On the topic of Faked Deaths

So I was watching one of the Fast and Furious movies and I saw Paul Walker playing his iconic role, which brought me to the subject of today\’s post.  I have talked in various entries of this Blog about Faked Deaths but I have not really explained what I mean by the term.  Of course, a faked death means that someone who is reported to be dead is actually alive but my definition of Faked Death goes beyond this.  My definition of Faked Death relates directly to the Two Worlds Paradigm.  

The Jewish Establishment AKA the Snake is a pathological liar.  It lies because its character is to lie.  The Jewish Establishment has turned its lies into \”the truth\” and has turned the actual truth into lies or Conspiracy theory.  My definition of a Faked Death is a case of the Jewish Establishment telling the public that someone is dead via the Main Stream Media when in reality the person is alive.  In my definition, it is not the person faking his death but the Jewish Establishment faking the person\’s death and the person whose death is being faked goes along with it.  Understand the difference in a person faking his death and the Establishment faking his death.  

So by the Two Worlds Paradigm, a Faked Death is a case in which the Jewish Establishment wants the public to believe that a person is dead when in reality the person is not dead.  The Jewish Establishment does not want the public to even suspect that the person is still alive.  The Jewish Establishment uses its control of the Main Stream media and the internet to convince the public that the person is indeed dead and if anyone suggests that the person is still alive, then the Jewish Snake condemns this as a lie and a Conspiracy theory.  This is the M.O. of the Snake and we have seen it many many times.  

Going further, the Snake itself is behind the Faked Death.  The Snake benefits in some way from the Faked Death.  

In a case where the Jewish Snake wants the public to believe that a person has committed suicide, it is a common tactic for the Snake to promote a secondary lie (often from alt right disinformation agents) that the person who allegedly committed suicide was murdered.  This is called putting your eggs in more than one basket and it is a common tactic of the Snake.  The Snake never relies on one lie but creates multiple lies that all serve the same purpose.  For those who do not accept Lie number one, the Snake gives you Lies number two, three and four as alternatives.  But they are all lies and all from the same source.  As an example of this, I give you the cases of Jeffrey Epstein and Isaac Kappy, both Jews and both working for the Snake.  The primary lie is that both men committed suicide.  The secondary fall back lie is that both men were murdered.  Both are lies to conceal the truth that the death of both of these men was faked because both of these men were working for the Jewish Snake.  The Snake does not kill its own but it certainly can fake it.  

There are four significant cases that I strongly suspect are Faked Deaths by my definition of the term. I am going to discuss each one of these below.

Jeffrey Epstein:

What the Snake wants us to believe is that Billionaire and likely Mossad asset Jeffrey Epstein, who not uncoincidentally is a Jew committed suicide in a New York City jail cell while on suicide watch.  There is an alternate narrative which I believe is also from the Snake that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.  In either case, what the Snake wants people to believe is that Jeffrey Epstein is dead either by suicide or murder.  What the Snake does not want the public to even suspect is that Jeffrey Epstein did not die at all.  Why would the Snake be behind Jeffrey Epstein faking his death?  The answer goes back to Pizzagate.  Although I am very suspicious about the legitimacy of Pizzagate, one thing that it did is to put the public spotlight on people such as Epstein and it generated a demand for justice for this man who committed so many crimes and got a very light sentence for them.  It is this public outrage due to Pizzagate that led to the arrest and retrial of Jeffrey Epstein as a way to appease the public.  The Jewish Snake that runs the Federal Government wanted to show the public that this man was not above the law because of his wealth and connections and that anyone who breaks the law will be convicted.  Of course this is simply Bullshit but that is what the Jewish Snake wanted the public to believe. But of course this was all a charade to deceive the public that the System really is fair.  Jeffrey Epstein went along with the charade.  But I am rambling.  The purpose of faking Epstein\’s death was to make the public believe that justice was served in his case and to take him completely off the radar so that Epstein could go deep cover and assume a completely different identity.  A well connected Billionaire and Mossad asset is not going to die to satisfy public outrage and demands for justice.  His death was faked so he could continue to live under a new identity and serve his true loyalty (Israel) in some other capacity.  

