An article about Trump I 100% agree with.  I wish all current Trump supporters would get wise about the Snake that has conned you into believing in him.  He is not worthy of your support.  He is a Snake in Sheep\’s clothing whose only purpose is to deceive YOU and prevent you from doing anything to change the status quo in America.  You have to be smart enough to recognize the great con of Don the Con.  To continue to support this man undermines everything we are trying to achieve.  Put Trump in the garbage can of History where he belongs and give your support to someone who is truly worthy of it.

Following is excerpts from this linked article that I particularly agree with in Black and my own commentary in Blue.

TRUMP IS FALSE OPPOSITIONAs I have been saying from the beginning of the creation of this Blog, Trump is controlled opposition whose purpose is to neuter the Patriot movement of America and to transform it into something it was never meant to become.   Trump is just a controlled opposition puppet to the Snake on the Right just as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer are controlled opposition puppets to the Snake on the Left.  Since before he became President and all during his Presidency Trump has been a willing tool of the Jewish Establishment while pretending to oppose it.  He is a False Prophet who very unfortunately is still believed by many to be the voice of the American Patriot movement.  The very best thing that the American Patriot movement could do is what I have done and this is to completely disown Trump.   He is our enemy pretending to be our friend.  MAGA is good but Trump never represented it or believed it in outside of a cheap meaningless campaign slogan which he quickly discarded once be become President so he could he be could be all he could be for Israel.  He threw MAGA and the American Patriot movement under the bus, which is why no American Patriot should support him.  He is a Snake who knows how to speak our language but he does not represent our views.  

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