Talking about The Mark of the Beast

I have talked in various posts about Covid 19 being a front or a lead in to the Mark of the Beast without really describing what the Mark of the Beast is by my interpretation of the term.  First I want to say that I am not a believer in Christianity although I was raised in a Christian background.  After learning about Jews and their long term plan to control the entire world, I do not trust Jews or anything from Jews or anything that elevates Jews to a position of prominence above other people.  Since Jewish Supremacy and Israeli Supremacy are a core part of Christianity, I simply do not trust Christianity not to be yet another one of the tools that the Jewish race has used to put itself in a position to control the minds of non Jews and make non Jews believe things that benefit the ever deceitful Jewish race.  My awareness of the Jewish Menace (or Jewdar) tells me not to trust it but this does not mean that everything in the Bible is a lie meant to deceive non Jews and make them think good things about Jews and Israel.  

Discussion of the Mark of the Beast happens in the Book of Revelation of the Bible.  In general terms, it is an economic system by which the financial transactions of all people of the world are controlled via a mark on the body.  It is an economic system in that nobody can buy or sell anything unless they have this mark in specific locations on their bodies.  In this post I want to discuss such a system and what it would take to implement it.

Regarding such an economic system, this would be the ultimate prize for the Jewish Bankers and the Jewish Snake that would allow it ultimate control over everyone\’s life.  It would transfer all control of a person\’s finances and economic transactions from the individual to a centralized system under control of the Jewish Snake.  It would be the ultimate form of slavery that would allow the control of virtually every aspect of an individual\’s life.  The Jewish Snake is a control freak at heart, and this would be the ultimate way for it to control everyone in the world on a very personal basis.  It is my very strong conviction that what we are seeing now with the Covid 19 scamdemic are the initial stages of a very long term plan to implement such an economic system world wide. 

So what would it take to implement such a system as the Mark of the Beast?  Many people are under the impression that it would require a chip that stores the personal information about a person inside the body but this is not the case.  It would not require a chip at all but simply a unique identifier (a number or a code) inside a person\’s body and an easy convenient method to be able to detect this identifier from outside the body.  Once this has been set up, then the identifier inside the body can be tied to a digital bank account stored in a central location in the world and under full control of the Jewish Snake.  That is the foundation of the control system but it requires a few other pieces to make it a functional reality.  It requires a method to transfer information across the world very fast so that economic transactions using such a system can process financial transactions against the centrally controlled digital bank account in real time.  This is where 5G and even faster technologies such as 6G come into the picture.  In order to make such a system feasible it is required that information can be transferred very fast around the world to record all these transactions, which are debits and credits to the centralized bank account of each individual.

Such a system as described in the book of Revelation would also require a Dystopian society where everyone is closely monitored and controlled.  It would require a Police State on a world wide level.  Unless this were the case, then individuals would trade goods and services among themselves outside of the Jewish Snake controlled system so Force is required to make everyone comply to the system.  So a Police State is required to make such a system feasible and what we are seeing today more and more is that America, a country that was founded on freedom and individual liberty is turning more and more into a Police State where everything the individual does and says is controlled and censored.  America is heading away from a free country straight into a Dystopian society where the Mark of the Beast could become reality.  Its not just America but all the Western nations such as the U.K. that are being turned into Police States.  Remember that the Jewish Snake is a control freak and it requires physical control of everyone\’s life in addition to economic control.  

More to Come

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  1. Christianity teaches about moral supremacy- moral aka kindness is beyond everything else, which means you should be the kindest as possible, be the most generous, and as tolerant as possible. It has many \”moral supremacist\” verses such as these verses (Matthew 5:38-42 NIV): You read and you know. If Europeans or Americans follow White/European religions such as Odin/Nordic religion, that means when Jews have been exposed one time or few times in the past, they will never get tolerance again and will never rise to power again. Christianity and its teaching made Jews raise to power, it is just my opinion. Remember that Jesus is a Jew, so it has one percent that Christianity is a hoax or a tool for Jews.


  2. The Bible in which Christianity is discussed is all about Jewish Supremacy and Israeli Supremacy. It has a Jewish Messiah and a God who puts Jew above all other people and has Jews destined to rule the world from Israel. You would have to be blind not to see that Christianity is all about Jews and that should be a huge red flag to anyone who is aware of the Jewish plot to control the entire world. It is very telling that although Christianity is all about Jews and Israel, the vast majority of Jews and Israel who not believe in it or follow it. It is a Religion for non Jews that puts Jews first and that Jews themselves do not even follow. If you look at the Book of Revelation you will find many parallels with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion such as all Nations bowing down to Israel and for Israel to rule the entire world from Jerusalem. What this tells me is that the same source is behind both. I do not trust anything that puts Jews in a position of supremacy over non Jews. This is a tool of the Jewish Snake to brainwash non Jews into accepting Jewish World domination as being from God when in reality it is their own plan that has nothing to do with God.


  3. If even Christianity is a hoax (aka the tool for Jews), it will certainly be the biggest hoax in history or even universe. I will give up because if even Christianity is a hoax, nothing else can be trusted.


  4. There are so many strange verses in the bible, such as this: \”But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. 41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. 42 Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.\”. It straightforwardly tells people not to resist evil. It teaches non-Jews to become tolerant and kind sheeps while the Talmud teaches Jews to be ruthless and evil so that they can take advantage of non-Jew and rule the sheeps. Most of the Christian countries are poor and suffering, except America and Western countries (because of the superior European genetic, maybe). We can still be richer and happier without these Abrahamic religions. But there are sheeps who believe Christianity made the US the richest country while it is the Talmud, the Jews who rule America is the one get the US rich (and mostly benefit them).


  5. In a world filled with lies and deception as this world is one must be very careful about what one accepts as the truth. Just because something is written down in a book and you are taught to believe in it (as I was) and even taught that will go to Hell unless you believe in it does not make it the truth. I have shown many examples on this Blog of the difference between what (((they))) want you to believe is the truth and the truth. Even though they don't accept it themselves, certainly (((they))) want you believe Christianity and its myths of Jewish Heroes and Jewish Supremacy and a Jewish Messiah and a Jewish God who favors the Jewish race over all other races and has ensured that the Jewish race will control the world. That is what (((they))) certainly want you to believe but you should question that. It is not true that nothing can be trusted. You can trust the truth. You cannot trust what a group of lying men want you to believe for their own reasons but you can trust yourself to know what the truth is after you have removed your brainwashing that prevents you from seeing and keeps you blind and deceived. The Jewish race are master deceivers and manipulators of other races who (((they))) see as cattle and animals whose entire purpose is to serve Jews. They are behind every deception seen in society today, such as the Apollo moon landings Hoax. What makes you think that a Religion that you have been conditioned to believe in since birth is anything more than Jewish brainwashing of non Jews? The God of Truth gave you a brain to think and question. Its time to start using it instead of believing everything you read as the truth. Question everything especially something touting Jewish Supremacy. Time to wake up. Trust is a Fool's game in this world and Faith is also a Fool's game. Let your Religion be the Truth and not any doctrine of man.


  6. Your comment about the strange bible verses such as Turn the other cheek and love your enemies and allowing others to steal from you, etc. is a very good one. I want to address this but not here. I plan to create a new post talking about Christianity that will address this. I have tried to not openly attack Christianity in my Blog since so many good people believe in it but it is time to give my own personal take on Christianity as a Jewish religion created by Jews for non Jews to believe in. I will create such a post in the near future.


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