Isaac Kappy:

What the Snake wants us to believe is that Isaac Kappy committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Arizona.  There is an alternate narrative which I believe is also from the Snake that Isaac Kappy was murdered and his death was made to look like a suicide.  In either case, what the Snake wants people to believe is that Isaac Kappy is dead either by suicide or murder. What the Snake does not want the public to even suspect is that Isaac Kappy did not die at all.  Why would the Snake be behind Isaac Kappy faking his death?  The answer to that question goes back to my conviction that Isaac Kappy from the time he became a \”pedophile whistle blower\” was a Psyop whose purpose was to discredit anyone naming Hollywood VIPs as pedophiles.  As I have noted in my Blog, the people who Isaac Kappy accused of being pedophiles such as Seth Green were not pedophiles at all.  For example, Isaac Kappy accused actor Seth Green of being a child rapist with a hidden rape room in his house.  This was a patently false claim by Kappy that he knew to be a lie but he repeated it many times because his purpose was to discredit the Pizzagate movement which was naming many Hollywood VIPs as pedophiles.  IMO this is the entire reason why Kappy became a fake pedophile whistle blower.  By naming non pedophiles as pedophiles, he discredited the entire Hollywood pedophile naming movement.  So what about his faked Death?  IMO Isaac Kappy\’s Psyop came to an end for whatever reason and those behind the Psyop wanted to take him out of the picture while painting him as a martyr.  IMO his actual name was never Isaac Kappy.  IMO Isaac Kappy was a Hollywood stage name given to him but his real name was never Isaac Kappy.  Like Epstein, he is a Jew and his real name is Jewish. IMO the man known as Isaac Kappy was a Jewish asset to the Snake.  First he served the Snake as a Hollywood actor and then he served the Snake as a Psyop to discredit Pizzagate.  When the Psyop was finished, he appeared to die but an asset working for the Snake in a Psyop does not really die.  He only pretends to.  I very strongly suspect he is alive and well and living under his real identity (which was never Isaac Kappy) somewhere, probably in Israel.  
Paul Walker:

What the Snake wants us to believe is that Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash.  What the Snake does not want us to even suspect is that Paul Walker did not die at all but is still alive.  Why would the Snake fake Paul Walker\’s death?  This is an interesting question but IMO the reason has to do with the Fast and Furious series of movies.  Hollywood is an integral part of the Jewish Snake and Hollywood (or a segment of Hollywood) benefits in some way in the perceived death of Paul Walker that benefits the popularity and financial bottom line of a segment of Hollywood.  I had no suspicion at all that Paul Walker\’s death was fake until I came across certain internet sites discussing it.  I approached the topic initially just as I did with 9-11.  It was curiosity that led me down the path of investigating Paul Walker\’s alleged death.  And when I did the research myself I came away with the conclusion that his death was not legitimate but was faked.  If you do a search in your search engine of choice using the term \”Paul Walker faked death\” you will see a lot of links that say that Paul Walker is dead and its a hoax that he did not die.  Ask yourself why there would many links that say that it is a Hoax to say that Paul Walker did not die.  The reason is because a segment of society believes he is still alive and the Jewish Snake wants to convince everyone that this is a hoax.  This is what the Snake does with its control of the internet.  If there is a truth it wants to hide, it makes sure that any search result into that subject shows what the Snake wants people to believe.  In this case the Snake wants everyone to believe that Paul Walker is dead so it makes sure we see that when we do internet searches.  This is a very common tactic of the Jewish Snake.  These search engine results have nothing to do with the truth but about what the Snake wants us to believe.  Ignore these results.  There are sites on the internet that discuss the Paul Walker death as being faked that do not show up in the search results because I have read them.  I know not to trust what the Jewish Snake wants me to believe.  I go looking for the truth that the Jewish Snake is trying to hide from me and you should too.  I discussed how the Snake uses search engine results to promote the lie and hide the truth in various posts on this Blog.  
Following are some links to look at that says that Paul Walker\’s death was staged.  Ignore the Deceptive Site warning on the first link.  More Jewish Snake chicanery to keep you away from the truth.
There is another site which I can no longer find in my search results that gave the best documented evidence of Paul Walker\’s death being faked.  That is the site that I really wanted to show you but the Jewish Snake does not want you to see it so it does not appear in my results.  But in any case the two links I provided are the beginning of going down this rabbit hole for anyone who wants to know the truth. 
EDIT TO ADD:  I did a previous post about the Paul Walker death which I provide a link to here:

