Where We Stand from a former Trump Supporter

In this post I am not talking as an individual but as a representative voice of an entire group of people who feel completely disenfranchised by the political system in the United States of America.  We do not support Trump/Pence and we do not support Biden/Harris.  We do not support the Republican Party and we do not support the Democratic Party.  We hate the open corruption we see accepted as the norm in America.  We hate the lies and deceptions we see accepted as the norm in America. We care about Truth.  We care about Justice.  We care about doing the right thing not just for the American people but for all the people of the world.  No political candidate and no political party represents our views. As a member of this group, I speak for everyone in this group in the message I am about to give.

The Presidency of Donald J. Trump is coming to a quick end and that is a good thing.  Although none of us like Biden/Harris, it is far better that Trump is not going to be allowed to sit in the White House for another four years and repeat the last four years.  That would be far worse for us than anything else I can imagine and let me explain why.  Trump was never one of us.  He was always one of (((them))) pretending to be one of us.  Everyone must understand this.  Trump has always been a puppet of very clever dishonest people (Jews) who knew how to get good honest people to accept a lying narcissistic con artist as a Patriot to America who was going to save America and change it back into the country it has been in the past and prevent it from swirling down a toilet bowl of self destruction.  It was for this reason that so many people including myself supported Trump in 2016 and helped him to become President.  Our intention for Trump was good.  We were dismayed with the direction the country was going and because of Trump\’s words and promises during the 2016 campaign, we believed he would be a leader we could trust to change the downward negative course America has been on for decades.  We know we did not want Hillary as President and we believed that Trump would be a good President.  

For us, MAGA is very dear to our hearts.  In 2016 we were not supporting Trump, we were supporting MAGA.  We heard our feelings being echoed out of the mouth of Trump and so we helped to make him President so he could do our bidding.  Our intent for putting Trump in the Presidency was pure and good but unfortunately Trump was not who he appeared to be.  At this point in time almost everyone can see that clearly but in 2016 a huge portion of the American population got behind this man because they were sick of the corruption and they wanted a true change in the direction of the country toward honesty and doing the right thing for America and the world.  Unfortunately MAGA meant very little to Trump outside of a cheap campaign slogan to get himself into the Presidency.  Once he became President, the MAGA hat came off and the Jewish yamaka took its place.  I am not going to list here everything Trump did to prove that his loyalty was not to the American people but to Israel because I have said it countless times on this Blog and other places.  Everyone who has watched his Presidency knows who he served and it was not the American people.  Trump\’s slogan should have been MIGA because Making Israel Great Again actually matched his actions if not his words.  Trump is a Jewish Snake and con artist who betrayed us all.  He does not deserve four more years and it would be far worse for us if this man stayed in the White House past Jan 20th.  Every one of us must see that this impostor who said he represented our views but never did must go ASAP.   He shit all over the things that are most important to us and its karma that he is not remaining as President. He hijacked our cause and abused it for his own personal political ambitions.  By being an impostor, he hurt us and our cause worse than anyone else could of.  We are in a far worse position now than we were in 2016 and its largely because of Trump himself.  So its very good he is going.  He should have never been President in the first place.
It is far more honest that Biden/Harris are President.  At least we know who they are and what to expect from them.  We will not have some lying Psyop whispering in our ears all the good things the President is doing in secret to satisfy our will that he never actually did [May QAnon rot in Hell for what it did].  No, Biden/Harris will be as Bad or worse than Obama was.  Biden/Harris will be as bad or worse than Hillary would have been had she become President instead of Trump.  We all know this and we expect it.  Its far better to be honest about a clearly bad corrupt President than to be confused by a Trojan horse who says one thing and does another. We have no illusions about Biden/Harris as we did with Trump.  All illusions are gone and this is a good thing. 
Back during the 2016 election period, I believed there was enough anger and unrest about the negative direction America was taking that if Hillary had won the Presidency there would be a Revolution against the U.S. Government in protest.  Maybe this is one of the main reasons why Trump \”won\” a rigged election, because the Jews who run America perceived that the American public was not going to accept more of the same after eight years of the Obama disaster.  So they gave us Trump to placate us and make us believe we had a President on our side for a change when in reality we had a Jewish puppet bending over backwards to serve Israel who did nothing at all for America except to make Tweets and brag about himself being the greatest American Patriot of all time.  What a scam!  Trump was a Trojan Horse to feed the Patriotic unrest in America to the way things are going but he was never on our side.  He was just a Placebo to the real medicine that is needed to fix the train wreck that is the United States of America.  
No American politician and no Political party can fix what ails America.  Only the American people can do that and it must be done completely outside of the corrupt and Jew owned American political system.  The American people are going to have to demand their rights and freedoms that should be theirs by default but unfortunately no longer are because Jews have corrupted the entire American political process.  As I said, no American political leader or political party serves us.  The Politicians and the Political parties serve the Snake while giving lip service to the people.  It is high time that this hypocrisy comes to an end.  
What we need to do is to stop watching the shit show the Establishment shows us on the Main Stream Media and decide what we need to do to take our country back from those who have hijacked it and turned it into a Jewish fiefdom.  

This has nothing to do with Trump.  It has everything to do with America and the American people and our values.  Since no politician and no political party represents us, we need to represent ourselves.  If you are one of the disenfranchised reading this who feels completely hopeless about the current state of affairs in America, have hope.  Our hope is not in a corrupt political system.  Our hope is in ourselves as a people and a nation.  If you hear my voice, leave a comment.
Long before I started this Blog I understood that a Revolution to take America back from those who have hijacked it is essential.  The solution to what ails America is not going to be found in the American political system.  The American political system is completely corrupt and both parties and all the major political candidates are owned by Jewish interests.  We all have to clearly understand that.  Both political parties have sold us out for the Jewish dollar bill, so fuck them.  Especially fuck the Republican Party, who stabbed us all in the back during the last four years.  All these traitors deserve to be shot (I would have Mitch McConnell in front of a firing squad) but that is the subject for a different post.  In this post, what I am trying to make clear is that both political parties are corrupt and owned and are against us.  We must completely abandon the corrupt and Jew owned political system and stop participating in it.  Our only hope for saving America and making it Great again will come when the American people unite against the Snake and stand up and demand it.  

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