i.e. automatically deleted by censorship bots) if I said anything I wanted to say there of any import such as that the Sandy Hook School Shooting was a Fake.  If I even said those words together in a sentence in a Youtube comment the entire post would be deleted.  Freedom of speech is non existent in Youtube comments.  So I started this Blog so I could have the freedom of speech to say what I wanted without Big Brother just shitting all over me.  But the same people behind the Jewtube censorship are behind this Blog and now they have committed the unpardonable sin of deleting one of my posts.  So it begins.  

At first I did not know which post had been unpublished and then I discovered it was the post where I talked about my original post about the Sandy Hook School Shooting deception being simply deleted from the server of this Blog.  FYI I created a long detailed post about the Sandy Hook School Shooting being a fake and the entire post was deleted on the server.  After I discovered that deletion then I created a new post about Sandy Hook which named some of the actors in that deception.  In that post I gave the real name of the person behind \”Noah Pozner\” ( a FAKE name) and the real name of the person behind \”Lenny Pozner\” (a FAKE name).  This is the post that was unpublished from this Blog.  Upon further consideration I believe that the entity behind the fake name \”Lenny Pozner\” reported that blog post to Google and got them to unpublish it.  So the first time I named names of the real actors behind these entities they simply deleted the post.  When I created a new post naming the names of the real actors behind these entities they unpublished the post.  So I have a better understanding of what was done and why.  I completely disagree with what has been done but I have no control over it.  I am not going to fight this.  I have more important goals with this Blog than to get into a fight with \”Lenny Pozner\” and his family.  You win, \”Lenny\”, at least for now.  I have bigger fish to fry than you, far bigger.  

When I first saw that a post had been unpublished my initial reaction was to move this Blog off of this platform but for now I am not going to do that.  Although I do not like it I can live with that post being deleted but I will not stand for any other posts being deleted.  If I discover one more deletion then this Blog is going to be moved elsewhere immediately.  I am not going to have Google fucking with my Blog posts like they fucked with my Youtube comments.  So for now I will stay here but any more censorship will lead to a move of this Blog elsewhere. 


I challenge the entity behind the FAKE name \”Lenny Pozner\” to remove all those Youtube videos featuring your son in real life at a younger age using a FAKE name to support a completely fictional school shooting.  The only reason I created those posts is because of your involvement in this lie.  If you had an ounce of integrity you would not have used his pictures in this hoax in the first place and you would remove them from Youtube now. 

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