Yesterday I committed the cardinal sin of watching the Main Stream Media and being sucked into its false reality.  I normally never watch the MSM; in fact I avoid it like the plague except during those times when curiosity to see what the Snakes are trying to make the people believe gets the best of me and I check it out just for my own information.  If I watch it, it is to condemn it as a lie, not to believe its story.  But yesterday was different.  I received a call and a series of messages from my sister telling me that Trump supporters were rioting in Washington D.C. and so I turned on the forbidden Main Stream Media and immediately got sucked into the MSM false reality.  The same thing happened during the George Floyd \”murder\” and the BLM Psyop not too long ago.  I drank from the MSM Koolade and for a time I was sucked into their reality 100%.  Even me after everything I have said about the MSM on this Blog did this.  The MSM is that powerful that it can make you believe its story even when you should know better.  I caught myself after the fact and realized what I had done.  I felt ashamed that I taken the bait and believed the MSM lie.  I even watched CNN, which is one of the very worst of the MSM Fake news channels and I was sucked into agreeing with its message.  How did this happen?  Its very easy to be sucked in to a false reality and believe what you are being told is true in a case such as what happened yesterday.  But afterwards I came to my senses and remembered all the lessons I have learned about the MSM and the way it works its evil magic to convince people of a false reality.  So today I thought I would do a new post that will discuss how this all works.

If you look at the Two Worlds Paradigm again, the foundation of it is as follows:

The Truth is not what (((they))) want you to believe it is.  The Truth is what (((they))) do not want you to even suspect.

What (((they))) want you to believe becomes \”the truth\” in the False World.  What (((they))) do not want you to even suspect is the truth in the Real World.

Now I will give some examples of the above so everyone understands exactly what I am talking about.  After I give these examples then we will swing back around to applying this to what took place yesterday so we can see it for what it really is instead of what the Main Stream Media told us it was. 

Example of the Sandy Hook School \”Shooting\”:

What (((they))) want you to believe is that big assault type weapons were used to kill 20 elementary school children in Newtown, Connecticut.

What (((they))) do not want you to even suspect  is that there was no shooting at all and that the entire incident was a media event and a U.S. Government FEMA drill made real by the main stream media and the U.S. Government.  It was all staged drama for the public to consume that has no basis in reality.  Its purpose was to sway emotions and to turn the public against guns, especially big assault type weapons.  The U.S. Government was fully complicit in the Lie.

Example of the Apollo Moon \”Landings\”:

What (((they))) want you to believe is that U.S. Astronauts landed on the moon six times during a period from 1969 to 1973.

What (((they))) do not want you to even suspect is that the moon landings were staged on earth and that the MSM and the U.S. Government lied to the public and is still lying to the public to this day about this supposedly great historic event.  In reality, the Apollo moon landings are a complete fraud but it does not matter.  In America, the lie is more important than the truth.  The Truth is whatever (((they))) tell you it is.  Actual truth is spit upon in America if it does not conform to what (((they))) want you to believe.  Again, the Apollo moon landings were all staged drama for the public to consume that has no basis in reality.  Its purpose was to sway emotions and to make the American public feel good about their country and their government during a time when America was tearing itself apart over the Vietnam War and racial unrest.  It was a false positive diversion from all the negative things happening in America during this time period that threatened the ruling power structure.  The U.S. Government was fully complicit in the Lie.

Example of 9-11:

What (((they))) want you to believe is that Islamic Terrorists successfully attacked America and brought down three World Trade Center Buildings and also attacked the Pentagon. 3000+ Americans died in this attack on America.

What (((they))) do not want you to even suspect is that there was no attack on the USA of any kind and that 9-11 was a staged Drama.  The three World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled Demolition.  The damage to the Pentagon came from a U.S. missile and pre planted explosives inside the building.  The 3000+ Americans who allegedly died in this incident is a lie.  In reality, nobody died.  Once more, 9-11 was a staged drama for the public to consume that has no basis in reality.  Its purpose was to sway emotions and to make the American public support pre-planned U.S. wars of aggression in the middle east to gain control of the middle east and energy resources that the U.S. wanted for its future needs.  The U.S. Government was fully complicit in the Lie.

Example of the JFK Assassination:

What (((they))) want you to believe is that a lone nut acting entirely on his own killed the sitting POTUS by firing bullets from a rifle into the Limousine while the shooter was in a building.  Nobody knew about the assassination in advance except for Oswald.

What (((they))) do not want you to even suspect is that the President\’s wife assassinated her husband inside the Limousine while sitting right next to him.  Many people knew about the assassination in advance and assisted with it, including the CIA and the U.S. Secret Service.  LBJ knew about it.  Everyone inside the Limo except for JFK knew about it in advance. The U.S. Government was fully complicit in the JFK assassination.

Example of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder:

What (((they))) want you to believe is that JonBenet was murdered inside her home by either a family member or an intruder who snuck into the Ramsey Home.

What (((they))) do not want you even suspect is that JonBenet died in a different location and then her dead body was brought back to her house and a fake crime scene was staged in the Ramsey home to make it appear as if the murder took place there.  The purpose of this deception was to protect secrecy of people who were connected with the death who did not want the public to know what was really going on.  The U.S. Government itself assisted with the cover up.  

