What We Stand For

I represent a group of people that stand for certain values.  I have not explicitly stated these values before so I think it is important to do so.  So this post is going to be about what I stand for and what I believe a large number of people out there also stand for.  This is what we care about most.

Our number one goal is Truth.  We are 100% against lies and deception of any kind.  Our number one goal is to expose all Lies and Deception that have been put forward as \”the truth\”.  

We believe in Freedom.  Freedom of living.  Freedom of Speech.  Freedom of external control.  Everyone has a right to be Free.

We believe in Peace.  We want peace for planet earth.  We are completely against war except for war against TyrannyIn the case of Tyranny, we believe that War with Tyranny is the only path to Peace.  

We believe in Justice.  We believe that many people are victims of the current Jew controlled System and that they have been denied justice by that System.  We seek justice for all victims.

We are against the Jewish race in general because we see the Jewish race as being against the values most important to us.  For example, we see the Jewish race as being behind all the major lies and deceptions such as 9-11, the Apollo Moon Landings Deception and the Sandy Hook School Shooting Deception.  The earth has become filled with lies and deception and the source of this is from the Jewish race who prides itself in deceiving and manipulating non Jews.  

We believe in equality of the races.  We do not believe in White Supremacy.  We do not believe in Jewish Supremacy.  We do not believe in Supremacy of any kind.  All races are equal.  All races have value.  No race is over another race.  No race is inferior to another race. 

We believe that the U.S. Government and the Main Stream Media are controlled by Jewish interests and are being used by Jewish interests against our core values.  For this reason we do not trust the Main Stream Media or the Government to be honest or legitimate.  We seek to completely remove Jewish control from the Main Stream Media and the Government so that they represent the truth and the people as they were intended to do.  We seek the overthrow by Revolution of the corrupt, Jew owned U.S. Government to replace it with an honest Government.  

More to Come.

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