George Floyd:

What the Snake wants us to believe is that George Floyd was murdered by a racist white cop named Derek Chauvin, and that this act of obvious police white on Black racism spawned the BLM riots.  What the Snake does not want us to even suspect is that the George Floyd \”death\” was a Psyop to create black vs white racial division in America and to distract everyone\’s attention away from other topics that the Snake did not want the people looking at.  
Below is a link to a post I previously made about the George Floyd murder being a Psyop:

See this link:  https://web.archive.org/web/20200605083502/http://chrisspivey.org/think-floyd/

One of the big indicators that we have that the George Floyd murder is a Psyop is that the actor in the psyop who supposedly killed George Floyd is portrayed in the lying Jewish Main Stream Media by two obviously different people.

The person who the MSM tells us killed Floyd is in reality two different people who look somewhat similar but who are definitely not the same person.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see this.

The \”Derek Chauvin\” who allegedly killed George Floyd:

The \”Derek Chauvin\” who was arrested for killing George Floyd:

What the lying Jewish Main Stream Media wants you to believe that both of these pictures depict the same person but that is obviously not the case.  In picture one we have an older man with an oblong face.  In picture two we have a younger man with a much more round face.  Not the same person at all but this is what the lying Jewish Main Stream Media tells us with a straight face and expects us to accept it.  With a population as dumbed down as the American people they expect this to be accepted just because the MSM says it is so.  For a population of dumbed down programmed Sheep, this is the truth.  For those of us with a functional brain and eyes that actually see it is an obvious lie. 

To be continued.

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  1. I maybe agree with the two above but completely disagree with the two below. For Paul Walker, you don't provide people any proper reason for his \”fake death\”, you just that his death is fake but don't tell why they fake his death. There is no reason for them to fake his death. About George Floyd, I clearly see the two \”Derek Chauvin\” as the same person. In the second picture of Derek Chauvin, they just let him shave his beard. In both pictures, I see the same person


  2. Regarding Paul Walker, you are correct that I do not have a clear reason why they would fake his death but just because that is so does not mean that his death was not faked. I have looked at the evidence others provided and came to conclusion that the alleged fatal car wreck was staged and that is enough for me. I do not need a motive, only evidence of lies and deception and it is there if you investigate those links I posted. Regarding George Floyd, what you see matters not to me. Its what I see. In both the case of Chauvin and Floyd I see two different people. One set is the people in the video that allegedly shows Chauvin with his foot on Floyd's neck. IMO those people were crisis actors playing their parts in a Psyop. The person in the video is not the same as the picture of George Floyd I posted originally. Like Chauvin, there is a similarity but its not the same person. You are free to believe whatever you like but I IMO this alleged murder was nothing but a Psyop that has no more legitimacy than the faked Sandy Hook School shooting deaths. Once you have seen one Psyop such as Sandy Hook then you learn to recognize when you see another one such as the George Floyd murder. You are free to disagree.


  3. Since you think people are somewhat so dumb or ignorant to the level that they cannot recognize faces between two people (as in Derek Chauvin issue). I have a conspiracy theory of myself that I want to tell you to verify that if I was true. In this video of the singer Lady Gaga, I saw Taylor Swift perform in this video, not Lady Gaga. I am not joking, I swear I am not joking. I listen and watch Lady Gaga music countless times and see countless pictures of her now Nd in the past. The singer in the video \”Poker Face\” of Lady Gaga is actually not her but she is really Taylor Swift!!! I have searched for the pictures of Lady Gaga in the past or when she was young but she clearly doesn't look like the singer in \”Poker Face\”, in fact, I saw Taylor Swift sang this song. You can compare two people in the song \”Poker Face\” (Lady Gaga) and \”Love Story\” (Taylor Swift) to see if they are actually one and the same person (Taylor Swift when she was young).


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