Communism is Jewish 

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The concept of a Hive mind is foreign to most people but the Jews have a Hive mind and they are all working together toward the end goals of the Jewish race, the foremost goal being Jewish World DominationJews have a long term plan to take over the entire world and they are implementing that plan over generations.  The Covid 19 Plandemic is just the latest tool in the Jewish tool box for World Domination.

There is a direct link between the Covid 19 Plandemic and Communism.  The Covid 19 Plandemic is backdoor communism being forced on the world by the Jewish Snake.  The Jewish Snake wants Total World Control and it will use ANY means to get it.  Once more, the Destiny of the people is in their own hands.  Submission to Jewish Control means perpetual slavery.  Revolution against Jewish Control means Truth and Freedom and Peace for all.  

Humanity must want to be free of Jewish control badly enough that it is willing to go to War against it.  Only by going to War against Jewish control can Humanity ever be free of Jewish control.  

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  1. IMO Definitely. Jews use anything and everything to their advantage and against everyone who is not one of them. Communism, Capitalism, Zionism, Christianity, etc. Like a dishonest bookie hedging his bets on all sides against the middle, Jews have their dirty little fingers in everything to ensure that no matter what happens they cannot lose. But your question was about Christianity. It is one form of Jewish control among many. This is all part of a long term Jewish strategy to control the entire world and it has been very successful for them. They believe they cannot lose no matter what we do and they may be right.


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