If you look at all five of the above examples you will see that they all have a common denominator involving the Main Stream Media and the U.S. Government.  Specifically, the Main Stream Media is used by the ruling class to push a false narrative or deception onto the public to manipulate the public into believing a lie that serves the ruling class.  The Main Stream Media does the bidding of the Ruling Class.  The Main Stream Media does not serve truth. The Main Stream Media works for the ruling class against the public. What you get the Main Stream Media is always propaganda that serves the ruling class.  What you do not get from the Main Stream Media is the Truth. This is the reason why no honest intelligent person should get their information from the Main Stream Media.  You should ALWAYS get your information from alternative news sources and NEVER from the Establishment owned Main Stream Media.  You know this. I know this.  But in the heat of the moment such as yesterday\’s craziness its easy to forget all that and just get sucked into the narrative being pushed by the MSM because it seems real.  Remember, the MSM is never honest.  It always has an ulterior motive for everything it shows.  It may not be clear exactly what that ulterior motive is but its always there.  Never believe what you see on the MSM is the truth, no matter how convincing it may be.

As for the U.S. Government, it is fully complicit in all of these lies and deceptions.  When I say complicit, I do not mean that the U.S. Government is the source of all these deceptions.  The source of many of these deceptions lies outside the U.S. Government but the U.S. Government like the MSM is guilty of being complicit in the Lies.  You cannot trust the U.S. Government to tell the truth just like you cannot trust the Main Stream Media to tell the truth.  Both the U.S. Government and the MSM are bought and owned by the ruling class (the Snake).  They both tell lies for the Snake so do not trust either of them.   

Now I finally get around to talking about what happened yesterday.  We all know what (((they))) want you to believe, which is that Trump supporters who are convinced that Trump really won the election instead of Biden stormed the U.S. Capitol in protest at the direction of Trump himself.  Its a false Conspiracy Theory that Trump won the election instead of Biden.  Trump is to blame for everything that happened. 

If you read the above, that is the message of CNN and MSNBC.  Its also basically the message of Fox News.  Fox News normally stands with Trump but this time Fox News was on the same page as CNN when describing this incident.  So all the cable news channels are basically in lock step in their description of what happened yesterday.  But we are not here to discuss what CNN wants people to believe.  We are here to discuss the Truth.

As I said earlier in this post, the MSM always has an ulterior motive for everything it shows.  It may not be apparent what that motive is but its there.  For the truth seeker, it is important to know what the actual truth is that is completely outside of the MSM narrative.  

First of all, I do not trust Trump at all.  I mean not at all.  I have watched his Presidency from the beginning and the man is a Trojan Horse who pretends to be one thing but is something else entirely.  Its too bad the current lot of Trump supporters have not seen who Trump really is.  Trump is a Snake who wears Sheep\’s clothing to deceive the naive and gullible who will fall for his words and ignore his complete lack of action to fulfill them.  Trump is a giant con artist who portrays himself as a Super Patriot to America to his followers and gives them the message that the future of America lies with Trump.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Trump is a narcissist and an Egoist and pathological liar.   He gives the truth a very bad name and Trump supporters who follow this man give the truth a very bad name also.  

If you look at Antifa and compare them with the so called Trump supporters at this so called Insurrection, its basically the same type of people.  Antifa is on the left.  Trump supporters are on the right.  Both sides are being manipulated in my opinion by Jews who love controlled opposition.  What is controlled opposition?  It is a drama that pretends to be opposition.  Antifa is controlled by Jews.  It is not spontaneous.  Its like a group that can be called out at any time to protest or riot or whatever.  The same applies to these alleged Trump supporters.  

I can tell you that Trump and his supporters look horrible in the public eye after what happened yesterday.  They made themselves all look like clowns and fools.  They gained nothing at all in what they did and they lost the respect of the American people, if they ever had it in the first place.  It made conservatives look horrible.  It made Republicans look horrible and petty and hypocritical.  It made Trump totally lose face to the country he is supposed to be President of.  His Twitter account was banned.  It was a complete public shaming not just of Trump but of all of his supporters also.  This is the reality of what it was.  It was a complete cluster fuck and it made everyone supporting Trump and even those saying that the MSM is fake news look horrible and bad, so that the New York Times is demanding even more internet censorship than we already have in response so that all these dumb ass violent Trump supporters will not read Conspiracy theories on the internet and go grab their gun and start rioting.  Are you starting to see what the real purpose of what happened yesterday was?  Trump and his supporters gained nothing and suffered a complete loss of face.  The Establishment came out victorious.  You have to see what the net result of this was.  

What the MSM wants you to believe is that Trump is mentally unhinged and out of control but is he?  Or is Trump really the Snake I have said he is who is doing the bidding of the Jews on the down low?  Has he played along with a Jewish agenda to destroy the credibility of his own base in the eyes of the country?  I cannot say but I smell a rat in all this.  Its too convenient for the Establishment.  Trump made himself and his followers all look like complete fools yesterday and the damage done is I suspect intentional.  Its like self sabotage to guarantee that he and his followers will have no credibility going forward.  This is what I think the purpose of this really was.  No thinking rational person would have thought this was a good idea.  I just look at the end result of what happened and Trump lost hugely.  How else did he think it was going to go down?  He and his supporters are in far worse position than they were in before yesterday.  Its like they stabbed themselves in the back or was it a Jewish hand stabbing the conservative white race in the back yesterday?  

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