Tomorrow is Judgement Day for Trump Supporters

Tomorrow is the day when Trump supporters who still hold the illusion that Trump is going to remain President discover the truth that all the rest of us already know.  Its really too bad that you were all so gullible to believe the lies told by the QAnon crowd and everyone else who tried to make you believe that Trump is going to use the Insurrection Act to hold onto the Presidency.  Dream on.  Trump is finished.  His legacy as President is a horrible one except to you.  If Trump had been a good President I would be in his corner but he has been a horrible President and it is Karma that he did not get rewarded with another four years that he clearly does not deserve.  That is not to say I support Biden.  Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin; puppets who serve the Snake.  Time to grow up and recognize Trump supporters.  Trump was never a Hero even on his best day.  Good riddance to him.  He will not be missed by anyone.  

Good Bye lying Fucktard who betrayed everyone who believed in him.  He got exactly what he deserved for being a piss poor President who did not keep even one campaign promise.  A joke of a President who Tweeted instead of leading his country when his country needed him.  A Judas Iscariot who stabbed America in the back.   Get the Fuck Out, scumbag.

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