Big Brother is looking at me and I am looking at Big Brother

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I like to see who is looking at my Blog and I discovered that Google Big Brother has been looking at my Blog.  As I noted in a previous entry, Google is the owner of Jewtube which is openly censoring everyone\’s comments.  Google censored two of my posts about the Sandy Hook School Shooting deception.  And now with all these looks I suspect that Google may be thinking about suspending this Blog.  Just before my Youtube account got suspended permanently I noticed similar activity on my Blog statistics just before it happened.  So it would not surprise me if my Blog is suddenly taken off the air just as my Youtube account was suspended.  I fully intended to stay here until I saw this.  Now I am seriously thinking about moving this Blog completely out of the control of Google.  Google represents open censorship and they are certainly not going to approve of what I say on any medium that they own.  So I believe its in my best interest to move this Blog elsewhere.  Can anyone recommend a censorship free Blog that is not owned by Google?  Oh, and Google Administrators, in case you are reading this post, Fuck You.  

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